A message from Jerry Paul

Dear Friends;
Many years ago I was studying a very intellectual book on spirituality that was very helpful to me, but I found dealing with some of the intellectual concepts and the style of writing rather distressing.

I told God that if He was willing to give some material that was inspiring to people of the heart, I would volunteer to write it down. It was fifteen years before the material began to be given to me. It started out as daily inspirational paragraphs and later expanded to include longer messages in response to questions I had about spiritual matters.

Dwell in Love was not written by me. I was only the scribe who recorded it. The messages encouraged me over and over again to share my experiences with other people. I hope that through these messages you will find your own path to the heart.

My purpose in setting up this website for the Dwell in Love books was to share with other people the messages I received from God and Jesus, as well as some of my experiences of communing with God.

After publishing four paperback books, I decided to put all the material together into one volume and publish it as a more durable hardback book. I also decided to make the complete text of the one-volume edition available on this website. I hope that you will find it as helpful as I have.

Should anyone visiting this website have any comments about the messages and the site, I would be very pleased to have them shared with me. Please Click here to send me an e-mail.

Please click here to be connected with my blog which contains messages that were received after my last book was published.

-Jerry K. Paul


Become so empty of self that you identify with God, and His Light and Love, and allow Him to be what you are, coming to those in need of prayer -- joyous prayer -- cleansing them and burning the debris in Divine Love. Vacate your being of all sense of personal self and allow the Spirit of God within you to be all that you are. Allow yourself to be God embracing your brothers and sisters; in other words, become God with them, giving them the experience of a Love so total they are aware of nothing else.

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"Inside the Cloud of Love" by Stuart Dean

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Experience the Power of Spirit in the Dwell in Love series!

Dwell In Love I
Messages for Those of the Heart

In Dwell In Love, Jerry Paul offers a combination of inspirational messages and Divine answers to some of our most heartfelt questions on life, prayer, and our deepest spiritual nature. As the dedication states, "This is a message given through one child, but given to every child who will receive it into his or her heart."

"In the brightest jewel of a book to come along in many years, author Jerry K. Paul has provided serious seekers after God-ness a wondrous guide. The subtitle tells it all: only from the heart center can one find direct attunement to the Creative Forces - God.
Caution: reading this book could change your life forever!
I can readily see this book becoming required study for all serious students of spirituality."
-Jim Dixon, Representative, A.R.E. Search for God Program

Dwell In Love II
The Journey of Return

"As sequel to his stunning Dwell in Love: Messages for Those of the Heart, author Jerry K. Paul has performed a wonderful service for his readers: a genuine what-to, how-to guide, complete with an example of a way of praying. He provides tools for dealing with individuals, with world leaders, with world affairs, with earth changes-- in short, with everything-- by taking them to God. This is a short but powerful book-- another must-read for all who seek direct experience with the Creative Forces!"
-Jim Dixon, Representative, A.R.E. Search for God Program

Dwell In Love III

In Dwell in Love III: Communion Jerry Paul brings us messages about "Communion," the wondrous experience of the Presence of God and the experiencing of His Spirit in other people and then in ourselves.
This book will inspire you to seek such beautiful experiences yourself. Through communion we come to realize our oneness with God and with our brothers and sisters. The messages of this book make it clear that forgiveness is the key to communion, which is our salvation.

Dwell In Love IV
The Inner Life of Jesus

The fourth volume in the Dwell In Love series is now available! Click here for more information!

"The discourses in this volume have opened up and deepened my sense of personal connection with Jesus in a way that no other publication has ever done for me. In some cases the material is astonishing, and in others comfortingly familiar, but always they carry that 'ring of truth' that awakens the soul to divine possibilities. The Master's imprint is surely on this book."
- Lynn Sparrow

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