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Dwell In Love II
The Journey of Return

by Jerry K. Paul

ISBN: 0-9741673-1-2
126 pages

After finishing my first book, Dwell in Love, I added a "Note to the Reader" in which I gave two exercises. The purpose of this was to encourage people to use the ideas in the book in their daily lives. I thought this would be sufficient, but one day a friend of mine, who was going through a spiritual and a health crisis, referred to the Note and wrote, "I expect to be ill for several years, and most of that time will basically be thrown away. For all the millions of people carrying some such burden, and believing deep in their hearts that the condition is not a gift of God, I ask, how do you do this? On a practical level, what do we do? Help us find some way to acknowledge the Spirit of God."

This touched me deeply, and in response to that I have written Dwell In Love II: The Journey of Return. In it I draw upon personal experiences as well as messages I received from God and Jesus about suffering and vicarious suffering. In Dwell In Love II, I will also share information about the spiritual vibrations of various crystals and stones.

What others are saying about Dwell In Love II: The Journey of Return
"As sequel to his stunning Dwell in Love: Messages for Those of the Heart, author Jerry K. Paul has performed a wonderful service for his readers: a genuine what-to, how-to guide, complete with an example of a way of praying. He provides tools for dealing with individuals, with world leaders, with world affairs, with earth changes-- in short, with everything-- by taking them to God. This is a short but powerful book-- another must-read for all who seek direct experience with the Creative Forces!"
-Jim Dixon, Representative, A.R.E. Search for God Program

"When I tell you that Dwell in Love II is feeding my soul, I think that you will know that this is the highest praise I could give it. "
- Lynn Sparrow