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Dwell In Love IV
The Inner Life of Jesus

by Jerry K. Paul

10 digit ISBN 0-9741673-3-9
13 digit ISBN 978-0-9741673-3-6


Dwell in Love IV: The Inner Life of Jesus contains messages about the close relationship Jesus, the child, had with God, and how He nurtured it and developed a total trust in God. He was constantly communing with God in every experience in His life. Even early in life He came to realize that His greatest desire was to allow God through Him to bring hope and joy to other people. His life was also a pattern for us to follow, and this book describes that pattern to us, as well as tells us how to follow it.

What others are saying about Dwell In Love IV: The Inner Life of Jesus

"The discourses in this volume have opened up and deepened my sense of personal connection with Jesus in a way that no other publication has ever done for me. In some cases the material is astonishing, and in others comfortingly familiar, but always they carry that ‘ring of truth’ that awakens the soul to divine possibilities. The Master's imprint is surely on this book."
- Lynn Sparrow