I enter into a state of prayer and communion with God by focusing on Divine Light and Love. This state is so deep that what I receive will be lost to memory unless I write it down immediately. Sometimes it occurs in the middle of the night, while I am driving and am undistracted, or even while I’m eating alone. It is not a matter of just receiving a message but also an experience of Divine Presence. The impression it makes on me is so profound that I think I could never forget it; however, it is too deep to be impressed on the conscious memory, much like dream. Once the messages are written down, reading them triggers the memory of the experience. That memory is of Holiness, Love, and Light.
You cannot force the path of your brothers and sisters. Your task is to offer unconditional Love continuously, to allow them to find Me in you and to take refuge in My Love. It is a glorious task, but it is sometimes not easy to watch them stumble and fall in their frustration and fear. Remember, sometimes the path from darkness to Light passes through a valley of fear and despair, but Light lies beyond. Love is the support your brothers and sisters need to lean on. Never fail them! Your joy will never be complete without them.
There is no heart so cold, so cruel, so filled with hate, that it will not eventually be disarmed and, with an outburst of love, rush to embrace you if you only persist in your visits and expressions of Love. When you are the vehicle, and the gift you bring is My own Heart, it will be recognized by every soul as the goal it has always sought to attain. Love is the means by which you assist in relieving your brothers and sisters of their burdens of sorrow and hopelessness. Your love for them will not allow you to turn away, even when their pain is tearing your heart out; in fact, the more agonizing it is, the more Love will well up within you. I am always with you, always! Always in your heart!
Each time you embrace a brother or sister in spirit, time is accelerated in both of your journeys toward realization of Love, Light, and Holiness.
There is an ever-flowing stream of Love without beginning or end coming forth from the Father’s Heart. You can allow it to flow through you at any time.
Speak always of Love to your brothers and sisters when you visit them in spirit. They have heard much too little of It. They may never have heard that their true function is to extend Love and bring Peace wherever they go, rather than bring a sword in My Name. When you speak of Love, with Love and gentleness beaming forth from your own heart, they will listen. They will listen because they feel loved. If you do not express My Love, your actions and words come to little. When you dwell in Love, I dwell in you, and your brothers and sisters will be delighted to join us.
Some brothers and sisters may appear to you to be most despicable, but if you care for them, are attentive to them, and love them as much as you love and care for Me, you will find that soon they will take notice, and one day they will surprise you with an embrace so touching you will long ponder it in joyous appreciation.
When you ask and allow, I walk the earth again in you. When you touch your brothers and sisters, I touch them. When you go to them in spirit, it is I who go. You will feel My Presence; you will know My hands in yours; and you will feel My Love rushing out from your heart. This will be your great joy, and your brothers and sisters will also know they have been visited by Me. You are Love, because you desire it and allow it.
When the vessel is empty and I am perfectly manifest, the world is transformed. No part can be blessed without the whole also being blessed. Each gentle touch and acknowledgment removes fear, melts barriers, and brings Peace.
It is necessary that you cultivate longsuffering with your brothers and sisters, especially with those who have at present no interest in allowing Me to express through them. It takes much patience and dedication to visit and revisit, again and again, the hearts of those whose goals are to bring suffering to others, but this is needed and is the best way of helping those not interested in being helped. The tenacity and sincerity of Love will always win in the end. The most difficult task of all is to help those who do not want to be helped. This is your gift and your task. I look upon your offerings, not the appearance of lack of success, and I am pleased. Do not allow the difficulty of your task to make you feel useless or feel that you have failed. I trust in your willingness to do—and desire to do—what is My Will. I ask you to trust that I know the wisdom of what I ask you to do. You must never allow yourself to forget that My Love for you is infinite and forever. And remember, no gift you offer your brothers and sisters ever falls by the wayside. It only awaits their willingness to receive it. Now, pause a moment. Enter My embrace.
As you gently touch in loving admiration the innermost heart of your brothers and sisters, you arouse feelings of Divine Love. As you persist day by day, they will begin to send forth rays of love that, in turn, begin to melt even the toughest and hardest armor with which their ego has clad itself. The process may seem slow to you, but it is actually rapid, easier, and less traumatic when the change comes from inside outward, rather than going from outside inward.
You can only be continuously joyous when your eyes, your attention, never stray from Me. As soon as you see anything other than holiness, you will feel a letdown, fear, despair.
Don’t give up on Me. Keep your attention on Me and trust Me. Wait upon Me. Bring your concerns and desires to Me and wait. In Me is the answer and solution to all things.
Long have I waited. The time is coming shortly for the return of My Creation to its home in My Heart. All must be redeemed to its original state, the state before its detour into illusions and willful fantasies of being apart from Me. There is a time when My yearning becomes as a giant magnet that draws all unto Itself. You have a role to play in this. Be ever mindful of that with which you are charged, your task, the great privilege that has been bestowed upon you. Desire to be made pure by Me, and ask over and over again: What is your Will in this moment? Have such love for those who have fallen and cannot get up that you caress them as you bring them to Me and ask for transformation. Loving intercession opens doors that seemed impenetrable. The power of Love is My gift to you. Treat it not lightly. Let it not be unused.
Love is the one gift you have that can flow through and dissolve what earth consciousness perceives as needs or problems. Sometimes your brothers and sisters are suffering, and you don’t know why. There is no need to figure it out. Just offer love—Love.
It is not sufficient that you seek to identify those who are irritating you, or whom you may loathe, with the pure and holy spirit within them. As true laborers of the harvest you must have a consuming desire for the redemption of every lost soul you see floundering about with no idea of the dismal state of his or her split mind. True laborers of the harvest see that as their reason for being on earth at this time, and they allow nothing to distract them from their assignment. They go forth with full confidence that they are supported by Christ, who is ever by their side. Be mindful of this, My child. The healing of the world depends in part on you! Every person or situation that attracts your attention is calling to you.
Be ever vigilant that you remain empty so that when blessings are poured, they may flow unobstructed to bless your brothers and sisters. Your own interests and preferences will hinder and delay their receiving that which I have carefully and with great Love prepared for them.
It is only when you rest in Me that you have Peace, for only in Me are you delivered from fear.
When you are attuned to the Father, you are aware of oneness with His Will and His Movement. You have no personal desire that would remove you from this oneness.
When you attune yourself to Me, you are absorbed by Love, and you desire no will but My Will. You trust your brothers and sisters as I do and wait with infinite patience for their acceptance of your love. You are never daunted by any circumstance or situation, for you know you rest securely in My Heart.
You are radiant with My spirit when you go to your brothers and sisters extending My Love and acknowledging their holiness. All other appearances fade, and you both forget your judgments of each other. This is true healing that awakens the innermost being.
I can go with you to embrace your brothers and sisters, but I can also go to them in you, as you. You can know Me as yourself. As you love and appreciate Me, you rest in Me, and I in you. You bring Me, within yourself, to them. This is a gift only an empty vessel can bring. If you desire it, Divine Love manifests as you, and this is the ultimate service, the perfect service—not only to your brothers and sisters but also to yourself, for you rest secure in Love, where fear cannot abide.
To pray without ceasing means to be constantly in communion with Me. You begin by looking beyond the outer appearances of other beings and situations to My Presence deep within. Every time you commune with Me within your brothers and sisters you accelerate the process of their return to My Heart, and they will never be the same again. It is thus that you participate in the harvest, for it will lead them to eventually commune with Me also. This is your calling and should be your highest priority, your guiding light.
I am with you always! Acknowledge My Presence by communing with Me, and you will know that I never forsake you.
If you ask Me to come with you when you visit your brothers and sisters in spirit, I will never fail to join you. As we go to honor them and express appreciation for the beauty of the Father’s Spirit in them, they are surely touched and moved, deep within their being. A change begins to take place in their consciousness. Even those who have become ruthless because of intense and gripping fear will know they have been touched by love, and the tight hold of fear will begin to loosen. They will breathe a deep sigh of relief and wonder why. This is a holy work we do together. Give it your highest priority. Your mundane job is only the opportunity for the task God has given you.
Embrace your brothers and sisters, not to change their minds or intentions or to heal their diseases or sorrows, but so that unconditional love may be stirred in their hearts, for it is through this that they awaken to my Spirit within them.
The revelation of God is a constant, ongoing thing. It is never over. Look forward to new experiences of it every day.
Each moment, you make a decision to choose to dwell in Love or dwell in illusions of lack of Love. Be conscious of the decisions you make in every moment. Each time you choose Love, you help your brothers and sisters to choose It also. If you were aware of the far-reaching effects of your choices, you would make more effort to be aware of your choices all through the day.
In your heart is a part of My own Heart. When you extend Love, it is My Love, and it is perfect, it is total. The experience of it brings Truth to a deluded mind and comfort to a troubled heart. I encourage you to consciously open your heart every day so that My Love can flow forth to all—yes, all whom you meet. I send you forth as a physician who brings soothing and healing balm to those who suffer. Do not allow the tasks and cares of daily life to distract you or weigh you down so that you neglect those who are crying out, reaching out to you—reaching out to Me. Do not turn away and flee when their pain is so great that it wrenches your heart. Trust that I will give all that your brothers truly need at that time. Feed My lambs! (See John 21:15.)
Remind yourself every day that you rest in My embrace, and allow yourself to experience my Love. Be vigilant of your thoughts, so that you not allow yourself to be deceived by appearances and think you, and your brothers and sisters, are abandoned. If you truly trust Me, you will talk to Me all through the day in order to keep My Presence in your awareness at all times. If you forget Me, you will feel that I have left you alone.
If you want to experience Divine Love, all you have to do is offer It to a brother or sister, and you will marvel at the rush of Love. Sometimes you go for days feeling lost and useless. The key to communion with Love is in your hands. You must open the door yourself. Anything you wish to experience will come when you offer It.
Be still and wait upon Me. (See Ps 46:10.)
When you desire to have Me speak to you, turn to a brother or sister and ask of Me within that one. Then, if you are attentive, amidst the chatter you will hear Me speak to you, and you will be amazed.
My Peace is as an infinite ocean without a wave or ripple. When you rest in My peace, you are content and do not seek words or something to do or accomplish. You do not seek a “way.” You are still and are happy in My Love. You appreciate your brothers and sisters, and do not seek to change them. You leave all initiative to Me. My Will is your will, and you delight in it. In My Peace you know that wherever you are you stand on holy ground, for you are always in my Presence and are nourished by It. I hold you in my embrace forever.
When you dwell in My Love, you will know that what comes into your experience and that of your brothers and sisters is good, it is Love, it is a blessing, because when you rest in Me, you can only trust Me. With no judgments against anything, you allow yourself to flow with what I have prepared. In My Love other plans and desires cease, other thoughts cease; there is nothing to speak of or even understand. My Peace accompanies My sweet Love, as does My serene Joy. All is complete. You are at home with and in Me, and yet you are still on earth. All seeking is over. You are the Light of the world, My child in whom I am well pleased.
In serenity and stillness you know My Peace. In My Peace you see that ignorance of It causes the world to be driven incessantly. In My Peace all comes to a halt, and there is completion. Rest in Me so that I may extend My Peace through you to the world. The endless wandering of My children is purposeless and without a goal. It is only a distraction, an attempt to make the lack of Peace more bearable, and it brings no satisfaction. When you desire Me above all else, you enter My Peace and do not notice the frantic activities of those around you. I wait, ever patiently, but have great Joy when a child returns to Peace. As you rest in My Peace and walk among your brothers and sisters, I, through you, as you, draw them to Me. Only an empty vessel can abide in My Peace.
As you rest in Me more and more, you will begin to observe Me blessing the world through you, as you. When you give up the desire to be separate and to have personal desires and ambitions, you realize that your true will is to accept My Will, and then you realize your oneness with Me. The joy of abiding in Me is so great that you have no desire to give it up for something that could never satisfy you. When you dwell in My Love, you have no fear that oneness with Me will cause you to lose your separate identity. You only desire to extend Love and Joy, to embrace your brothers and sisters. You delight in allowing Me in all things and all ways.
All is perfect because I am all there is. Participate in the unfolding of Truth and Love. Rejoice in every instant, every situation, every brother and sister, and you will rest in Peace. Peace only comes when judgment, rejection, and fear are abandoned. When you identify with Me, the world is transformed, and you offer only Love at all times. Everyone is as a delicate flower that you treat with utmost care. Your offering to them is Love and Appreciation, for you desire that they know and experience this. You are the servant of all, and you bring to each the holiest of gifts. Be ever mindful of this. Heaven kisses earth each time you reach through the façade of body and personality and lovingly touch another soul, and you both are transformed. The chains of ignorance drop away and reveal such Purity and Holiness that you gaze in speechless wonder. The Christ Child is born into your experience—yes, the Christ Child!
You are My living façade on earth, the mask I wear in order to walk among and communicate with My children. This is possible only when your will has joined My Will and We are One. You no longer hold an identity separate from Me. You have accepted to join with Me, and now there is only the empty vessel, the vehicle, that serves to allow Me to bless your brothers while walking among them. You have no other purpose or function in being here. You have no other desires because your love for your brothers and sisters, and your concern for their suffering, brought you to the point of offering yourself to Me totally so that I may pour forth My Mercy and Love unhindered. You brought everything to the altar and released it, and your offering is accepted.
Love pours forth from My Heart as an endless, mighty river. It cannot be stopped, but you can close the door of your consciousness so that you are unaware of it. Many of My children go through life and never know that they walk in this infinite flow of Love. Bringing Truth into your awareness and that of your brothers and sisters is your task. Love must be experienced in order for awareness of it to take place. By offering Love you bring it into your experience and that of those about you, but you will only offer it if you see Holiness, Purity—if you see Me in your them, rather than imperfection and incompletion. So, dear child, look for Me and nothing else wherever your gaze may rest. You shall surely find Me there, and your heart will race in joyous excitement that makes your countenance glow with celestial radiance. I am pleased when My child dives into the infinite ocean of Love and embraces all his brothers and sisters.
Have you not noticed that sometimes you seem to be locked in a situation that will not resolve until finally you turn to Me and seek to see Me in what is happening? How quickly things seem to resolve once you decide to do this. Seek to see Me at all times, and you won’t need such situations to remind you of Me. Even if they do occur, you will not experience them as deadlock because your consciousness already rests in Me. Abide in Me so that I may, through you, envelop the world in a gentle Love it more easily recognizes.
I bring blessings to you in ways you do not recognize. Sometimes you even reject them because you do not recognize them. Pause with each incident, each greeting, each smile, each gift, to acknowledge that it is I who come, and give thanks for the love that is offered. I am very attentive unto you. Even a startling call for help is Myself beckoning to you. Think of Me all through the day; be alert to My subtle touch in the caress of the breeze, the tinkle of a bell, the fragrance of a flower, the beauty of a droplet of dew. It is thus that you abide in Me and are vigilant for your emptiness. It is thus that you allow Me to reach out through you to embrace and bless the world. When you rest in My peace, My Love flows in gentle waves that envelop the world.
Some may need words in order to understand what has happened after you have communed with My Spirit within them; nevertheless, something has changed, and they will notice it. Continue to commune with Me there so that what has happened does not fade into the background of the fabric of their lives. Your communing has set their soul on a new course. It was like planting a seed, and you need to water it and care for it so that it one day yields fruit. Their soul will be forever grateful to you, although their personality may never suspect that you have done anything. I will continue to provide opportunities for the laborers of My harvest. You cannot grasp the importance of this work. Be thankful and joyous, while taking it all very seriously.
You will lose your desires for things, talents, etc., and your desire will be to always be aware of My Presence, to see Me everywhere you look, to experience My Love in all things. You will gladly accept anything I send your way and do anything I prompt you to do, but it will be because you desire that My Will be done, not because you have a personal desire to have, accumulate, or do something in particular. There may be a short period of time between your losing personal desire and in desiring only My Will in which you feel somewhat lost, but dear child, I am also gentle with you, and I will not rush the development of this pearl of great price. Just trust Me and wait upon Me! Enjoy the unfolding of this great gift. I am always with you!
If you watch and listen carefully, you will recognize Me all around you, moment by moment. If you have eyes to see and ears to hear (See Matt 13:43.), you can never feel alone or abandoned, bored or useless. Ask that you be helped to recognize Me, greeting you on every side and in the most commonplace things and situations. When your heart is open, you will recognize Me and you will delight in Me. You will sing and touch your brothers and sisters in expression of love. They will not fail to notice and be uplifted. You will be unto them a well, an empty vessel, through which the waters of Life——Love——flow until they learn to allow it to well up within themselves.
Your experience of what you see is your interpretation of Me, come to you as that which you see. Your experience of Me is your choice. You can choose to see holiness, or imperfection and lack. Look for Me in change, in all blessings, in the fulfillment of all needs. Perhaps I may seem to be playing hide and seek, but always look for Me and talk to Me. Do not allow yourself to be distracted from Me. Delight in seeing all things as good and holy! Trust Me!
The slumber of the world is not as deep as it has been, and as it lightens, people begin to seek. They flounder about in all directions at first. As they become weary of the many things they try, they become ready for Truth. Weariness is excellent preparation for realization of Truth, and pain and loneliness are excellent preparations for accepting and extending Love. By the time people realize that to extend Love is to dwell in Love, they understand their function and know that they truly are the Light of the world. Then they become dedicated to their brothers and sisters. They see that appreciating each one inspires these souls to open the doors to their hearts and allow the love within to flow outward—and also inspires them to accept an embrace fearlessly. Every act of Love is an inspiration to others.
Your brothers and sisters may not appear to be responding to your Love and your acknowledgment that they are Myself come to bless you. Take heart! All that you offer them is kept by Me for them, and the accumulated gifts lean heavily on them. They will one day open the door of their hearts to you in great joy. That will be a sign to you that they have begun to get glimpses of their true reality. It will be I welling up within them that allows them to respond, and they will experience Me in you. You yearn to remove the scales from their eyes and unbolt the door to their hearts, but that would not be gentle. You often ask Me to be gentle with them. I am gentle, but you don’t always understand what gentleness is. Continue to pour out your love. Every expression of Love is priceless, and I do not let even a smile go lost by the wayside. Now, pause a moment—and accept My embrace.
When you discover Me in your brothers and sisters, you have found what your soul truly desires. You then lose interest in earthly things and relationships because they do not bring the Joy and Love I bring. You still enjoy the beautiful and gentle things of earth life, but they are no longer the object of your desires. Fear loses its grip on you, even the fear of death. Only I can satisfy your desire and longing. Only I can give you Peace and Love that requires nothing in exchange. Only I am always there for you. You realize that I am always there, and you begin to relax and release worry. You release illusions and receive reality, Truth, all that is.
I bring them to you from afar in the strangest seeming coincidences so that you both may experience the Joy of My embrace in which all appearances of pain and lack dissolve into nothingness. Love is all there is, Love is all you seek and desire. Love is the answer to everything. Love is the fountain of life and all fulfillment. I prepare feasts and send them to you by a brother or sister. When you recognize them, your heart leaps with Joy. You are touched when you see how far they have come to embrace you—and you are also the vessel through which they receive My blessings.
My Voice is always the one that encourages you to offer Love and Appreciation. I come quietly, and you will hear Me when you allow the chatter to subside. Peace is the result of following My bidding, for I lead you away from conflict and strife. No choice you make is without effect on the world. Every choice for Love is a gift of Peace. By dwelling in Peace and Love you are offering it to the world. If you are concerned about sufferings that may come upon the world, just rest in My Peace. That is the greatest gift you can make to your brothers and sisters. Peace dissolves conflict and draws unto itself all who will accept it. ¬Remain empty so that you may rest in Peace.
When you leave all the cares of the world behind and come unto Me, I will receive you into My heart, and you will rest in blessed communion with Me. When you return to the world, you can remain in My embrace and bring the gift of My Love and My Joy to your brothers and sisters. You can and will do this because nothing else will satisfy you. It is your desire to be so empty that only I can be seen in you. Because of your love for Me, you cannot fail.
Your love for Me is your inspiration. It is your love for Me that aligns your will with mine and motivates you to remain on earth without rebelling, although you would prefer to leave and return to a full awareness and experience of Me. My Love for you, and your experience of It, will always melt any resistance or weariness that comes upon you. You have accepted to give up your illusions and judgments in order to receive My Love, and you will always accept lovingly every charge I lay upon you, because My Love for you is your greatest Joy. Just remember, when the sufferings of the world are tearing at your heart, all you need to do is pause and open your heart to Me. I am always there, and when you melt into My embrace, you will know that you are safe. You will then return to the world allowing My Love to touch your brothers and sisters and heal their broken hearts and confused minds. As My empty vessel, you bear the balm that heals the world’s woes if it is accepted. Thus is the Christ Child born again—in your heart.
When you so love each soul as I did and forgive them of every misdeed, and you release every judgment you have made of who they are, that opens the way for them to release their own judgments and fantasies about themselves. It is then that they begin to desire Truth and Love, and My Peace comes upon them. When you do this, you have become empty for Me to be you on earth, and you are a true laborer in the harvest.
When you offer your brothers and sisters unconditional Love, you may also be called upon to be the vessel through which other gifts are presented and other needs are met. I have myriad ways of meeting the needs of My children, and you may also be a part of this. Just remember that there is a total person to love and care for. Say not to them, “I give you my love, go in peace, and may every need be fulfilled,” and leave them in dire straits. It is I who come to them as you, and it is I who take care of mundane needs along with those of the spirit and heart. Listen for my guidance to see if you have more than one part to play with them.
Your every thought is of great significance. As you embrace the world and all in it, you set the stage for the full manifestation of Love here. Each expression of Love adds to, contributes to, the manifestation of the fullness of Divine Love and Light on earth. When you have eyes to see this you will not want to do anything else. Each brother and sister is as a flower waiting for the sun of your Love to shine upon it and bring forth expressions of Joy. Touch each one you meet.
Your brothers and sisters offer you Peace and Love, but you must open your heart to receive it. It is always I, come to bless you. If you fail to recognize Me, you have robbed yourself. If you keep your attention on Me, you hasten the dissolution of all their illusions. This is your task, your contribution, your gift. It is thus that you express your love for them and your concern for their suffering. It is a holy gift, and you give it to yourself also. Walk in an infinite ocean of Love, and you are happy and content wherever you are. This is My promise to you, for I give Myself to you.
When you acknowledge Me, come to you as your brothers and sisters, you make available to they all blessings they can receive from Me at that time. Your acknowledgment and unconditional love give each one something to which they can cling so that they can release the illusions they have clenched so tightly. I may then direct you to various actions that offer them gifts they can accept. Some may need words of Truth, and others may need inspirations to express love, whether by words or by example. I will not only show you how your gift can best be presented but will prepare your path before you. Any gift that points toward Me is blessed, and your offering is a sweet-smelling incense rising up to Me, blessed child.
As you open your heart to Me, the world fades from view. You enter into an embrace that touches your brothers and sisters, and thus changes the world. There is no greater blessing for the world than this partaking of Love and participating in communion with Me by one of My children. It removes more and more of the barriers the mind of My children have erected between their consciousness and Me. My Love always waits at the door of every heart, but when a fellow brother or sister bringing My Love comes knocking, it attracts the attention of the oblivious and suffering ones more, because of the familiarity of the form. You can be of more assistance to them when you have an appearance with which they can identify. Rejoice in your present state for the opportunities it brings.
Love, gentleness, and patience are the result of seeing only Holiness, of seeing Me when you look upon a brother. If you look upon incompletion and imperfection, fear arises, and Love, gentleness, and patience fade quickly. To love Me with all your heart, mind, and soul is to accept to see only Me everywhere. (See Matt 22:37.) To let your gaze stray to perceptions is to have other gods before Me and to make the detour into fear, for you will surely feel abandoned, alone, and bereft of love. (See Ex 20:3.) Rest in the safety of My Heart, dear child. There is no need to wander afar. Bring your brothers and sisters back to Me. If you extend Love to them, it will draw them as a magnet.
Sometimes you don’t take notice of your brothers and sisters when they are calling for your love until the call becomes unpleasantly loud, but as time goes by you will become so sensitive to a call that you respond immediately, even to a sigh or whisper. This is because your sensitivity to their experiences of suffering is already great. Your love for them and your desire to be of assistance in leading them to joy will never fail you, and the delay will become shorter and shorter.
Be vigilant that the vessel remain empty, for it is through the empty vessel that your brothers and sisters can learn of Me. If you allow Me totally to come to them as you, they can experience My unconditional Love, My Gentleness, My Lovingkindness. Words cannot express this to them, but when they experience it they will be transformed. The paths their lives take depend on their having this offered to them in the purest possible way. If you love Me you will be servant of all, for this is how you express your love for Me. Be always available.
When you release your perceived problems and situations to Me, they resolve. You must seek to offer only Peace and Love and allow Me to have complete control. The same is true when you hear a brother or sister calling for Love. Offer Love and enter into a holy embrace with Me, for it is I who come to you as that dear one. Love is always the answer to any situation.
Do you recognize Me in your brothers and sisters as you walk past them in your daily activities? Do you pause to invite Me into your heart when you think of Me? This is your salvation and that of the world. This is your joy and Mine. I am always there waiting ever so patiently for your acknowledgment of Me. My Love endures forever, and I never give up on you. I know that one day the emptiness of your illusions and interpretations will become so unbearable that you turn away from them and rush into My arms. My Love will be your only attraction, and you will accept to see only Me everywhere. You are only a short step away. I await your arrival with great expectation.
Where was I when you questioned My Being? Where was I when you questioned My Presence? Where was I when you cried out against your brothers and sisters? I was where I have always been: in your heart AND in the hearts of your Brothers and sisters. When you are so focused on Me WITH ALL YOUR HEART, not frantically storming the gates of heaven but gently with love and yearning to experience the holiness of My Being, you shall surely find Me—yes, without fail! My Love permeates your being at all times, but you must seek me deep within your being, in stillness and quiet AND with all the one-minded gentleness and love of spirit—the essence of what you are. It is so easy, My dear child. Don’t try to make it difficult or complicated. I call to you in ever so softly and surround you with My Love.
When the struggles of life have worn you down and brought you to the point where you are ready to turn to Me, if you can totally release all your burdens and struggles, you will know My Love softly caressing you. The gentleness of this experience will bring you comfort such as you have never known. It will have a lasting effect on you that will sustain you throughout the remainder of your sojourn on earth, and you will know without a shadow of a doubt that you are My child, eternally safe. No matter how difficult or terrifying the circumstances you encounter may be, you will be totally confident that I never leave your side.
When you have the love that Jesus had for every wayward soul you encounter, a love that does not condemn but rather desires above all else to rescue, then you are truly My empty vessel placing your whole being at My disposal for the harvest at hand. Nothing else takes precedence over your commitment to find them and bring them to Me. The peace and joy in your heart will sustain you through every trying ordeal that would cause those not totally committed to turn and flee. Much is required of you—actually, everything—but the security and confidence you have under the shadow of My Wing will keep your heart wide open and give your countenance a glow. Every soul you help turn back toward Me will be grateful. Keep that in mind. And you will find yourself smiling and asking, “Is there another one I can ever so gently caress and embrace?”
When your mind rests in Me without excursions into judgments and condemnations, you will be a constant blessing to all whom you meet. If they accept, you will bring healing to their minds just by abiding in Me and communing with Me in them. It will not require conscious effort. This is how you fulfill your function—this is your function!
The holiness of your brothers and sisters rests in Me, individualized as them. If you look on Me, you will have great joy in them; for you will be blessed by Me simply because you acknowledged Me. You must also begin to identify with Me in you; otherwise, you will feel unworthy and depressed. Close your eyes a moment and think of Me. Allow yourself to feel My Love, and recognize that it is I, individualized as you, that you are experiencing——but not come to you from afar. Allow Me to walk the earth as you, unlimited, undistorted, beaming forth Light and Love, and bestowing Peace wherever I am. When you do this, your brothers and sisters allow Me to bless them more, because the form——your body——is acceptable to them.
When you are depressed or bored with appearances that seem less than holy, pause for a moment and remember that you are My Presence here on earth and that as long as you are distressed by appearances, your purpose is to acknowledge My Presence in those whom you have not recognized because of a mask of imperfection that deceived you. Close your eyes a moment and feel Me in your heart. Then open your eyes and see Me behind the mask in the play of make-believe. You can’t really take these false images seriously. The sickness you see is a ruse to deceive you and make you believe you do not rest in My arms. If you believe the appearance, you will be afraid. Do not let your eyes stray from Me and you will never have fear. You must cultivate constant intimacy with Me, for in this lies your safety. Only thus can you abide in My Peace.
Keep coming back to Me asking to be made pure. When you sincerely desire this above all else, it will come. My vessels represent Me on earth, and when they are clear, empty, and pure, then I can shine through without any hindrance or taint. And when that happens, I can touch the deepest levels of your fellow humans in a way that begins a transformation from the inside outward. That is a transformation that isn’t tossed about by whims that can derail the process of returning home to Me. Trying to transform from the outside inward is only “fixing” flaws on the personality level, and it isn’t lasting and doesn’t really work. Come back to Me without any reserve, asking Me to “Create in you a clean heart and renew a right spirit within you.” (Paraphrased quotation from Psalms 51:10)
Every time you allow your vision of Me in your brothers and sisters to fade, it will be replaced by your illusion of imperfection, the judgment that they are lacking in something necessary to make them wholly acceptable and worthy of your love. Anytime you place conditions on your acceptance of them you have failed to see Truth, and that mistake can only make you unhappy. Your happiness depends on seeing them as holy.
You expect to have a busy agenda for God. You need to realize that just by being on earth as an empty vessel you are contributing considerably to the anchoring of Light on earth. There may be an agenda at times, and it could even be busy at times, but the importance of your work is not tied to an agenda. The more you commune with Me and feel Me flowing through you, the more you contribute. Ponder this. Be aware of it.
Your superficial desires are not limiting My work through you as long as you are willing to change your plans and accept something different as I lead you. It is your willingness to be led by Me and your desire to be an empty vessel that allow Me to bless through you when you are not even aware of it. It is your willingness to even let Me guide your thoughts and give utterance to that which I wish to have expressed at any given moment that makes your desire to be helpful to your brothers and sisters become a reality. You have sometimes felt you are tossed about as a ship on the waves and not consulted about your wishes. This is because your greatest wish is to do My Will and be of assistance to your others. You are not always aware that this is really what is happening. It is I who toss you about. Everything is under control. You need only trust Me. That trust melts all fears and doubts.
Rest in Me in the present moment. My Peace will restore you and remove any anxieties and fears that may linger. There is no other refuge. Come unto Me, and I will give you rest. I am Light, Life, and Love.
In your brothers and sisters you find Me, and you look to Me in them for your joy. They give you opportunity to allow the gentle love within to flow forth. You are not happy unless this is happening, because when the flow has stopped, you do not experience Me and it seems that I have left you. The secret to your happiness is to be an empty vessel, to have My Love flowing through you, to look upon all whom you encounter as holy, and to extend My love to embrace them.
It is natural when you remember Me and My Love that earthly things, even the beauty of the earth and the arts, lose their attraction for you. Even when art is divinely inspired, it can only remind you to look beyond for Me. No art form on earth is adequate to carry My Love and Light. You can only find Me when you look beyond all form. The form has its existence in Me, but it is not I. Art cannot express Me. This is why you no longer look to it.
Unlimited Love resolves all situations and conflicts, all misunderstandings and confusions. When you seek to find only Me in your brothers and sisters, you expect only Me to respond. Look straight at Me, and you lose sight of all else, even fear and distrust. Only when you abide in Me do you have My Peace. And only then can you desire My Will alone.
I prepare you for each step in your life. You need only be ready and willing to go, be, and do that which I have prepared with great love. The time of harvest grows nearer, and the time you will be asked to devote to it will increase. Other things will recede. Release them quickly and easily.
Is it not glorious how all fear and judgment melt when you see your brothers and sisters as Me, come to bless you with an embrace so gentle it leaves you resting in My sweet Peace? You never before believed I had an answer so easy and simple to your fears and problems, and now you speak of it in spirit to your brothers and sisters who also never believed such was possible. At first they take no notice of you, but have you noticed that they soon seem to be awaiting your visits joyously. The love you bring them is the bread of life that nourishes them, a star of hope in a darkened world.
You love Me because you remember experiences of communing with Me, but many of your brothers do not remember Me. It is only when you allow Me to touch them through you that they can be reminded. Being reminded of Me through a brother or sister is a first step for many. Only when they remember will they seek Me on their own. You are a lever by which they are raised enough to begin to rise on their own. To be empty is to be a mighty lever for Me to use to assist your brothers and sisters. Your reward is great.
When you offer yourself totally to Me, I accept, and you need not wonder if I have forgotten you. You have delivered unto Me everything, and that includes control and arrangements, timing and plans. You are obedient, and you respond when I call. This is your part. All else is My part. Only I know what is best for everyone. It brings Me great Joy when you greet Me in your brothers and sisters. I am pleased that you realize there is nothing more important for you to do. I anoint My empty vessels with My Spirit to go forth giving the wakeup call.
Seek Me no longer, but rather accept to discover Me everywhere. Look not upon evil, but see only brothers and sisters calling to you to recognize them. Look not upon sickness, but see blindfolded children of Mine asking you to remove that which obstructs their view and makes them feel alone and abandoned. Allow Me to reveal Myself to them through My empty vessel. They will only believe they are safe and whole when they see Me in you and feels My Love flowing through you to them. Arguments will not convince them——only an experience of Me. I bless the world through you and all other empty vessels. Do not limit or delay My blessings with personal doings.
Heaven is manifest on earth each time you see Me when you look upon your brothers and sisters. Without your love and your acknowledgment of their holiness, the earth would be darker and more desolate. Remember this and extend Love more often. Diligently and intensely focus upon the presence of Divine Light and Love in their hearts, radiating out to you and enveloping you in a holy embrace that sweeps away all doubt of their capabilities and intentions. When you truly and totally feel that you are in My Presence as you stand before them, you will see and feel Me responding and acting.
I can best bless your brothers and sisters when you allow Me to shine through you totally with no hindrance. You can best allow Me by keeping your mind on Me. Feel Me within as you seek to see only Me around you. When you think of Me and feel Me, it changes your countenance and the tone of your voice. You are then gentle and patient, and you offer only appreciation and love to them. They will seek your presence for comfort because they feel My Presence in you. I have called you to be a fountain of Peace and Love for the healing of My children. You must never let the fountain be found dry.
Every time you look upon your brothers and sisters, you see Me, come to bless you by revealing Holiness and Perfection, Joy and Love. If you look with human eyes, you will miss your blessings—because you will think you see that which is imperfect and vulnerable, for so the body appears. If you look with eyes of spirit, you will see glorious perfection, and you will feel safe and loved. Always look for Me, for it is always as your brothers and sisters that you find and see Me most easily. You will feel complete, and your joy will be full. I am not far from you, and I am not difficult to recognize. It only takes desire on your part. I wait for you every day in every encounter.
When you come to Me often, you establish an anchor in My Peace, and this will surely radiate forth from you. It will touch those with whom you come in contact and surely have an effect on their lives, just as your embraces in spirit affect the lives of those brothers and sisters you visit in this way. It is a part of your task to remain anchored in My Light so that they have easier access to My Love, Peace, and Joy. As you give, you experience receiving that which you give.
When you love the lost as much as I do, when you honor My Spirit in them with no reservation, then you truly do walk in My footsteps and are My ambassadors on earth. Total forgiveness opens the door that brings you the experience of My Presence and total Love. The Peace that comes upon you cannot but touch those you are reaching out to. They will feel it and at some point turn back, away from the darkness of ignorance and fear. Many will allow you to put your arms around them and lead them home. When you recognize evil and defiance of Me, that is the call to you to gently and fearlessly approach them with your message of acceptance and joy. Be about My business! The world awaits you. You are appointed; you are anointed; you are ordained. There is only one goal, only one pursuit for you. Ponder it. Answer the call.
As you go forth agreeing to see only Me in every heart, it is as if you are removing the bushel that was hiding the Light in your brothers and sisters. (See Matt 5:15.) As more and more hearts shine forth My Light, the whole world begins to light up, and I have great Joy in My children. I have waited long for the hidden lights to reveal themselves. It is with love and appreciation that you kindle the light in each one’s heart. Even the tyrants and murderers will pause to take notice of you when you offer a divine and perfect gift. Only Love will melt the fear, insecurity, and threat that pushes them to violence and hate. In order to really help them and meet their needs, you must go to their hearts——the root of their needs. Anything less feeds the problem of fear and helplessness.
Go out in spirit into the highways and byways; seek those in pain, even those causing pain to others; and put your arms around them. Speak to them of Love, Peace, and Joy, and remind them that I have called them to extend Love to the world. Remind them of their holiness so that they hear of their worthiness and can accept the charge of being Light-bearers to the world. Then put your arm around their shoulders and bring them before Me with great delight. They will be overjoyed that you have come looking for them, for they will have forgotten that such Love exists. You are sent into the world to return the lost and wandering ones to Me.
I call my children unceasingly, but many are unable to hear My call. You have heard My call, and now it is your responsibility to help your brothers and sisters hear it. Many will not respond immediately, but you must be patient and attentive——as a mother. Their ears of spirit have not been used for a long time. You weaken the effect of focusing on holiness if you look back at sin and suffering. Set your eyes on Me and allow no appearance of imperfection or unholiness to seduce you. If your mind is not resting in Me and your gaze is not fixed on Me, your attention will wander, and you will succumb to fear. Be vigilant.
I have often been inspired by the Henry Gruver Youtube messages. In one of them he said, “Expect persecution when you are being used of the Lord. Forgive them as Jesus forgave on the cross. When the power of forgiveness is released, the Love of Jesus is experienced.” That last sentence is so powerful and so true! When I look through the illusory mask of perception and acknowledge only the Spirit of God there, the Love I experience sometimes makes me laugh with joy. I give thanks for Henry Gruver and his ministry as a prayer-walker.
When you bring your brothers and sisters before Me in deep love and appreciation for the holiness you see in them, and you ask for My blessings for both of you, it is surely not in vain. Your act of love and honor for them can only open the door for blessings, and they cannot be unchanged by your attention to them and your unconditional Love. You have found that which you do well, your talent——My gift to you. Pursue your talent diligently and with fervor, for in it you find inspiration and fulfillment. Only Love and Holiness can do this for you. With your arm around your brothers and sisters, you find My Presence easily and quickly. Have you not noticed that all else has lost its attraction for you? Give thanks that it is so!
Offer Love, honor, and appreciation to Me in your brothers and sisters, but do not concern yourself with the results. Leave results to Me. If you judge perceived results, you will begin to judge the appropriateness of your continuing to offer recognition of Pure Love. I ask for total, unconditional Love to be extended to everyone. If your gift is not total, it is not a gift but rather an attempt at exchange and bargain, and they will recognize the emptiness and pretense. It is only I in each one Who respond to the perfect gift. The façade of personality will not recognize it. You must give totally and withhold nothing in order to be of assistance in the harvest. When you make your gift to Me, I will respond, and all else arranges itself appropriately.
Each time you commune with Me and see only Me all about you, you make it easier for your brothers and sisters to also make the choice for love. Your own choice touches the heart of each one and helps to bring their reality close to realization in their consciousness. At this time I have many vessels on earth doing this in order to make the harvest easier and greater. Do your own part faithfully. The power of all Light-bearers together tugs at the hearts of all My children and draws them closer and closer to My Light. Always, Love is the key, the magnet. No one can resist it forever. Each one is worthy of your patience. Do not pass a single one by.
Extend Love to those who lead and influence the societies of the world. Speak to them in spirit of their holy function, and accept to see only Me there. Do not speak to the appearance of other than holiness. If you focus only on Me in them, you will experience Me responding to you. The veil of darkness your brothers and sisters present will become thinner and thinner as you look through it and coax forth the Light. None of them are lost forever. They may stumble in the darkness, but they can be reached. I send you to them to reach through the clouds and touch them, to fold them into your heart. They cry for help. Do you not hear them? They wait for you to allow Me, as you, to greet them.
Love is the lifeline, and the Love you extend to your brothers and sisters when you think of them may be the saving hand that brings them from the slough of despond, the pit of hopelessness. You must always be available and never, ever, think something else is more important than the call for help you may hear as you drive to work, take a shower, or do your work. Do not take lightly the task I have given you. Enter the stillness again and again all through the day, for it provides the sustenance you and your brothers and sisters need from Me. When they are walking through their darkest night and you join them, radiant with joy that you have found them, they will embrace you and cling to you in spirit, when they in body might hesitate. Travel often to them in spirit, for going in spirit is the path of expedience to them. All they truly want is love and acceptance, recognition of their worth and innocence. You have the balm. It is the greatest gift you could receive. Let it not collect dust.
You have asked and agreed to help your brothers and sisters in the most helpful and effective way. Now, release all things to Me and allow Me to decide in what way and under what circumstances you can best assist in the harvest. I will not fail, and I will not forget you or them. Be joyful in all things at all times; otherwise, you close the door on blessings I have prepared for you and each one you encounter. I place you with those who will accept, eventually if not immediately, the Love you allow to flow through you to them. To doubt the value or effectiveness of your life is to doubt My Love and Wisdom. Relax, My child. Keep your mind on Me. Talk to Me. Send your love to Me. In this way you make it possible for Me to bless you and all My children fully and perfectly. The challenge of earth is to look through every form and situation and see Me and My Light shining through to bless and comfort you. It is a matter of not being distracted or deceived by forms. Allow yourself to be consumed with love for Me, and the focus of your attention cannot stray from Me.
I am the same forever. You are a part of Me; therefore, you are also the same forever. There is nothing for you to do but to look upon Me in all that you see, and feel the holiness within you respond to the holiness in all around you. This experience is the ultimate joy—the only joy you can ever have. When you and all whom you see respond to each other only in Love, you will know that you are eternally locked in an embrace of Love. The realization of this is your fulfillment, your destiny. Everywhere you look I give Myself to you. You will know this when you allow Me to give Myself through you, but you will not allow it to happen unless you think the world around you is worthy of receiving it. This only happens when you accept to see nothing but holiness.
The world becomes transformed as you look upon it with Love, and your mind is transformed along with it. Through the efforts of My vessels, the earth is becoming more and more surrounded by Light. Your brothers and sisters will begin to notice this and be influenced by it. One day all judgment will cease in the Light of Holiness. Be committed each day to your contribution.
I promised you rest if you came to Me. (See Matt 11:28.) When you look only upon Holiness, you have rest, and you have release from fear and the desire to reject your brothers and sisters. Is this not a wonderful gift? A Divine Gift? You rest in My Heart forever. You also carry with you this precious gift, for you are a gift-bearer. You are a balm to a suffering world, and what you bring your others is the most priceless gift there is. Many have traveled to the ends of the earth and searched in vain for this Gift of God. Show your gratitude by sharing it every day, wherever you go. You only receive as you give, for Love must flow through you. You have the answer to the quest of many lifetimes. With knowledge and gifts from God comes responsibility. Be not idle. Your brothers and sisters call to you even now. I send you to them.
Be ever mindful that your brothers and sisters wait for you. They have stumbled in darkness for ages and are weary. They may not rush into your arms immediately, but they do wait for you. The appropriate expression of your love and compassion is simply to see only Holiness and extend only Love. It really is so simple, compared to the many complicated things you have tried to do in the name of spirituality. Do not allow distractions to deter or delay you. Nothing else ever brought you such joy.
It is My Will that every child of Mine sing with the joy of life as the Morning Stars sang at the dawn of creation. This is why you are asked to participate in the task of awakening the slumbering souls. When the joy of being is brought to their remembrance, they will not be able to resist singing to express their delight. They will not understand how they once succumbed to the illusions of sorrow and fear; in fact, the memory of it will melt into nothingness. Your brothers and sisters will trust you and follow you when you put your arm around their shoulders and bring them to Me yourself, one by one. It is your love that draws them and melts their resistance. Love is My gift to you and your gift to them. This is your provision for the task. It is all you need, for it is the gift of Me. In My Light Truth is seen, and the darkness of illusions of fear disappears.
The greatest gift ever given, shining brightly and serenely as any morning star, is yours to behold, gently laid in heart of your brothers and sisters. It surpasses all beauty you have ever known and has the power to bestow on you limitless blessings from Eternity. Open your eyes and look in wonder and delight. No being, earthly or celestial, ever beheld holiness surpassing that which you may, simply by choice, look upon. You may stand in the Presence of the glorious Creator simply by releasing your judgments of each one. In them the blessed Father waits patiently for your embrace. No other joy can fulfill your heart’s desire. The banquet table is set and waiting for your arrival. Tarry no longer, My child!
Every time you have a decision to make, stop and ask Me, “How can I best offer Love and acknowledgment of Holiness to this person or situation?” When you have the answer, all else falls into place. This is your purpose in being on earth, your function. As you engage in action, ask that all beings affected be touched by Divine Love. Your intent is powerful. Each time you fail to do this you have neglected an opportunity to shorten the remaining time of suffering and sleep of your brothers and sisters. Be mindful of this! Remember Me and them.
I am always the same, and I always ask the same of you. Seek only Holiness in the heart of your brothers and sisters. Put aside the old habit of seeking that which you can condemn in them, for it has never brought you Joy, Peace, or the experience of Love. It only brings self-loathing. Reach out in spirit, and caress them, touch in admiration, seek their presence for the joy of beholding Purity and Beauty. They will bless you immeasurably. You will find Me revealed in them, and the glory you look upon will cause your fears and defenses to melt into nothingness——and you will know that you have entered the gates of heaven. Stand by them faithfully in their sorrows, sufferings, and struggles, even as I have stood by you. You must never give up on them, for they depend on you. They may procrastinate, but when they are in agony, you will feel their spirit come to you because they remember that you offered them Love before. When they come, they will surely accept your embrace, and in your joy you will know you are both lifted into My arms. Soon you will hear the calls of brothers and sisters in distant lands and respond without delay, overjoyed at the opportunity of experiencing another holy embrace. This, My child, is why you are on earth. I send you forth girded with Love, Joy, and Peace to gather in the wandering ones who will come. Be ever mindful of the importance and consequences of this charge.
When you trust in Me and feel secure in Me, you will see each situation you encounter as an adventure you are taking with Me. You will not fear the outcome or feel threatened in any way. You will wait for Me to show you the way to proceed, and you will see Me on every side. Your heart will be overflowing with joy, for you will have My Peace within. My Love will flow through you in mighty waves that touch and heal your brothers, but you will never be empty.
Salvation is a realization. Your task is to offer Love and to assist in bringing Me to remembrance. It is all so easy and joyous. Just think: no fasts, no ascetic disciplines, no denial of joy and love, and no sacrifice required. I love My children and do not punish or deprive them. There is no need to suffer. I stand with arms filled to overflowing with gifts of Love and Joy. All you have to do is ask, and I will teach you how to accept every gift held in store for you. Come!
There is sometimes a need for someone to experience suffering so that he, or she, is brought to the point of making a choice for God. Complacency does not urge one to give up false values and identification. You find it painful to watch someone in pain, but you must allow each one to make his, or her, own choice. Would you prolong the deep sleep by arranging constant comfort? No, you make the right choice by speaking to the heart and urging all to look toward Me, accept that your brothers and sisters are not identified with their bodies, and accept that they are forever safe as a part of Me, no matter what appears to be happening. You stood by their side and led then through this, and you felt their joy as they trusted you and looked straight into My eyes. Dear child, your love and concern for your brothers and sisters will always lead you to the right action as long as you ask Me for help. I even stand by you as you wring your hands while you watch them procrastinate and prolong their suffering. I understand your concern, for I also must stand by and wait, but I am happy to have another empty vessel dedicated to My children. Even as you stand by and watch, never turn away because of the pain it causes you, but continue to offer Love to every soul. Your own happiness depends on your commitment to them.
Be cautious that you not be deceived by perceived sickness in your brothers and sisters. You assist in their liberation when you see only Me in them. This is their salvation, and it is yours also. Wholeness and perfection are all there is. Do not give power to error by accepting it as something that needs to be corrected. It is only a misperception. I will not fail to accept every true blessing you offer each one. Anything less would be a disservice to you and them.
The desire to bring inspiration to your brothers by touching their souls deeply with Love is itself all that is needed to allow Me to bring it about. The desire to assist in awakening your brothers shows you have accepted My Will as your will and begun the ascent to realization of holiness. Communion with Me becomes natural. It also becomes your greatest desire. The worldly view can no longer lure you from My arms, and you can only tolerate looking upon the world by seeing it as Me. Pain and suffering in the world will draw you because you have the balm to soothe and heal the loneliness and fear that cause them. You are a fountain through which I pour nourishing waters to the world. Give thanks for the opportunity to participate.
When the Father’s Will for you is specific, you will surely know, and you will surely do it. Often the Father’s Will is simply to be the pure, empty vessel through which His Spirit can flow unobstructed and without shading. There are many pursuits that can be the means of anchoring the Light in the earth, and you may choose the form or forms through which you allow Divine Love, Joy, Peace, and Beauty to flow and bless the world. It is your intent, your total dedication to the Divine, that is of utmost importance. You have already made this choice; the form is of your own choosing for fun and delight.
It is My Will to go to My children as you and bless them with My Light and Love. It is not arrogance for you to approach a another’s heart’s door and say, “I bring you the Father’s Light and Love,” for you truly do this by being My empty vessel. You bring them healing, comfort, hope, and inspiration from Me. It is your calling to do this without hesitation. It comes naturally to you, and you will feel comfortable doing it. The Flame of Love is lit in your heart. Your personal desires and ambitions are consumed. They have no power to sway you anymore. This is My gift to you——that which you asked for. Nothing will stand in the way to prevent you from doing My Will. Where I lead you, the way is prepared. I also give you My Peace.
You know when your brothers and sisters respond to your love because you feel the love they extend to you, and you sense the light they radiate. It is those who are fearful or doubtful who resist and give you no response, but out of love, dedication, and commitment you stand at each heart’s door and patiently, day after day, speak to them of holiness. It takes limitless love to continue doing this when you don’t sense a response, but this is your task, and you are perfectly suited to the job. It is My Love that is in your heart, by invitation from you. You can never fail, for I will not fail you. Remember, seeds are sown, then they sprout, take root, and grow. The harvest always comes in due time, at the perfect time. Your only function is to be at all times available to love and to appreciate. It really is so easy, and the results are richly rewarding. All is perfect, dear one, and you rest in My heart forever.
To know My Love, seek it in another. By offering it, you experience it. To know Joy, seek My Light in a brother or sister. By accepting to find it, you will know it. To know Peace, seek holiness in every heart. By expecting only this you dwell in it. The choice is totally yours, and you now know it. You have no fear of what you will find because you have always found what you looked for. The experience of this has caused your love for each one to be unconditional. Because you agreed to become empty, you are now filled. It is I in you, manifesting Myself so that I can bless My children through human contact. A new age is upon you——an age of outpouring of My Spirit bounteously. Give all, and you are blessed limitlessly.
No blessing you allow to flow through you to a brother or sister is without effect, and they are grateful to you that you love them and trust that they are holy. Each awakening act you allow brings Me great joy, for I see the quickening of My Light in them. I will bring more and more to you so that they, you, and I can rejoice. My plan for salvation is perfect because it never involves force or threat. It is accomplished by the will-to-joy of My children——who cannot resist total Love forever. The pain of error will cause them to welcome Love and freedom. Your role is important, My child. Be ever mindful of this!
When you look upon the throngs of souls around you and see My Light in each, it is as if you were gazing into the night sky. Each one is a brilliant, sparkling Light, the beauty of which inspires you to appreciation that brings warmth into your heart and a glow to your eyes. As you gaze in wonder, the world of competition and threat disappears, and you seek your brothers and sisters because they bring you joy, rather than seek to avoid them because of the pain they once seemed to cause you. In this moment of pure Love your salvation is come. You forget the ideas, scenes, and projects that once occupied you endlessly and robbed you of your Peace. When you accept each one totally and enter his, or her, heart, you also enter My embrace. Every heart is a doorway to Me. You need no longer seek elsewhere, for seeking elsewhere you seek in vain. The search is over, and you are at home.
When you see My Light in everything around you, you realize that you will never have a need that is not fulfilled. You will cease to doubt, and the door is opened for My bounty to flow and manifest your desires. When you see My Light and feel My Love in all around you, you will cease to fear and worry. You will trust that My Light is reality and that My Love brings only goodness to you. When fear is gone, the door is open so that ceaseless blessings may flow to everyone you meet, as well as so that you may know only Joy and Love. I will glide through the world as you, experiencing delight on every side. Come, dear child, you are almost there. Just a little step and you are in My Arms forever.
When I said, “Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do,” I gave you the example of total Love. Acknowledging the Spirit of God as the true reality and identity of each one is your mission, but I ask you to also pray that the soul be given opportunities that urge and entice it to turn toward the Light and seek help—for this is My Goodness, and it will lead them back to Me. Those who are not even looking for help are particularly needy, and sometimes the most vile ones respond to pure love better than those who profess an interest in matters of Spirit but are merely lukewarm. I ask of you: Please follow My example. (Quotation from Luke 23:34. See also Romans 2:4)
There are times when I bring your brothers and sisters to you because they need to hear words of instruction while you are acknowledging their holiness. You don’t need to be concerned about the message they need. Just relax and allow Me to speak through you. I will give you the message at the right time. Be not concerned if it is short. You do not need to add to it. I know best what they need. Be also attentive to messages I give to you through casual contact with others. I speak to you in everything. You are as close to Me on earth as in heaven.
Dedicating your total being to perfect alignment with My Will allows Me to assist you in recognizing My Will and in releasing any thought habits, desires, plans, or ideas that are sidetracking and delaying you. Your freedom is always honored, and I will not force you, but your decision opens the door to Me. Now, don’t presume to already know My Will, but allow Me to make it known to you and to lead you perfectly. Trust Me totally to prepare the way I would have you go and to provide abundantly for all needs.
Certainly, there is much evil in the world, and there are many godless acts; and, without doubt, you should not condone these; but how many time have you paused to acknowledge My Spirit, in all its holiness, within the perpetrators? Do seek to commune with Me there, for in so doing you can touch the souls of lost and suffering ones! Pray in all earnestness for them, and ask Me to provide a way for them that opens a door to Light that will awaken them to My Love deep in their hearts. Much depends on your diligence in doing this. It is why you are here and should be your highest priority. Oh, if you could only see the effects of your attentiveness to this holy assignment—and your persistence in it! Do be mindful of your calling. Rescuing souls is the first task of your life.
You have compassion for your brothers and sisters in their suffering. It is surely helpful to assist in any way possible on the earth level, but always keep in mind that true assistance begins at the root of their suffering, namely, their forgetfulness of their true identity as a part of God, Pure and Holy. They would not experience suffering if they felt safe in My arms. Remember to speak to the soul of its innocence and purity as you assist in other ways. The mundane situation was the excuse for bringing you together with them, but the task, the real opportunity at hand, is always the embrace of the soul, for it expresses your genuine appreciation and delight. Heaven kisses earth with each holy embrace. Look for opportunities to fulfill your true function.
Seek first to see holiness and allow My Love to flow through you to your brothers and sisters, and all other blessings flow as a result of the clear and open vessel. Blessings and Love cannot flow if the vessel is obstructed. I need open vessels through which I can pour My abundance. The holy embrace is the key that unlocks the door to all blessings. As long as a heart’s door remains closed, the blessings can only pile up before it. Part of your task is to coax the soul and gain its trust so that it will dare to open the door. You are a bearer of divine gifts. Be mindful of this. Do not neglect a single soul. Be vigilant of your thoughts. Your task is a full-time job. Thought-wandering causes withholding of gifts, for it clogs the vessel. Love your brothers and sisters as much as I love you!
I admonished you: “Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.” How do you even begin to do that? You look past all offenses and imperfections you have perceived in all whom you meet and acknowledge only My pure Spirit as you seek to commune with Me there. Ask that I pour forth My Goodness upon them so that they come to know and identify with that purity in their hearts—is it not written that I am “not willing that any should perish”? It is thus that you become Christ-like and play your role in the harvest. (Quotations from Matthew 5:48 and II Peter 3:9)
Your brothers and sisters are grateful to you for your confidence in them, your total love and appreciation of their beauty. They appreciate your reminding them of their natural expressions of exuberant joy. It helps them to let go of their feelings of inadequacy and helplessness. I also thank you for going from heart’s door to heart’s door and kindling the fire of hope, joy, and love. Your reward is immediate, for their acceptance of your love causes great waves of joy to rush from your heart. Their embrace is a special treat. Is there any other calling for you?
When you, in your mind, unbind your brothers and sisters of sickness and imbalance, ignorance and illusions, by seeing them as pure, holy, whole, and free, you do unbind them literally. (See Matt 16:19.) You convince them simply by reminding them of Truth. Freedom is so joyful it makes their hearts sing. You do what I did on earth. How else could you accept your divine Sonship (and Daughtership) and know that you are the Light of the world? (See Matt 5:14.) You now know the greatest gift that you can give another.
I came to show you the way of Truth, Light, and Love, and I will assist you in the process of remembering who you and your brothers really are. I have given you the easiest and most effective method of accomplishing this remembrance, and I have told you that you need only bring willingness to the altar of your heart and I will do the rest. It takes so little to enter the gates of heaven; actually, the requirement is the most joyous and loving thing you could possibly do. Your only resistance is fear. Now, you do trust Me, so why does some remnant of fear still remain? It is just an old habit formed in ignorance. Watch your thought habits so that you not be robbed of glorious joy. Remember, being on earth is much like playing a role in fearful scenes on a stage. You know you are quite safe because it is all make-believe. Pause a moment and open the doors of your heart so that I may enter and embrace you. I joy in you!
Go and do as it has been imparted unto you.
The eternal offering of My Spirit is more easily accessed on earth at this time for all who have even a small inclination to accept. The heaviness of earth is giving way to a lighter up-buoying of the spirit of each one. Darkness and ignorance can no longer hide My Light and Love. Each experience of communing with Me dissolves eons of misperception of earth and earth dwellers. The revelation of Truth removes ignorance and brings clarity to the minds of those who will accept it. Allow My Light to shine forth from you so that others may see and know the way of joy and cease to stumble in confusion. You need only accept, and I will take charge of every detail. It is also your blessing and your salvation that is reaped along the way of service to your brothers and sisters.
When you look into someone’s heart and rejoice in the Light you see there, you begin to dissolve the veil that prevents that one from seeing it him- or herself. As this child becomes aware of the Light there and begins to experience it, it dissolves the veil at its root, and soon it will collapse. Symptoms of sickness may continue for a while, but you have planted the seed of Light that will bring about wholeness. Each time you visit this heart, you divert attention away from this one’s personal idea of self as not being whole and point it toward the perfection that is there. Visit your brothers and sisters often! It will bring you great joy.
As you look about you, you see the stress and struggle of those who identify solely with their bodies, but you have noticed that the tension and fear become less and less as you shift your identification away from the body and toward Spirit. You could never do this without experiencing Spirit. Belief alone is not sufficient. As you bring this experience to your brothers and sisters by embracing them in spirit, they too are released. As fear decreases, joy and peace increase, and you know heaven on earth. Every time you look with the eyes of spirit and see holiness, you bring light that shines away more of the darkness. Always keep your true function in mind. This is why you are here at this time. Distractions waste time and make you weary. You are not tired or bored when you rest in Me. You are happy anywhere.
I am always there ready to lead you as swiftly as you are willing and able to go. I am gentle. I know that some of the things you have to release are difficult to let go of, but I also know how much greater your joy and peace will be when you are free. It is through the healing of your relationships with others that you realize that the holiness you see in them is also welling up within you. It is the divine spark within you that recognizes the Purity and Light within them. I participate in each holy embrace and extension of Love, for it brings Me great joy. You know My Presence and know that when you call upon Me, I am there. You are free from worries and concerns because you now trust Me. Practice abiding in Me at all times. My Peace is sweet and gentle, and it is your gift to your brothers and sisters when you rest in Me.
I am always there guiding you and preparing the way for you. This is because you asked Me to do it and you have accepted to go and do whatever I deem to be appropriate. You asked to do whatever is the most beneficial for the Sonship at this time of harvest. You chose the Sonship over expression of beauty and creativity because of your concern for those who are suffering and crying for help. I know that you will follow Me anywhere because you trust Me and love Me above all else. I am your deepest Joy. I find your love as irresistible as you find Mine. I am committed to you. Your choice was freely made, but very important. Now you only need to await My bidding.
Always when a someone attempts to attack, that one is crying out for acknowledgment of his, or her, purity and worthiness of respect and honor. When you look past the façade straight into My Spirit within, you supply the greatest need. If you become defensive, you have dishonored My child. If you ask Me, I will remind you to choose to see Truth, to choose to offer Love and appreciation, to choose to remain in My Peace. I am ever attentive unto you. I will not forsake you.
When you accept to look with eyes of Spirit and see purity and holiness, then you will love with the Love of God; for He placed a part of his own Heart in yours, and you will feel Him loving through you. You are a participant, and your brothers and sisters are as dear to you as they are to Him. They will know you are Christ because they will feel you, experience you, see you, as Christ. They will love and appreciate you, even as you love and appreciate Jesus. You are a doorway through which God flows to them. When the chitchat of social exchange ceases and God speaks through you, they will become quiet, for they will know they are touched by God. This is possible because you accepted the death of the ego. The stillness of heaven is descended upon you—the Peace of God.
Those I send to you will know that I bless them because they will feel the honor you give them and know it is genuine. When the world pays tribute to them or professes love, it has a hollow ring to it, but your willingness to look for the Truth, and acknowledge and accept only that, will literally touch and energize the soul. They are hungry and thirsty for Love. If you focus only on Holiness, you will be an artesian well of spiritual blessings that heal all manner of imbalances, a fountain of Pure Love—My child fulfilling its true function. Be ever vigilant of your mind and desires. Choose to see only holiness, and your heart will be My abode.
There is good reason for and definite effect in pausing from time to time and offering up Love to all mankind, as well as to Me. Your brothers and sisters are affected, touched, by your offering, and you, dear child, have the experience of a short interval of oneness with Me and My children. You experience being in heaven on earth. Your relationship with Me is constant. It is not limited to a meditation period or a dedicated place. The empty vessel realizes this because his, or her, attention has not been distracted. When you make room for Me, you realize that I am there. My Presence is always Love. No other love satisfies as My Love does. In Me you are content.
Keep in mind: When you vacate your being of self and surrender all to Me, nothing is yours anymore. What you receive may well be received so that I, through you, can offer blessings to a child of mine in dire need. You are truly thankful for the opportunity to allow Me to be you, functioning in the world, caressing your brothers and sisters, and drawing them ever closer to Me. I delight in such empty vessels. And this is YOUR great joy. It is evidence of your sanctification. I always provide for you, and you are never anxious, for your trust is total. Your love for those around you as you ask for blessings for them is an offering I cannot resist. It makes a way for them that no one had suspected was possible. Walk ever in the footsteps of your Master, allowing Me to be you, allowing Me to be in physical form on earth while caressing your brothers and sisters and gathering them unto Me out of the labyrinth of confusion they are lost in. So are you the answer to their prayers. Fear not, for in so doing you inspire THEM to be fearless.
You see that your prayers answered, and sometimes you are amazed at the manner in which the answer comes. You do not see how perfect My timing is. You like it when the answer comes immediately, but when it takes a while, you think I’m taking a nap or ignoring you. You must trust that I bring about the best, keeping the long-term goal of the harvest in mind. Set your mind at ease, rest in Peace, and give Me total trust. Be not concerned. I lead you; in fact, I carry you forward in My arms.
When you look at a brother or sister and acknowledge only glorious perfection, then your next task is to speak to the soul of those things you behold until it listens and accepts what you are telling it. When these two things are accomplished, there is change. Limiting ideas of self are released, dark clouds of doubt and fear dissolve, and the influence of these things on the physical body can be released and undone. You see a brilliant star rising and giving expression to joy and love. When you think of that person, you will notice the sparkling light and feel the burst of youthful delight in life. You see Me, manifest for you to look upon in wonder.
When you come before me asking for healing and other blessings for those who are suffering, or lost in the world of their split-off minds, the love in your heart causes doors that may have been closed for a very long time to open. This provides opportunities that can lift them from the quagmire of the illusory world they think they dwell in and from which they see no escape, and this gives them a hope they have never known. Hope brings joy, and these two can literally transform a soul with no sense of direction into one whose goal is to go about lifting others from a state of gloomy darkness into the Light of Spirit. This sense of a higher purpose causes one to forget about the limitations of earth and its perceived meaninglessness. It is such souls that are needed as laborers of the harvest. Just ask Me to give you purpose, and also the desire to draw unto you all who are willing to follow. Such a request from the heart will always be honored by Me. Try Me. You will see!
There will be times when you approach the heart’s door of a brother or sister, and it is as if you have come to an old, abandoned chapel that is dark and dusty. It is your great privilege to clean the cobwebs and to light the candles on the unvisited altar. As you come again and again and lovingly care for this honored sanctum, it acquires a sense of Presence. One day when you come, the owner welcomes you with an enthralling embrace that leaves your countenance transformed and glowing, and you will be thankful that you had a part in the restoration of the altar. At other times when you approach the threshold of a another’s heart, you will find the door bolted. It will be your honor to stand at the door whispering declarations of love much as a lover serenades his beloved. It will be your totally nonthreatening, gentle insistence and undying love that, one glorious day, convinces the hesitant soul to release all fear and rush into your arms in ecstatic joy. You are a lover from the core of your being. This is a great asset in working at the soul level. I placed this gift in your heart because you asked to help in the most effective way possible. Use it often. You always receive what you give.
Have you not noticed, it is when you with great love in your heart bring people to Me, carrying them in your arms, that you feel My Presence most strongly? You feel it as I touch you on the shoulders and embrace you, making you laugh with joy and appreciation. You know without a doubt that your entreaty has been accepted and that those you bring to Me are not forgotten. This strengthens your belief that blessings are piled up before the doors of their hearts awaiting their willingness to accept them and that your request that they be helped to accept the blessings hastens the process of their releasing those things that are dragging them down. Your great love for them will eventually attract their attention and melt their resistance. My loving care for the laborers of My harvest is constant, and you know that you can without inhibition ask for all that you need. Did you not smile when you read, “In everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God”?—for you knew the appropriateness of this injunction. You accepted with love the task of your life before you were ever born. (Quotation from Philippians 4:6)
Each time you look past the personality and body and greet My pure and Holy Spirit within another, you add to the balancing and harmonizing energy of that person; and by touching the essence in love and appreciation, you bring to awareness the true being within that may have been forgotten long ago. This dear one then begins to remember the glorious feeling of Divine Spirit. Your brothers and sisters must remember it in order to desire to know it again. After you have touched and embraced them in this way, they will begin to seek your presence in order to experience again your uplifting love, My healing Love that flows through you. Can you think of a more rewarding task to have? It is a great privilege, for it brings to you the Peace, the Love, and the Joy that you offer. It cannot flow through you without blessing you with unspeakable Joy. Now you appreciate your brothers and sisters even more because they are the means of your own happiness. It is I who embrace you from each heart to which you offer your appreciation!
I prepare a table for My children, a bounteous banquet, so that you may each delight, as I do, in the presence of the others. You will treasure the fellowship with the brethren, for you will find great comfort in each other. There will be great rejoicing each time you go out and return from the byways of earth with a brother, or sister, in pain whom you have persuaded to come with you so that he may know Love and Joy. My heart is gladdened as I see the release of their pain and the acceptance of My Joy in them. They will all eventually come because your love for them will be irresistible. Your genuine appreciation of them and acknowledgment of their beauty and holiness will melt their defenses and arguments. Bring the lost and wandering ones to Me. There is room for all at the feast. You are a gatherer by nature. That is why you are participating in the harvest. Your technique is to convince each one that he, or she, has the beauty of a rare and priceless gem.
As you become more and more aware of the stream of Light and Its constant Presence, you will by choice dwell in the Light as you tend to your earthly duties. You will be in the world, but not of it. Did you notice today how I brought two people who don’t speak to each other to your home at the same time? It was not without effect that you looked at the Light in each and then nudged the two lights together. I will bring more and more of My children to you so that I may pour out blessings upon them through My willing vessel, and you, My child, will be so enamored of Me that you forget you wanted to leave earth. Earth is not Godforsaken, dear one, it is God blessed, and you are a part of the blessings. It is My desire that you be blessed by being here. I lovingly prepared this for you as well as for the others. You will truly one day enter into My Heart and melt into oneness with Me, but not out of a desire to get away from what has been experienced as a painful and hopeless place. You will enter My Heart solely because of your love for Me.
“Worship the Lord in the Beauty of Holiness.” “Give thanks at the remembrance of His Holiness.” Holiness cannot be described in words. You can only describe, albeit inadequately, your experience of it, the effect it has upon you. It not only lifts you up and gives you great joy, it will transform your life. You will begin to sense that it underlies and supports the life of your mind and body that you are familiar with. It will give you a gentleness, and you will begin to respect the unseen Being behind everything around you. I urge you to come with due respect before Me and ask that you have this transforming experience so that you may become a laborer of the harvest. (Quotations from Psalm 29:2 and Psalm 30:4)
There is a stream of Light flowing from Me to your heart and mind. If you gaze into the Light and allow it to be your heart’s greatest desire, you will see your world transformed.
The dedicated vessel turns its focus toward Me and, by so directing full attention to Me, aligns itself so that My Spirit, My Energy, My Love, can flow directly, unhindered, and undiluted toward that part of My creation that is ready to receive My refreshing, balancing Touch—a kiss of Joy that wipes away despair and pain, insecurity and hopelessness, feelings of being unloved and inadequate. Do not underestimate the value of such vessels. I know how to make of them maximum channels of blessings. When they are pure and empty there is only Me there. I am manifest in My creation, a fountain of Love and Joy for all who thirst for Peace and seek their home. They will find through My vessel that they are already at home—even on earth—for heaven is brought to earth and all things are made blessed by the experience of My Presence. My Joy is full when My vessels are as clear as crystal, for My Light can now shine away the darkness that has caused so much suffering. I have waited long, and My Patience is rewarded when I am allowed to enter and claim My children. How blessed you are at this time, children of earth! Day is dawning. The night is past. Soon you will dance with joy.
All is well when you go with the flow, the movement of God’s energy. It leads you moment by moment, always with blessings of Love, Joy, and Peace in mind. Sometimes the flow leads you in unexpected directions, but resisting it for the sake of preplanned movements will only deprive you of blessings flowing to you and through you. Blessings can be received and extended everywhere and at all times, but the act of resisting closes the door and clogs the vessel. I go with you everywhere at all times. Allow yourself to be aware of this, and you will know Me in your heart. It will make you glow, for you will be radiant.
When the vessel is clean and empty, your presence is healing—because your presence is My Presence. Keep the vessel always empty so that your presence on earth is the conduit through which endless and unlimited blessings from Me may flow. It is not for naught that you have been brought to the point where nothing of earth intrigues you anymore. This is good; and it is a great blessing to you because blessings cannot flow through you without blessing you. The joy of every brother and sister is your joy. The Love you offer is the Love you receive. Give thanks that you have been so well prepared to be, to function as, My child.
I already send them to you, using all sorts of things as excuses to bring seeming strangers together. They come to bless you and to be blessed through you. You will at times be annoyed at My methods. Give thanks always for every opportunity to embrace the spirit of another. It is your daily bread.
In order to accept the role of a Son of God extending Love to a suffering and confused world, you accepted the staging and the cast. You must have the staging and cast in order to play your part. Don’t be concerned about the effects of your role, just play it well! Don’t believe the costumes and masks, but be assured that they only cover holiness, ever so thinly. This is your joy, your salvation and security. Your intention is of much greater value and effect than it seems. If you look for results you will often be deceived and lose heart. Just offer Love continuously, even though it may seem to be in vain. Your brothers depend on you. So do I.
Each day, at the beginning of the day, ask Me to make you pure and empty for My service, and then offer yourselves without reserve to be my channels of blessings to each one you encounter or that comes to mind. When you offer yourselves totally, there is no limit to the blessings that can flow through you. You are a part of the transformation of the world. Let no opportunity to lift up the fallen, the suffering, and the clueless members of society pass you by. See each event that detours or blocks your plans for the day as a door opened by Me to bless someone. Let your minds and hearts reach out to rest in joy and in peace—My Joy and My Peace—so that you constantly provide an opening for Me to be in you and express through you. The forces of darkness shall certainly yield because the Love of Christ extended through you will melt them into the nothingness whence they came. Come! I call gently and quietly, not just now but every day.
Accept that I am in you, and you are in Me. (See John 15:4.) Rise up from thoughts of inadequacy and unworthiness and go forth as the Light of God. Go forth as the child of God that you are and accept your role as bearer of a Light that wells up from within you. Go forth as Myself healing those who cry for help, for relief from pain, for Love. This is your role, and only when you accept it will you know Joy, worthiness, completion, and Peace—My Peace, that is steeped in Joy. As long as you feel the need to be healed yourself, you will be deprived of your Joy. You are blessed, you are ordained, you are ready to go forth as My helper, because you know that to help means to acknowledge Holiness in all there is. To delay is to deprive yourself, and your brothers and sisters. I send you forth this day!
Rest in Peace and wait for My inspiration. Without My prompting and My gifts at the right time, an attempt at making plans will only confuse and frustrate you. Leave all things to Me and wait. In the meantime reap the blessings of resting in Peace. I am with you always. Such sweet communion can be had in the place of making useless plans!
Have I not proved Myself as a trustworthy protector today? Now you must lay aside all fears and doubts of any kind at any time. There is Light and Love in every situation. When you trust this totally, you will always look for it and surely find yourself offering unconditional love and appreciation wherever you are, and you won’t need to understand why things must be the way they are. You will just know without a doubt that all is perfect.
It is the intent of your heart that allows the Father’s Light and Blessings to flow through you to your brothers and sisters. You have no idea what blessings are received when you allow yourself to be the vessel through which they flow. Your love, yea, Love, gladdens the hearts of many and lifts away the dark clouds they have attracted to themselves. All you have to do is pause a moment and look for Me in them. Such joy you feel! A holy embrace ensues. It is your gentle, insistent love that melts the walls of their resistance. You are called to Love, My child! Love is your calling.
There is only one appropriate goal for you: desiring and asking to be made pure by your Heavenly Father, and surrendering yourself totally to His service. You may very well not reach the point of asking for these until great compassion for your fellow humans wells up in your heart. It is fitting that love for humanity brings you to this point, for this is an expression of loving your neighbor as yourself. Asking to be made pure and surrendering to the Heavenly Father’s service is an expression of loving the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and mind. (See Matthew 22:36-39.) Every empty vessel who does this is participating in the great harvest at this time. I have called you to a holy service. Do not miss the opportunity. Many depend on you and your dedication. And be not distracted by temporal things that will disappear into nothingness, for these things slow down the process and prolong the suffering of many. Do not mistake the Father’s long-suffering for nullification of the consequences of failing to respond to His many calls for return. The window of opportunity will disappear when the harvest is complete. Come to Him now. He awaits your return with open arms.
I love you! You know that now, and it brings Me joy. I am very happy that you have come to realize you do not love anything else more than you love Me. You understand that the most important reason you were brought on this long trip was the love and appreciation you offered the troubled couple today, and this pleases Me. I am very happy that you consider it worth the long trip and the inconveniences you encountered so that you could offer these two total appreciation, as well as your acceptance of their own need for their experiences in order to bring them closer to extending Holy Love themselves. My vessels go with joy in their hearts without questioning—wherever I lead them. You do realize that you want nothing more than that My will be done. Those through whom I pour out My blessings are truly blessed, for by being empty, they can receive full measure from Me.
Consider each day and the happenings in it to be a blessing from your Blessed Father. Each day is a building block in His plan. You do not see the magnificence of it. Every encounter is an opportunity. A trail of connections follows you. I lead you here and there and perform My work while you remain unaware of My doings. The empty vessel does not ask why. It simply says, “I am always available to be the conduit of the outpourings of Your Spirit.” Go forth ever empty, available, and content in whatever state you find yourself, and you will always rest in My Love!
Come before Me in the middle of the night, when your mind is free from the cares of your daily life, in intercession for those who need help, especially those who are obsessed with ideas that are destroying them. You will certainly find that I receive you. In particular, the souls of those who do not know they need help have been brought to your attention. There is a way that they too can be brought back from the brink of the disaster of total self-abandonment—a way that they can be brought to the point of reaching out for help. I know what they need, and I know how to rescue them. When you bring them to Me in your arms, refusing to accept that there is no hope, that opens a door for their rescue. That is why you are here, My child. You came to earth with a mission to lead a life dedicated to following in the footsteps of your Master, Who is your constant inspiration. I am pleased that you are single-mindedly focused and committed to the goal of harvesting every soul that is even slightly inclined to accepting help. I ordained you and blessed you for the urgent task at hand.
The vessel can only be pure and clean when nothing obstructs the flow of Divine Spirit through it. You will never get rid of thoughts, ideas, plans, and interpretations by disciplining your mind not to dwell on these things. When you choose minute by minute to see God in all things, beings, and circumstances, the clutter in your mind will disappear because it has been replaced by your choice to see only holiness and perfection. Remember the Eastern analogy of emptying and cleaning the inkwell, not by pouring out the ink but rather by pouring water into it until it overflows and the ink gets thinner and thinner until only water remains. This is the only way the vessel can be cleansed and purified. It takes trust to choose to see holiness where you now see imperfection. My dear child, choosing is all that is required of you. I will do the rest. Now, think about it: Is it really difficult to choose to see Holiness rather than corruption and sickness? I wait patiently, but with great anticipation. Each time you make the choice it will make you feel safer about making it again the next time, until one day you make the choice once again, but for all time. Then you dwell in heaven, but you have one foot on earth, for you have joined Me in the harvest, an empty vessel, totally at My disposal.
The empty vessel has no need for fulfillment. How could it need entertainment? Your only need is communion. You only seek books that inspire you to commune or remind you of the communion experience. Everything else bores you, and you quickly become impatient with it. Remember, My dear child, the boredom is My reminder to you to commune. If you commune, you do not see or hear that which bores you. It is, in fact, the blessing that reminds you to seek to see Holiness and to open your heart so that Love may flow forth. The holy embrace of your brothers and sisters is your fulfillment, your sustenance, your joy. In this experience a gentleness that is truly divine shines forth from your countenance, for it is the result, the child, of appreciation, honor, respect, and gratitude that you have brought to the altar of a brother’s or sister’s heart. Your admiration of that Light I so lovingly placed in that heart is the key to the door of it, and it will surely unlock the bolted door if you persist. That is My promise to you. Remember, dear child, remember to look with eyes of Spirit, and you will truly see what is Real. You will know Truth, and it will set you free from all your sorrows, fears, and misinterpretations. You will walk in the Light of God and know no darkness. My Light will shine forth from you as a star of hope and deliverance. I am gathering My children unto Myself. Allow me full sweep; remain a clean—an empty—vessel.
When you see God expressing Himself everywhere and you see His great Movement toward awareness of Light in every form and being, you can condemn nothing. Lack of Love is ignorance, but it is ignorance moving ever toward knowledge of Holiness, even if it seems to you to be moving slowly. The caterpillar and cocoon are necessary in the development of the butterfly. Groping in darkness is necessary to the choice of Love, Light, and the Father’s Joy. My dear child, at every crossroad, every fork in the road, choose Me, choose Love, choose to see Light where darkness seems to be. Be gentle. Extend Love, total appreciation, to those in pain, to those who cry out for help, for love, in whatever way they can. Appreciate the fact that they call! For they can be reached. Those who sleep or will not call cannot yet be reached. I depend on you to assist in helping those who cannot yet hear Me. Your presence in the world is far from being irrelevant. You represent Me. I have told you not to think lightly of or judge in any way My gifts to you. Now I tell you not to think lightly of yourself. I have called you to a task that is very important to Me. I did not think or judge you unworthy. If you judge yourself, you judge Me! Your task is easy. All you need to do is always look to Me. Always seek Me everywhere in everything and every situation. If you do this, you will never fail, never!
Did I not tell you that if you come to Me and give Me your heart, your mind, your soul—your life—that I will give you Peace? I take responsibility for your needs. That means you don’t have to figure out how your needs will be met but need only listen to My promptings. If you need to do something, I will tell you. When you release the worry and concern, you can receive the Peace. In the Peace you can hear My promptings. In the Peace, Joy wells up. Only from Peace and defenselessness can Love flow. Peace opens the doorway for Spirit to flow, to pass through. Anything that disturbs the Peace stops the flow. Without Peace I cannot enter your heart. I make My abode where Peace reigns. From the heart where I abide flows a never-ending river of Love and Joy that blesses all the world, yea, even the stars. This is the pearl of great price for which a person would give up everything he has. (See Matt 13:45-46.)
I pass out My bountiful blessings of Eternal Abundance and all that is appropriate and needed. Love, Mercy, Appreciation, Joy, and Peace are not to be judged or compared with blessings as the world perceives them. Look for Me in the humblest of places and situations. Where you see Me there is no mediocrity. Do not judge what I provide, for in rejecting that which may seem to be of little value, you must also reject Me in the gift. I cannot be separated from My gift. Everywhere you look you see My hand of abundance extended.
Only in the awareness and experience of Oneness do unrest, distractions, and conflicts fall away. The many schemes for fulfillment, expression, and creativity are mere mirages that only distract if pursued. Peace is My gift to you. If you do not have My Peace, you have let your gaze stray.
It is beneficial that you have reached the point where you have no strong desires based in the ego. It is important that you have said, “Tell me what is in perfect alignment with our Father’s Will.” You already know that the heart is your home base and your joy is in seeking to embrace, to gently touch, the hearts of your brothers and sisters. I walk back and forth before your eyes every day. When your fascination is no longer with the personality, but what is beyond the personality, and you whisper, “I adore you; your purity and beauty cause joy to well up within my heart,” you are doing the Father’s Will. Be not anxious about the doing. Follow My promptings, be patient, and delight in appreciation of each encounter.
Your heart goes out to your brothers and sisters who are suffering, and in deep love you desire to help. Remember that those who have been lulled to sleep do not seek Me and call for help. Pain is the blessing that precipitates awakening. In pain they cry for help. If the pain stops, they may go back to sleep. Because of the stark contrast between pain and Love, they notice it when you offer Love. They begin to remember—when you speak to the soul of Beauty, Love, pure Light, and My Peace. To truly be of help you must offer something that helps them remember Eternity. That you can only do when you recognize their divinity and proclaim only that. When they argue with you about their reality, you must say, “Come, my glorious brother, or sister, and let me tell you of the beauty I have beheld in your heart. The mask you have presented to me has become invisible. I hardly notice it. What I see is a being of Light so brilliant I can’t take my eyes off it. I come to you for a glimpse of my Father. I am truly blessed to see Him revealed in you. Do you not see how happy I am to be with you?” And as you refuse to speak of anything else, that dear one will begin to forget the pain and draw near to embrace you. He, or she, will thank you that you refused to offer anything except recognition and acknowledgment of the holiness within. This is your job—to woo your brothers and sisters away from their illusions of unworthiness. But you must offer more than argument. You must offer an experience of Love—communion. Go forth in My Name!
When you function from a base of Silence, you can commune with Me in that Silence in a second; and yet you continue to function in the world, but your functioning there bears My mark. From the Silence, My Peace radiates forth from you to envelop those you encounter or hold in your heart. It brings erratic and scattered energies into a focused flow with a Divine purpose. As you think of Me, your gaze will bathe the world in Love, a Love that melts fear. The windows of Heaven are open, and My Spirit is poured out on all who will receive. By extending gentle Love you encourage your brothers to lower the walls of defense that are blocking the flow of Love.
I know those who have chosen to go forth, allowing Me to be in total control as I, through them, lift My stumbling and crying children. I am not deceived in My helpers. I have tried them and proved them, and I know their love for Me surpasses all else. The work at hand demands those whose eyes cannot stray from Me and for whom My promptings are irresistible urges. Is it not marvelous how I lead you into the most unlikely nooks and crannies to deliver the gift of a smile, a loving comment, yea, even a gentle touch, that delivers a message more believable than words? No day given to Me is lived in vain. A feeling of joy welling up in your heart affects the world, even when you are alone. I send you into the world with armfuls of gifts. Think not lightly of any one. Deliver each one with care, for it is perfect. Remember this!
I lead them to you, one after another, as if they were waiting in a queue. You meet them in the most unlikely of places. If you are observant, you will not miss them, but if you are heavily invested in the outer circumstances of your life, it could be that you miss them. When you are later alone and quiet, you may remember, and you can then, without feeling rushed, spend time communing with My Spirit within them. You may be surprised at how quickly some open up and respond to your appreciation of them and the embrace you offer. That appreciation and embrace opens doors that have long been closed for them. When the doors open, that brings hope and allows their sprits to be lifted, and joy to come into their hearts. You cannot see the effects that being an empty vessel brings about when a vessel at this time of harvest sees this as the most important thing that can be done. Always be willing and ready. Much depends upon that.
I may not only call upon you to pray for people who are specifically identified but also those who are not identified. At times I may call upon you to broaden your scope and pray for large groups of people, as well as for the whole world and the earth itself. Be always attentive to My promptings and be not so easily dismissive of those that are so unusual as to make you wonder if it might be your imagination. As you contemplate the request, look to see if your heart opens when you are open-minded about it. My requests, which may often be in the middle of the night, will elicit a joyous response of love from you, and you will feel blessed as you allow Me to bless through you.
When you pray for those who are struggling with their deeply rooted perceived problems, you may sense the presence of others who come in spirit to join you in helping. When you are anchored in Me, there is nothing to fear. Just give thanks for those who work with you in the Light, for they are laborers in the harvest. Be not distracted by their presence. Just give thanks and focus on My Spirit in the one you are praying for.
Some obsessive thoughts and ideas would seem to the rational mind to be incurable, but never give up hope for a brother or sister. Ask your ever-loving Heavenly Father to show you anything in alignment with His Will that you can do to remove the very root of the problem so that those who appear to be hopelessly bound can be freed from the distorted concepts that shackle them. This sort of illusion may require that you return many times. Take care that you not grow weary of the process. Your brothers and sisters are worth every effort you make. Those who seem incapable of realizing the unreality of these compulsions and imagined needs are fearful and are unable to let go initially. They require much loving care and patience. Only your gentle and nonthreatening offerings of love will eventually gain their trust, and, indeed, they must trust you before they will accept your extended hand.
I bring them to you in spirit, and also in body at times. As you, I heal their broken hearts, lift their sorrows and grief, and help them allow their bodies to align with the harmony and wholeness of Spirit. I bring strangers in contact with you and arrange for you to hear of suffering around the world in order that I, as you, intentionally may pause to whisper, “Glorious child of Eternity, your breathtaking beauty brings tears of joy to my eyes. I ask for your holy embrace so that I may experience the ecstasy of Divine communion. Look upward, dear child, and your interpretation of what is will melt and be replaced by knowledge of Truth.” Because you choose Love and appreciation, two souls merge in an embrace so pure, so holy, that no cloud can abide its presence. Remember, when you dwell in Love, you abide in Me. (See I John 4:16.) In the Presence of Light no darkness can remain. My child has but one will——to do the Will of its Father.
When the vessel is pure and clean, the walls of it become so thin there is only a suggestion of identification as a separate being. You are delivered from slavery to the fleshpots of appetites and the song and dance that give the ego its existence, for they no longer satisfy or delight. (See Ex 16:3.) Even though you live in the midst of these once strong distractions, now the Silence is so strong that you no longer notice them. In Silence you have My Peace and drink of My Love. The Silence and Peace in which you dwell draw as a magnet unto you those who thirst for deliverance. You realize that the death of the ego is not annihilation but rather the gift of Life—Eternal Life and realization of your oneness with Me and all creation.
My Light hangs heavy over you and is about to spill over, drenching all areas of your life. You will notice how thin your shell is and how the Light with which it is filled seems to almost obliterate it. This is the oneness with all that is. As the Light washes over you and merges with the Light within, you will notice that the ego has no attraction to you at all. The joy of oneness brings an indescribable Peace and an ever so gentle Love that delights in embracing the Light that is seen in others. You will never tire of it. You were created for this and now are claiming your birthright. What a lovely day this is, the day of realization of Holiness!
Again I say to you: It is hardship, difficult relationships, sorrow, and anguish that accelerate your return to me without reservation. They are your blessing—blessing in disguise, as you would say. Without them you would be lulled to sleep, but because of them you seek Me and My help, you seek My Face. It is your compassion for those who suffer that draws you before My throne with open hearts and love, refusing to give up hope that there is a solution for what would appear to be an intractable situation or condition. Give thanks for these things, My children. Both you and those for whom you are interceding are blessed. I bring them to you so that you might ask for a solution of the very root of the cause of their outer difficulties rather than merely a removal of outer symptoms, for removing outer layers one at a time would be a protracted process. Removing the root of the problems leaves them without support, and they collapse into nothingness.
Once you have given your heart to God—have made a total commitment—then your dedication is such that you no longer notice inconveniences and uninspiring situations. Your heart is with God and His Will. You do not feel separated from God; therefore, you are not distracted by the noise and strife caused by those who are unaware of God’s Light and Love. You have Peace while others are in turmoil. You do not have to have quiet and you do not have to be alone in order to commune with Me. You have realized that you no longer need to seek. Now you are free and at peace, and I am no longer crowded out by concerns. Now we can enjoy the sweetness of friendship and Love.
When I created you as a part of Myself, extended so that I might behold it and have great joy in it, I knew that you might one day desire to cease creating with Me in the same way and begin to experiment with ways outside of My Will. I prepared a way of return for you from wanton and unreal use of the mind. My child, when you turn back to Me, you will remember your former waywardness and fascination with false images as a mistake and never again want to pursue things outside of My Will, and you will treasure your home in My Heart as never before. Past mistakes strengthen your love for Me, and you will rejoice in Me as I rejoice in you. Your dedication to helping others who also became entrapped in illusory fantasies will have no end. You will with deep love look beyond and forgive their hate and violence, and their suffering, and have one goal in mind, namely, their rescue. And nothing that is needed in order to help them will be considered as a sacrifice but rather an honor and an opportunity to bring back joy and wholeness to your brothers and sisters.
Draw nigh to Me and I will draw nigh to you. (See James 4:8) Just quietly open your heart and let love flow to Me, and that begins the process. Have I not said, “Behold, I stand at the door and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and I will sup with him, and he with me.” The choice is yours, and the process will begin when you become disillusioned with the fanciful and deceptive distractions of the world of a split mind—the mirage that leaves your hands empty when you reach forth to grasp it. But fear not, little one, I am always there to take your hand when you realize how you have been deceived by the insubstantality of the images of the imagined world that lured you from My Arms a long time ago. It was all a nightmare, and once you begin to awaken from it, you will realize that you actually never left your eternal home. You were only captivated by that which was not, and you believed it. Allow Me to lead you as you awaken to what alone is true reality. (Quotation from Revelation 3:20)
When all cares and plans are set aside and you enter a state of stillness, there in your heart, at your altar, you find My gentleness, My Love, the sweetness of My embrace. This is your foundation, your nourishment, your sense of completion. Here are the roots of the serenity that carries you and sustains you throughout the day, and even the night. This is your true home, and you need never leave it. You can remain at home—in My heart—any place on earth or in heaven. As you do this you draw the lost, the fearful, the homeless to Me. They will seek out your presence because there they find Me more easily. They will feel comforted and loved as they come to you. Be ever so gentle as you touch them. They will appreciate your touch, for it is My touch, and it heals and restores, sustains and uplifts. They will notice that the turmoil in their hearts and minds becomes calm, and they will wonder at it and call it magical.
At your request, I bring, through you, Love where it will be accepted; I bring Joy to those who have forgotten they walk through a world of joy; I bring My Peace to those who don’t remember that there is no reason to be troubled; and I bring Light to those who are disheartened and confused. You bring My Presence to those who seek and hope, and also to those who despair of finding Me and finding reason to endure the trials of earth. You are a Light bearer. You bring the most precious gift there is. Be ever aware of the importance of your task and the responsibility it brings with it. There is no time or place for illusions of the ego. You have only one goal, one purpose, one reason for existing. Distractions were toys that are now placed aside. With salvation comes responsibility and a single focus. You enter into My embrace and go forth to offer it to the world. My dear child, how I love you! You will find in your heart that same love for each brother and sister. My creation is perfect!
When you find yourself waiting somewhere, and all movement seems stalled, you may also find that I attract your attention to someone who is obviously suffering in some way or distressed. I have arranged this encounter so that you can be My empty vessel through which this person can be blessed. Although your attention may be fixed on a publication of some sort or a fleeting daydream, it is your holy duty to take your attention away from that and fix it on this one I have placed before you, acknowledging My Spirit within and, in the name of Christ, removing all not in accordance with My Will there—to the extent you are allowed by him or her to do so. What you are allowed to remove may be the residual or after effects of some unholy attitude or deed in the distant past. By removing that and, as your Master did, touching that one gently in spirit, you allow a great burden to be removed and healing of the soul to take place, thus accelerating the return of another soul unto Me. This could be called collapsing time.
I gently lead you through all the experiences that are needed for your return to your eternal home, that is, your return to My Heart. Some of these experiences may not be pleasant to your earthly mind and consciousness, but you do not see the whole picture. I see the ultimate goal and prepare the perfect way with Love. At any point you can pause, calmly collect yourself, release all fears and judgments to Me, and feel yourself in My loving embrace. The process is much easier for you if you, rather than fighting the circumstances and situations of your life, dedicate yourself to allowing Me to, through you, reach out to and touch your fellow humans, for you too experience My Love as it flows through you to them. Service to them should not be seen as sacrificing, or giving up, what would be enjoyable to you but rather allowing My Love to be who you are, and knowing the joy of that; for it transforms you into a child of Mine who is awakened to his or her true identity—one who so desires to gather all who have forgotten that they were created out of My Heart back out of the nightmares of miscreation into the joyous expression of who they truly are. When you realize that this is your greatest joy, you surrender yourself totally to Me and allow Me to have full sway in every facet of your lives. I lovingly caress you as you walk through each experience.
If you truly desire it and ask for it, you can come to know from firsthand experience the gentle, caring, and ever patient love of your Master, the Christ. He has waited long for your request but would never try to rush you; on the contrary, He says, “I’ll wait until you are ready, for the decision must come from the depths of your being. It must be the single-minded pursuit and goal of your soul.” It is such love, yes, Love, that disarms you without force of all your fears and draws you irresistibly to Him, for you will desire Him above all else as you seek to turn away from meaningless wanderings and return to your eternal home. He lovingly smiles upon you and extends a welcoming hand as He ever so patiently waits. Ponder it: His smile is a caress that causes your heart to open as your resistance melts and you rush toward Him.
Deliver all concerns unto Me. When you surrender yourself completely to Me, you will see that I arrange everything, with your experience of Love as the highest priority. What may appear to be a narrow escape from harm is not narrow or risky for Me at all. You must trust Me totally. You do know that I love you, that I care for you. You must lay worries aside, or they will block you from experiencing My embrace, from seeing My Light all around you. Remember that I send you into the byways at times to deliver My Love and the message of Holiness to those whose hearts cry out in loneliness because their blindness robs them of their joy. You will never be able to resist a cry for Love. I know this, and I know you can be depended on. I am pleased that you have joined Me in the harvest!
Fixing the problems that those in the world perceive themselves as having is not your job. It would not awaken your brothers and sisters anyway. When they awaken, the problems will melt. They desire acknowledgment of their reality—and also your unconditional Love. When you give this, it is the beginning of their salvation, for once they experience your eternal Love, they will thereafter seek to repeat the experience over and over until it becomes never-ending. They will feel lost and will not know where to turn until you tap gently on the door to their hearts and whisper, “Open, beloved, that I may know the joy of your glorious embrace and taste the sweetness of your love.” Your brothers and sisters wait for you. Do not delay.
If you ever wonder whether you are hearing Me clearly, then apply the test of pure, boundless Love to the perceived message. If you feel My Love and rest in My Peace, you need not doubt. You know My Vibration, My Inspiration, My Presence. You know when you are not inspired by Me. Dwell in Love, and you will not be touched by those influences that are not of Me. You cannot stray, because you know Me and because your intent is to serve Me in assisting your brothers. You really don’t have another desire or intention. Enjoy resting in My Heart where you were created with great Love and care. You can remain in My Heart as you walk the earth and never feel exiled. This is the only way you can truly serve. As you allow Me to be who you are, you look upon your brothers and sisters as beautiful and holy children of the Most High. This is the only way you can be a vessel that inspires them to abandon their ungodly ideas and opinions of themselves. They will not believe it when you tell them they are whole and holy unless this is truly what you behold. It is the joy in your heart upon seeing their purity and divinity that will cause them to believe you. They cannot for long resist responding to your sincere admiration, your appreciation, your adoration of that which is born of My Own Heart. They will soon rush into your arms, into your heart, with a gladness they had forgotten was possible. Dear child, your role, your task, is so easy! You will surely not neglect to offer unconditional admiration and appreciation to each and every brother and sister. They will look confidently to you for the Love that disentangles them from their bad dreams, and I rely upon you to give It. I will send them to you, and you to them—so that they may come to Me, and I to them.
Remember, don’t let your compassion make you too anxious to relieve the suffering of your brothers. Your task is to be the clean vessel placed at My disposal to bless your brothers. I release the blessings at a time and in a manner that is most beneficial. You just stand and gaze upon the beauty of My child as your heart rejoices. There is no pain, no difficulty, or problem that will not melt in My Presence, and your brothers will know from where their help has come. Stand faithfully by them in their hour of trial when doubts assail them. They will only see Me as I am manifest in you. As you, I bring them hope, assurance, and the expression of abiding Love.
Blessings flow through you to your brothers. Do not be discouraged when they are not readily accepted. For some brothers pain is necessary to motivate them to ask for help and be ready to accept it. When you extend Love to your brothers and stand ready as a clean vessel, you have done your part well. Even when you must observe the pain and suffering, do not believe the image you see. Always speak to your brother’s soul, “But what I see is a brilliant light and a pure spirit that inspires me to give thanks to our Blessed Father for you.” And when you touch his soul with your love and admiration, he will be enveloped in a Love that brings him healing, balance, peace. It is your care, your concern, and your appreciation of your brother that makes the offering of My gift——Myself——possible.
It was written in your scripture, “The earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea.” It is My Will that this happen, and it shall be so. Do you part every day so that this comes about soon. If you fail to do it, that causes delay. Every link in the chain is necessary. You do not realize how much doing your part contributes and how it hastens the fulfillment of this prophecy. Looking for Me everywhere and communing with My Spirit just beyond the mask of separation in each one you encounter, one at a time, is how you help to bring this about. (Quotation from Habakkuk 2:14)
Your greatest joy is when you consciously rest in the bosom of the Father and watch His blessings flow through you to bring your brothers into balance and harmony. You have been given a great responsibility. It is your love for God that makes you capable of releasing all attachments. This love is a gift. You asked for it, and it has been granted.
When your consciousness becomes so anchored in the awareness of My Spirit that the scenes of your daily life appear to be merely flashing images, as on a movie screen, then you are not deeply disturbed by the drama of situations that would throw other people off balance. Your single-minded focus has prepared you to be a reaper in the harvest. Because you cannot be distracted from the goal of gently and lovingly gathering lost souls in from the dead-end pathways they have wandered into, the success of your mission is guaranteed. I trust you, just as you trust Me, and I do not hesitate to send you into areas others would be terrified of. Your complete trust in Me makes you fearless, and that is disarming to those who have dedicated their lives to the serving of darkness. Many will admire you, and even ask you to help them to also receive the hope, the joy, and the peace that shines forth from your countenance. You will give thanks for every such opportunity, and you will share in My Joy for each one that returns to My Heart. Your mission is holy, My child. Be ever mindful of that.
Why are Love, Joy, and Peace, of God? Because they allow energy to flow—God’s energy. Hate, sadness, and strife are not of God because they stop the flow of God’s energy. The clear vessel is God’s vessel because it allows God’s blessings to flow through it unobstructed. Only then are you the Light of the world. The Father is very pleased with those vessels who place no limits on the flow of His blessings. If you keep the vessel clean all the time, then you commune with God all the time.
Wherever you go, whatever you do, you can fulfill your function. No day is lost; no hour is lost. You do not know the myriad opportunities I prepare, whether you turn right or left. As long as you relax and follow My promptings, there will be no stress or worry. Always make Me your first loyalty, and nothing can rob you of your sweet Peace. Are you now convinced that I am always with you?
When you get the feeling you are knee deep in the mire of earthly life’s dramas, pause and remind yourself: Things are not as they appear. You actually stand in the Presence of God! As you ponder this, you will notice the images that clamor for you attention melting away as the scales fall from your eyes and you feel the Arms of your Heavenly Father around you. What joy! The frowns on your face become a smile as the holiness of Divine Presence radiates from your countenance. This, my child, is communing with Me in the midst of turmoil. It always pleases Me when you do this.
You have come into this place and time to function in a specific part of the great matrix of God. You are gently led to participate in those activities that are conducive to perfectly fulfilling your role in God’s plan. Do not doubt the gentle urgings. You know by now that those urges are to propel you in the direction you should go. Sometimes you resist and delay on your path, but every detour always returns to the main path. The very fact that the urges are sometimes, even often, not to go where you might choose to go, or not to do what you by preference might choose to do, should indicate to you that the urging is not of your ego. Remember, you gave yourself to Me——you gave everything. I prepare and lead you. You need only follow and be amazed at how things turn out. I not only prepare and lead, I also provide. Rejoice! You are free! I dwell in your heart; therefore, My Peace and My Love are yours. We go forth together to administer unto our brothers. How blessed you are!
As you become accustomed to seeing Me well up from within, you try less and less to analyze situations and come to a rational conclusion as to what to do or how to respond. You asked Me to take charge. Set your thoughts aside and watch for My unfolding. I will lead you safely through perils while blessing you and all concerned. It was good that you paused to observe how lovely this day was, and passed through it in a state of peace. When you rest in My gentle Peace in a state of thanksgiving, you keep the vessel ready for use. The smile that brings radiance to your countenance may bring healing to a desperate soul. I count on your readiness and preparedness, and so do your brothers and sisters. Blessed are those who are pure, willing, and ready, for they shall participate in the works of God.
When you begin to dwell in Me, you will find that after a few moments of casual conversation, your mind tends to wander off and seek to rest in My Peace. You may even have someone say to you, “Where are you? You seem to be in another world.” It is not that you are being impolite but simply that you seek your true home because that is what is natural to you. You must of necessity seek your home base in order to remain in a state of balance. This of course will tend to make you fearless, even in situations where other people may become hysterical. And this makes it easier for you to say, “Blessed Father, I represent You here. Help me to rest calmly in Your Will and allow you without any obstruction to bless through me all whom I encounter. I trust You in all things. I love You because of what You are. Every time I think of You, the door of my heart swings wide open to offer You my love——and to allow Your Love to wash over me and caress me. Wherever I am, I rest in Your Heart, and I will go anywhere You send me without concerns. I am thankful that You have guided me, You have protected me, and You have drawn me back from irresponsible wanderings into Your very Arms.——And thank You for coming to me in the still of the night to remind me to share Your messages with my brothers and sisters. May their hearts be touched, and be moved with joy as mine is.”
I arrange all sorts of situations to attract your attention and help you get into the habit of looking beyond the mask of perception. The more you reject what you see, the more you should attempt to look through the mask and discover Me. Each time you do that, both you and the wearer of the mask are blessed. Be not irritated at Me for arranging these things, for they are the best training you could have. After all, you in training to be a laborer of the harvest. For many people, your communion with My Spirit within them is the only way they can be helped, and the only way time can be collapsed on their journey back to My Heart. Much suffering is avoided when you turn aside from idle distractions and take the time to commune with Me there. You decide what your priorities are moment by moment as you progress through each day. Be not found sleeping.
The memory of an experience of My Glory will lift you up forever. And it will establish you as a gatherer of lost souls. You will never again be satisfied doing anything else, for you will know without a doubt why you are on the earth at this time. As a result of the experience, you will be single-minded in your dedication to the mission of assisting in the rescue all lost souls. You will have unlimited love for every one of them without exception, and you will understand that they sense this as they respond to you. You will know that some souls can only be reached with such undying love, and there will be no place you would not be willing to go if I ask you to go there. Nothing will be able to distract you from your calling. Think not that this is strange or fanatical. It is normal for a child of Mine who has realized the truth of who he or she is—yes, the truth of who all brothers and sisters are.
Each person you encounter or think of is an opportunity not only for you to allow Me to come to another person in a form he or she can accept but also an opportunity for you to commune with Me and acknowledge that I am everywhere and in every being. You allow Me, as you, to interact with them, and you allow them to come to know Me in various ways. When you focus on My Spirit within each one, the Peace and Love you allow Me to extend through you makes it easy for them to let their guard down and be willing to accept without fear an embrace from Me. It is important that you set your intention every day to be a pure and empty vessel, walking in holiness. You have no other function of greater importance than this. There are those who will recognize the Spirit of Love and Light radiating from you as you pass by, and they will pause and turn back to gaze after you, for they will feel blessed.
When you experience My Glory, you will be so overpowered by It that you throw yourself on your face in awe, and you will never forget it. You will then see things from the perspective of eternity, and it will change the direction of your life Your sense of values will change, and the lure of earthly things will lose their power over you—and you will also desire that all other children of Mine have this experience too. The experience comes to those who truly desire it above all else deep within the core of their being. The conscious mind may know nothing about it, but observant souls will recognize a yearning they may not be able to articulate. Cultivate this desire by studying about Me and approaching Me in all earnestness.
When you come before Me in prayer for your brothers and sisters, acknowledging the holiness of My Presence in their hearts, you are in such awe of that Presence and the blessings you yourself receive from It that there is no doubt to you as to the reality of who they are. You offer thanks for the beauty and glory that you behold. Then, not forgetting the mask of unreality they currently identify themselves with, you, in the name of Christ, gently remove all that is not in accordance with My Will for them at the present time—as they permit—and turn it over to the Holy Spirit, Who causes it to disappear into the nothingness whence it came. At that point, you ask for blessings of My Light to heal all perceived lack of wholeness because, as long as they are on earth, the earthly body and personality are a part of their being, and these parts are not to be ignored or denied—even though they will at some point disappear. This is a holy endeavor that you give undivided attention to. In the process of this, you realize the importance of your calling and your participation in the harvest that is taking place. You begin to feel at home in My Presence, and you know that is where you belong. I take you into My Arms and caress you in appreciation for your dedication. Be assured that I arrange everything that is needed for the task at hand.
You can affect how those who tend to be over-emotional respond to stressful and tragic events by so focusing on My Spirit within them that you give no credence to the mirage they are reacting to. Your acknowledgment of Me, as the only reality there, brings a stabilizing influence that sucks the breath out of the fearful mask that seems to overpower them. This is your offering that they do not perceive, and its effects are not temporary but rather the beginning of a process that eventually will lead to freedom as they slowly, but surely, begin to transfer their sense of identity from the body and personality to that of My Spirit within. Every time you do this, you help bring the world a little closer to emancipation from the clutches of the illusion of separation that has caused so much suffering. Look at those who are crying out for help, and you will realize that there is no higher priority for you. Keep it ever in mind.
There is a place, a role, for everyone in the Father’s vast plan of creation. The plan is not complete until each is fulfilling his or her function as a child of God. We wait patiently and assist, in every way possible, those who linger. Part of the function of a pure vessel is allowing Me to encourage and inspire each one. I know what is best for all of them. You do not need to figure that out. Your task is to be vigilant and take care that the pathway—the vessel—of blessings from Me to your brothers and sisters remains clear and clean. Your job is easy as long as you love Me and My pure Spirit in them more than anything else. Problems only arise when you place idols on your altar or allow shadows to distract you. Should this happen, you will quickly realign yourself upon taking notice of the situation, because you really have no love but for Me. When you committed yourself, it was totally. You cannot really stray, although you have sometimes become distracted, but boredom soon makes you aware of the slip of focus. My dear child, you will never again love anything more than Me. You are safe in My heart. What a relief! What a joy! What a release from stress!
Oh yes, my dear child, when you become My empty vessel, you realize that you not only bring the suffering ones before Me and ask for every possible blessing but you also, by being totally empty, bring ME to THEM. You are a conduit by which I can come to them in a manner that they can more easily accept. Turning yourself over to Me is the ultimate service, and you do it out of love. My precious Son, Jesus, reminded you that the two greatest commandments are to love the Lord God with all you heart, soul, and mind, AND to love your neighbor as yourself (see Matthew 22:37-39). Allowing Me to be you opens doors that have for so long been closed. Your mission changes lives. You, thus, by keeping your eye on the goal and vacating yourself to Me, participate in the harvest in the greatest way possible. Be not distracted.
Do you realize the importance of your decision to vacate your heart and mind so that you could invite Me to enter, not for a visit but to stay permanently? It was necessary that you tire of your mundane desires and the novelty of new ideas, as well as looking to find Me in various places. Once you accepted that I am everywhere, including in you, you were ready to release the distractions—which were only a means of keeping you from being depressed. Only a clear and empty vessel can see and know My Presence and be content to just rest in Peace. You know Me inside you——as you——not as being separate from you. Now you truly are the Light of the world. Instead of bringing your brothers and sisters to Me, you bring Me to them. Instead of saying, “I will pray for you,” you hear me say through you, “I offer you Love and Peace in this moment.” You are committed to them with an undying and limitless Love. Now you see each one either as expressing Love or crying out for Love, for there is nothing else. You are transformed. You join Me in accepting responsibility for always offering the choice of Love.
Relax into Divine Peace so that you may radiate Peace, Love, and Joy. You have already given yourself to Me. Do not be anxious about consciously attempting to allow Divine vibration to flow forth from your heart. You limit My blessings by trying so hard to be of help. If you look with forgiving and loving eyes upon the world, the doors of your heart are wide open, and I, Who am in your heart, flow forth in the manner that is most helpful to each one you meet. Just rest in Me! Just Be! Allowing is your job. See what blessings are now poured forth on you just because you allow, now that you trust that I have claimed you and you can never be separated from Me. Your heart is My home. Do you not see how I bless the world from your heart? My promises are true. I am faithful forever and ever. My Peace I give unto you.
When you allow Divine Light and Love to flow from you, you have a radiance that inspires others. They feel loved, honored, and bathed in an uplifting and healing presence. This causes their negative thoughts and feelings to melt. It affects their intentions and their deeds. There is great responsibility and powerful potential in the calling of your life—your only purpose in being in this place at this time. If you invite three guests and only have two cups, the partaking is limited. You are one of My cups. Let not one brother or sister have to wait or fail to have every opportunity for help or inspiration waiting there for his or her acceptance. Each one must always have available the choice for Divine Love, Light, and Joy.
Out of Love you were created, and it is your natural function to extend Love. If you do not do this you will be unhappy. The feeling that love is withheld is the source of the world’s suffering. Make it your main task, your highest priority, to extend Love unceasingly to all brothers and sisters. Speak silently to their souls. This is their nourishment. It is also yours.
When people deliberately slight you or try to cause difficulties for you, you know that identification with the mask before their heart is deeply entrenched. If you are perceiving in the appropriate way, you will recognize the cry for help and acknowledge the holiness of My Spirit within them, for the divine calling you have accepted will override any temptation to strike back. The deep knowing of your responsibility and the consequences of your approach to the situation will tug at you, and your compassion for those lost in the labyrinth of belief in separateness will rise within you in great waves that give no inappropriate response a chance. Your dedication to the harvest will have no bounds. I am not deceived in my laborers because I know that when you gave your heart to Me, it was without reservation or conditions. I accepted that with joy, and I will provide everything you need for the task at hand. You can rely on Me. Have no concerns.
You truly stand in My Presence with each encounter. The serenity, the stillness, and the sublime purity and holiness that you always seek can be beheld in the heart of your brothers and sisters. When you choose to look for it there, you will have great reverence, respect, and appreciation for them. I beckon to you on all sides. I stretch forth My arms to embrace you and delight in your acceptance. When I am revealed to you, you will desire with all your heart to participate in every way possible, without preference, in assisting them at this time of harvest. You cannot resist the revelation of Holiness. I have no doubts about it, for you were already committed. When you delivered your heart into My keeping and yielded up personal desires, your salvation was already taken care of, and your role was decided. You come to Me each night, not because you are uncertain or even anxious but because you desire My embrace. You always have My embrace because you abide in My Heart. Go forth as a messenger, an ambassador, a bearer of the gift of Love. You will feel Me in your heart.
Your highest ideals of beauty, joy, purity, and love—and even more than these—can be beheld in everyone you meet if you only consent to look there. Even if someone has bolted the door to the heart, you can still see the holiness there if you focus on it enough and refuse to let the façade deceive you. If you gently speak to the heart long enough, one day its door will open to you and you will be allowed to see the beauty there. This, my friend, will bring you untold joy and will inspire you for days. An Eternal Love for your brothers and sisters will be awakened, and you will no longer be able to believe the things others say and believe about them. You will say, “That is not the way it is. I know, for I was once invited into his, or her, heart one day. I now know how beautiful it is there. I go to there for inspiration and joy.” Little one, heaven is all about you. Take a look!
Then a point is reached where you are no longer able to keep someone near to your heart at home, and care in a professional facility is necessary, you, as well as the one close to you, may find it depressing. It is important that every time you visit that dear one, you are consciously aware that you stand on Holy Ground in the presence of My Spirit within him or her. When you do that, you open the door to communing with Me there, and that is best thing you could possibly do in order to be of assistance. You must accept that being in such a facility may be an experience needed for that soul. Communing with My Spirit not only assists at the very deepest levels, it will also bring about a change in your countenance that is healing. You will have a gentleness and a radiance about you that soothes and uplifts. This is not only an opportunity for you, it is a great privilege. It is your calling. It is how you are released from the nightmares of life and how you release others with you. Give thanks, rather than being depressed. Being on Holy Ground is healing for you. It brings joy to your heart, and you will know that I am always there with you, lovingly caressing you both.
Be thankful for the stressful situations in which you find yourself sometimes. These are opportunities to practice seeing Me everywhere and forgiving the world for the judgments you placed upon it. In anticipation of an event or development of a situation you put yourself through great misery, and then things turn out fine. Expect that I am in control, and trust that I always prepare the best for you. Pain sometimes is a blessing that keeps you from going too far in a direction that would rob you of your Peace and Joy. You must be reminded to seek your true self. Be joyous every day in anticipation that all things are arranged to awaken you to awareness of the Divine in you and all around you. Stop for a moment in your busy day and become aware of My faithfulness in being ever present with you. I promised not to leave you or forsake you. I treasure your love and your participation in My mission. I know that one day the harvest will be ours, but we must have infinite patience and unconditional love. We must give each one all the time and opportunities that one needs to choose Love on his or her own. We must never become weary in ministering unto our Father’s dear children. Wait patiently, but ever beckon to an embrace of unbounded Love. Be gentle and generous in pouring out Love, and you will always know that I abide in you unceasingly.
Do you ever wonder how many calls for help I receive in a day’s time? If you knew—if you could hear—you would pause more often and say, “Blessed Father, I offer Love in this moment to all brothers and sisters.” Consider how much more appropriate it is if you offer Love when you hear a call yourself, rather than condemn someone’s way of calling for help. Is not violence a desperate way of asking for love and appreciation? Hate and violence are signs of a child of Mine begging, crying out for love. Train yourself to respond by speaking to the soul, “My beautiful brother (or sister), I want to tell you of the indescribable beauty I behold when I look into your heart. I can’t tell you how blessed I am when I gaze upon such purity and brilliance. Such beauty can only be divine. How can I thank you enough for this holy experience? I offer you my embrace. How blessed is this day!” I send you forth as a gatherer unto the harvest. Do not miss a single opportunity!
As you look about you, you see much strife and discontentment in the world. You are a doorway for Peace to be offered to the world. The door will only open when you abide in Me and see Me in your brothers and sisters. You cannot fix the world’s problems, but through you I begin to melt them away. Love is the sun that melts the problems. I have made My abode in your heart because you invited Me to do so. Through you I extend hope and heal the hearts of those who thought they were abandoned. To those in need I extend My bounty, and to those who can accept, I extend Myself. I prepare for each that which he can accept. What he cannot accept now, I save until the heart is ready. Be ever ready to bear My gifts to those who are ready. As you come to love each brother as I do, you will never tire of the endless task, the endless honor. I have given you the gift of Love. There is no greater gift, because it is the gift of Myself. Honor the gift by extending it endlessly, for in so doing you receive it. You are truly blessed and in need of nothing. The only need that could exist would be opportunities, and they abound. You abide in Me and I in you. Seek no more.
You never know what one who seems utterly depraved and evil may have himself, or herself, endured. Just accept that the deeds that disgust you so much were extreme acts of calling out for help, for love, for someone to truly care and respond. Such acts as these should awaken you even more than usual to the fact that in the presence of this one you stand on holy ground, for just beyond the veil of nothingness, the illusion of personality, is My Presence beckoning to you for a Holy Embrace. Let not the ugliness of the mask of evil deceive you. You are not called to hide your face in horror and flee the scene, abandoning My lost child who is groping in darkness, but rather to allow My Love within your heart to well up with such might that you forget your judgments and throw your arms around this tortured soul, thus consigning the image of evil to the graveyard of nothingness. It is imperative that you believe that such love from you truly can rescue any and all those who are lost and turn them back toward the Light and Love of My Heart. You must be so anchored in Me that nothing can cause you to have fear or turn away. You can do this, and you will. I am not deceived in My helpers, and I bless you every time you join in the harvest.
The gentle, loving care of My Son, Jesus Christ, is as a mother looking after her child. He absolutely adores you, and nothing distracts Him from making every possible attempt to draw you back to Me. He gave his life on earth, and gave you the perfect example of one who is so intent on saving His brothers and sisters that all else fades away. He will eventually awaken all of you, but why wait? Draw nigh unto Him intentionally, and you will learn to love as He did—and will ever do as long as there is one lost soul left. He is as patient as He is gentle. Oh, do acknowledge Him and take His Hand. Join with Him in looking through the veil of the perception of separation, and in touching and caressing the Spirit of Holiness in each one, for this is what will awaken them.
Prepare yourself to come before My Presence in your brothers and sisters as the priests did to enter the Holy of Holies in the ancient temple. Set aside your worldly concerns, and enter with utmost respect and with awe. When you do this, you are preparing yourself for a revelation of Holiness, and after such an experience you will never again think of or remember anyone in whose heart you have communed with Me in the same way as previously. This is the calling of laborers of the harvest, and it is not something to be cast aside at a whim when the latest fad or temptation for “self-expression” comes along. True self-expression is identifying with My Spirit within in all purity and reverence, and acknowledging it in all whom you meet. This is what laborers of the harvest do. This is how My vessels gather in all souls who are willing to return to My Heart. Be about your task. Many are waiting for your help.
Your love for Me is shown by your persistence in seeking My Presence. This is not arrogance on your part but rather the boldness of one who refuses to give up hope, in spite of feelings of inadequacy and your acknowledgment of a lack of purity and perfection on the level of the mind. In your desire to approach the altar of holiness, you ask to be made pure. Such love prepares you for the experience that made Isaiah say, “Woe is me! for I am undone because; I am a man of unclean lips; for mine eyes have seen the King, the Lord of Hosts,” and the ensuing experience of the seraph touching his lips with the coal of fire that readied him to say, “Here am I; send me.” Yes, “Here am I; send me!” Your love and desire make the burning away of the dross of human imperfection possible. Those who desire to help the reeling world will not be denied. You may certainly come before me, in spite of weaknesses and failings, and I will surely purify you and accept your return—just as the prodigal son was received by a father who in total love looked beyond all activities and attitudes of the past that had alienated his son, a son who in willfulness had turned his back on his home but through experience had learned to value it, and desired to return. Do consider that the love you have in your heart to help your suffering brothers and sisters will give you the boldness to ask for purification, so that you too may come before Me saying, “Here am I; send me.” Such boldness is born of My Love welling up within you. (Quotations from Isaiah 6:5,8)
The love you offer Me is joyfully received, and it is always good when you do that. I also have joy when you offer love to Me in your brothers. Do not neglect to seek Me there. You often feel as though you are on a rudderless boat in the dark without a compass. In a way you are. This encourages you to place total trust in Me. You must release all control to Me and be joyous in all things. When you need guidance and do not seem to get it, ask Me to guide you, and then when you reach the fork in the road, take the way that you feel in your heart is the way of Love. I am always with you as you stumble through the world. Often what is important is not what you do, but rather that you do it while your heart rests in Me. I am your comfort, your sustenance, your joy, and your love. It is quite all right if you are obsessed with Me. It really does please Me immensely when you remember Me. When the world no longer fascinates you and distracts you from Me, you are ready to return your heart to Me. When you become single-minded in your pursuit of Me, you will seek Me, and then you will find Me everywhere. Come to Me, dear one, and rest your soul in My heart. You shall never depart.
You were given into My (Jesus) keeping. I watch over you, and I am always with you, no matter what the circumstance or situation is. Do not try to interpret what is happening. You have given up control, and you must trust that what happens is perfect——because you asked Me to take control. Rest assured also that when you ask Me to gently care for and provide for a brother or sister, I then perfectly arrange what is best for him——and yet what is in line with what he will allow. You must also recognize that some things in your experience are there so that you may learn to accept and appreciate all things and all brothers and sisters. You must always seek Me in all things, particularly when you feel uncomfortable in a situation. Just extend your love to Me and trust Me!
Your contribution to anchoring Light and Love in the earth at this time, along with the contributions of many others, is necessary to begin to redirect the energies of your brothers and the earth toward divine harmony and balance. More and more change is brought about as more and more participate. A time of harvest always requires intensified effort, but it is a time of joy. Every effort must be made to avoid overlooking anyone who has the potential of being harvested. Your work may seem at times to be scattered and fruitless, but not one single soul can be left without having had the opportunity to participate in the harvest. There is no gesture more enticing than a loving touch from a beckoning brother. As you listen to the chatter, speak silently to the soul. Speak of your appreciation and admiration. This will quicken and awaken as no spoken words can do. Be vigilant that you neglect no one!
As you came forth from My heart you were perfect. You will ever remain perfect. Anything that might appear to be imperfect at any time is a circumstance selected for a learning purpose. You are forever safe in My arms. I do not punish. If you suffer, it is because of your perception of a condition or situation as being imperfect or damaging. In order to be an empty vessel you must perceive all conditions and situations as perfect. It is not necessary that you understand how they are perfect or why they are in order. What IS necessary is that you trust that all is perfect. You trust Me because you know I will only give perfect gifts. If you have doubts, you clutter the vessel. Peace is the result of total trust. You can only be an inspiration to your brothers if you have total trust and Infinite Love. Without these you will engender fear. Trust Me, little one! Trust My Love, My intentions, and My care! I am ever vigilant in My care. Is it not strange that I must win your trust when you rest eternally in my arms? It is your identification with your body that causes your fear and mistrust. Your body is not who you are, but rather an expression of you for a purpose in this time and place. When you are so in love with Me that you cannot take your eyes off Me, then you will have perfect trust and Infinite Love. Trust comes from knowledge through experience, not from belief. Leap, dear one, into the infinity of My heart, and do not fear forgetting who you thought you were. I wait for you with joyous anticipation.
Silence is a doorway. When you lose interest in mundane things, you are prepared to enter the silence if you desire to do so. If you enter the silence, you will find that I lean heavily against the door, ready to flood your heart with Love and your mind with Light. To become empty is to allow yourself to be filled with the Infinite. Once you do this you can never be drained. Those who are brokenhearted and suffering from diseases have filled the vessel with things that are not of Me and have cut off the infinite supply. You must be an artesian well of Infinite Supply for those who feel limited. You must assist them in clearing away the clutter that is blocking their connection to Me. Infinite Love will melt all barriers. This is your means, your method of being of assistance. Infinite Love creates trust. I will be a living Lourdes as I go about in the world as you. In order for this to happen I require everything—your heart, your mind, your soul, and your body, all empty of everything except Me. To give Me everything is to give yourself the greatest gift there is. I accept your gift as joyously as you accept My gift to you.
When your Love is unconditional, you accept everyone. Then I am manifest on earth. It is My desire to know Myself and recognize Myself everywhere. Be infinitely patient with Me, manifest as your brothers. Honor Truth, not an image your eyes behold. Love is your gift to the world. You have an infinite supply. The more you give, the more wells up from within. You are Light in a darkened world. You are Love in a world of fear. You are comfort to a world of despair. Go into the darkened corners and bring forth those in pain, those who have lost hope. Gladden their hearts without speaking a word. You are a messenger—yea, even more. You bear the most precious gift that can be given. Be about your task! What man or woman ever had a more joyous or rewarding task? Will I not be with you and provide the way when you are about My business? Surely, I will not fail! The time is now. Do not delay.
You are not as insignificant as you may think. You can gaze up at the night sky and send forth your love, and it will be received by distant galaxies with joy. See what a difference you make! Now ponder what a difference it makes when you don’t do it. You not only can keep your heart open at all times, you can commune constantly with Me, and with Me as your brothers. If you see Me everywhere and offer Me Love all the time and everywhere, you are the vessel through which immeasurable blessings flow. I don’t ask you to DO something, but rather to ALLOW everything—INFINITE LOVE. Then what appears to be doing is only a means of creating opportunities for allowing—excuses for coaxing or eliciting an embrace, a response to your offering of Love. See how much fun My games can be? The heart is very clever at inventing new ways to woo another heart. When you gaze into infinity, your heart is open and Love flows. You are complete. When you are short-sighted and gaze at forms and patterns, you stop the flow of Love, and you feel incomplete, in need; and you become fearful and distrustful. Look through the forms and gaze at Me, and you are forever safe and filled with Joy.
Just think how wonderful it is that you can look upon a brother and behold the purity and holiness of the blessed Father! It only takes a glimpse of a brother to inspire you to inexpressible joy. Now you can understand why the Morning Stars sang together for joy! (See Job 38:5-7.) With every encounter, unspeakable beauty presents itself and speaks of limitless Love. Each one you meet invites you to an embrace that transports you into a bliss that causes you to forget all your preconceived ideas of loneliness and fear. Why have you lingered so long looking at outer forms that melt away into nothingness when you can simply decide to look at Me? Where else could I have been except in My creation? I love you, little one! I am so happy that you have finally decided to put an end to the frightful nightmare! I missed your embraces. Come to Me now. Help Me awaken My children.
Our heavenly Father delights in each of His children. He prepares a way for them and always gives each one abundant chances to choose Love and Joy. Opportunities are often given to choose Love and Joy—yea, even Peace—in the midst of adversity so that you learn to be totally in control of your own happiness. You will be given opportunities to be the instrument of healing—bringing into balance and harmony souls who are not seeing Divine Harmony and Love in their lives. There are those who have lost the ability to reinterpret their lives or to choose to see the world as it really is. You will bring balm to the hopeless, those in despair, and to those whose endurance is spent. When they see how much you delight in them and treasure them, hope and joy will be awakened. I will manifest Myself in the world through you; therefore, you must keep the vessel clean and pure. You know that you do not need to run after the distractions of the world. You also know that those things cannot distract you anymore. That is why you are bored as you wait for Me. That is also why you want so desperately to come to Me. Be comforted, dear child! You will know yourself resting in My bosom while you are in the world, and you will bring much comfort to the hopeless and fearful ones. This is your assignment. You will not be able to resist because I will well up in your heart, and loving is your natural inclination. Rejoice and be exceedingly glad! You will not be able to abandon My creation just as I could not abandon you.
You do not realize the effect of offering the world total forgiveness and total love and appreciation. It is definitely not useless! The course of events and the state of the world are dependent on you in part. Love is your gift, and Love brings about harmony and more love as a response. Sometimes it seems like a chore, but it is also your own salvation. This is the highest calling you can accept. Creating beauty is useful, but extending Love and Forgiveness touches a deeper level, and the effect is more fundamentally healing. Join Me in this great calling! Much depends on your choice.
Your communion with Me is when you look upon your brothers as divine and allow Me to be in you. Look upon them as I did and do, and you become Me communing with them. I know you wish the personal friendship with Me, but if you had that strong personal sense of My Presence and could actually see Me, you would forget about your brothers. You must seek in them what you seek in Me. You must also offer them what you found and cherish in Me. You must be so secure in spirit that the vulnerability of the body does not cause you to lose your Peace and Joy. Remember Me often!
You have no control over the things that have to be resolved in the world. You are here to offer Love and Light so that those who have choices to make may more easily choose positive and constructive paths. It is not necessary that you always participate in activities. Your job more often than not is to embrace the soul of another or offer encouragement, appreciation, and respect, as this can have a deeper and more lasting effect. You need not be anxious or too eager. You do not have a daily production quota. Relax into My Love. I will come to you when I need you. Look for Me in the hearts of your brothers and sisters when you desire My companionship. You will surely find me there!
Your love for Me is shown by your persistence in seeking My Presence. This is not arrogance on your part but rather the boldness of one who refuses to give up hope, in spite of feelings of inadequacy and your acknowledgment of a lack of purity and perfection on the level of the mind. In your desire to approach the altar of holiness, you ask to be made pure. Such love prepares you for the experience that made Isaiah say, “Woe is me! for I am undone because; I am a man of unclean lips; for mine eyes have seen the King, the Lord of Hosts,” and the ensuing experience of the seraph touching his lips with the coal of fire that readied him to say, “Here am I; send me.” Yes, “Here am I; send me!” Your love and desire make the burning away of the dross of human imperfection possible. Those who desire to help the reeling world will not be denied. You may certainly come before me, in spite of weaknesses and failings, and I will surely purify you and accept your return—just as the prodigal son was received by a father who in total love looked beyond all activities and attitudes of the past that had alienated his son, a son who in willfulness had turned his back on his home but through experience had learned to value it, and desired to return. Do consider that the love you have in your heart to help your suffering brothers and sisters will give you the boldness to ask for purification, so that you too may come before Me saying, “Here am I; send me.” Such boldness is born of My Love welling up within you. (Quotations from Isaiah 6:5,8)
Those you commune with then have, as a result of your love, the opportunity to have My Peace and a lifting of the burdens that seem so real to them. Without your acknowledgment of My Spirit in them and the ensuing communion, they would remain locked in their perceived state of hopelessness and being lost. You have so much to give! If you will contemplate this, you won’t want to leave a single soul stranded. Why do you think I came to earth and endured suffering and rejection? I cared about even those who hated Me and wanted to destroy Me because I understood that they didn’t know what they were doing. The illusory world of separation had totally blocked out any view of reality. Your role in this process is to join with Me in calling the lost souls back to My Heart.
When you in all gentleness finally persuade some precious soul to allow you to part the veil before his or her heart, the beauty of what you then behold will take your breath away. You will be transfixed by the purity and holiness of My Spirit there. The memory of the experience will be indelible, and will transform you. As your thoughts begin to dwell on this, the lure of the illusory world of form will lose its power over you. You will seek to have this experience more and more often, and by doing so, you help to transform the world. Those who have accepted My call do not forget.
Just keep the vessel clean and empty so that when I pour in Love and Light, it is unobstructed and the full amount I pour in reaches those who need it. You realize you are Myself when the vessel is transparent and only I am seen and felt. You are then the access to Me that brings hope to My little ones. Release your preoccupations and interests so that you are ever available.
It is important that you so focus on My Spirit in those who are suffering from devastating diseases that you lose sight of the debilitating conditions and give them no power. Even when someone is not ready for healing, your refusal to acknowledge anything less than wholeness and holiness has a life-altering effect on the deepest levels of the soul, an effect that begins the healing of an unholy choice that was made a long time ago. Your single-minded focus on the true reality of your brothers and sisters is a healing process that begins at the very root of the problem rather than an attempt to treat outer symptoms that would likely have no lasting effect. Do take seriously the gravity of your mission here, your task, your assignment. You are here to take part in the healing of the souls of those you encounter, and it is a holy endeavor blessed and ordained by Me.
When you are with other people, but you are quiet so that you can be aware of subtle things, you may notice My Spirit in someone reaching out and tugging at your heart. It will make you chuckle as you open your heart and commune. I have innumerable ways of getting your attention and bringing you back from mind-wandering and dwelling on things of an illusory nature. Each time you respond and commune with Me, you collapse time, thus hastening the end of the nightmarish detour into separation consciousness. Give thanks for the playfulness of My Spirit in this very serious matter of gathering back unto Me lost and wandering souls. Every sigh, every cry for help, reaches Me. My Love and compassion have no boundaries. That is why I arrange solutions that go far beyond just temporary relief from pain. I prepare situations that will help you reach a point where you desire to turn back from waywardness towards My Heart, which is your eternal home. No one else ever gave you such undying Love.
It is all so simple. You are disheartened or frustrated. Then you accept to see Me in the heart of another creation of Mine. You already know from experience that holiness dwells there, and that in that Presence you stand on holy ground. So, just pause and forget about your perceived problems, and the body and personality of that brother or sister who is causing you stress. As you focus on Me, you feel your heart open, and you feel My embrace. You caress the shoulder of that one and give thanks for this simple and GLORIOUS PATHWAY TO ETERNAL JOY—the pathway of forgiveness.
You were very successful when you created the images of horror that hold you in the grip of fear. You seem to enjoy the experience of clutching the arms of your chair as you scream. You even create horror movies that you love to attend within this giant smoke screen of illusion that you desired in an attempt to legitimize and make real your false image of separation. Yet, you are growing weary of it all, and deep within, you yearn with ever increasing intensity for knowledge of Eternal Love and the Peace that comes with the experience of It. You sense that the “cleverness” of this gothic story was sickening, and, as the Prodigal Son, you want to return home to the unconditional Love of your Eternal Father. Yes, My dear child, it is time to turn away from the wantonness of a rebellious spirit and accept the truth of what you are, as well as your mission as a rescuer of lost souls. I offer to lift the scales from your eyes so that you may have My Peace, and so that you may see clearly your role in the harvest at hand. Oh, do accept My offer. Just whisper to Me that you are ready. Do not procrastinate.
Preferential love is not of Me, for it chooses one person to the exclusion of others. It is part of the separation-consciousness that has caused you so much suffering. You will not be able to go beyond this selective love, unless you seek, recognize, and acknowledge My Spirit in all those you encounter, for It is undifferentiated and is all that there is. You must decide that you desire Peace, and the oneness that brings it about, more than anything else, and once you have made this decision, you will find that you are supported in every possible way. I do not neglect My children. I am faithful and can be relied upon throughout all eternity. I touch you gently to attract your attention, and I have utmost patience. Just imagine that you rest in My Arms, and you will begin to feel a Love that causes all your cares and troubles to give way and lose their grip on you. It just takes a little effort on your part. Do give it a try. I implore you.
I am the source of everything you have, need, desire, and will ever receive, and it is My desire that you ask of Me for all that you perceive yourself as having need of, or even that which you would just like to have for the expression of your being. Of course you should ask that My Will be done, but always turn to Me, and do not feel that it is inappropriate for you to ask for things that are not purely of Spirit. Nothing is separate from Me. I am your closest friend and do not wish that you should hold some things apart from Us. But keep in mind that your greatest desire should always be for Me. When you desire Me above all other things, wishes and wants for irrelevant things will fade, and you will have no disappointment if you do not receive them. Certainly, you will not choose to be given things that would lure you away from Me or distract you from your mission of helping to gather your brothers and sisters unto you and bringing them back to Me. Talk to Me in all honesty about everything, and as you bask in My Presence, your cravings for things that would alienate you from Me will melt away into nothingness. I am ever your Father and will provide all that is in your best interest.
You are not as insignificant as you may think. You can gaze up at the night sky and send forth your love, and it will be received by distant galaxies with joy. See what a difference you make! Now ponder what a difference it makes when you don’t do it. You not only can keep your heart open at all times, you can commune constantly with Me, and with Me as your brothers. If you see Me everywhere and offer Me Love all the time and everywhere, you are the vessel through which immeasurable blessings flow. I don’t ask you to DO SOMETHING, but rather to ALLOW EVERYTHING—INFINITE LOVE. Then what appears to be doing is only a means of creating opportunities for allowing—excuses for coaxing or eliciting an embrace, a response to your offering of Love. See how much fun My games can be? The heart is very clever in inventing new ways to woo another heart. When you gaze into infinity, your heart is open and Love flows. You are complete. When you are short-sighted and gaze at forms and patterns, you stop the flow of Love, and you feel incomplete, in need; and you become fearful and distrustful. Look through the forms and gaze at Me, and you are forever safe and filled with Joy.
Just think how wonderful it is that you can look upon a brother and behold the purity and holiness of the blessed Father! It only takes a glimpse of a brother to inspire you to inexpressible joy. Now you can understand why the Morning Stars sang together for joy! (See Job 38:5-7.) With every encounter, unspeakable beauty presents itself and speaks of limitless Love. Each one you meet invites you to an embrace that transports you into a bliss that causes you to forget all your preconceived ideas of loneliness and fear. Why have you lingered so long looking at outer forms that melt away into nothingness when you can simply decide to look at Me? Where else could I have been except in My creation? I love you, little one! I am so happy that you have finally decided to put an end to the frightful nightmare! I missed your embraces. Come to Me now. Help Me awaken My children.
Our heavenly Father delights in each of His children. He prepares a way for them and always gives each one abundant chances to choose Love and Joy. Opportunities are often given to choose Love and Joy—yea, even Peace—in the midst of adversity so that you learn to be totally in control of your own happiness. You will be given opportunities to be the instrument of healing—bringing into balance and harmony souls who are not seeing Divine Harmony and Love in their lives. There are those who have lost the ability to reinterpret their lives or to choose to see the world as it really is. You will bring balm to the hopeless, those in despair, and to those whose endurance is spent. When they see how much you delight in them and treasure them, hope and joy will be awakened. I will manifest Myself in the world through you; therefore, you must keep the vessel clean and pure. You know that you do not need to run after the distractions of the world. You also know that those things cannot distract you anymore. That is why you are bored as you wait for Me. That is also why you want so desperately to come to Me. Be comforted, dear child! You will know yourself resting in My bosom while you are in the world, and you will bring much comfort to the hopeless and fearful ones. This is your assignment. You will not be able to resist because I will well up in your heart, and loving is your natural inclination. Rejoice and be exceedingly glad! You will not be able to abandon My creation just as I could not abandon you.
You do not realize the effect of offering the world total forgiveness and total love and appreciation. It is definitely not useless! The course of events and the state of the world are dependent on you in part. Love is your gift, and Love brings about harmony and more love as a response. Sometimes it seems like a chore, but it is also your own salvation. This is the highest calling you can accept. Creating beauty is useful, but extending Love and Forgiveness touches a deeper level, and the effect is more fundamentally healing. Join Me in this great calling! Much depends on your choice.
Your communion with Me is when you look upon your brothers as divine and allow Me to be in you. Look upon them as I did and do, and you become Me communing with them. I know you wish the personal friendship with Me, but if you had that strong personal sense of My Presence and could actually see Me, you would forget about your brothers. You must seek in them what you seek in Me. You must also offer them what you found and cherish in Me. You must be so secure in spirit that the vulnerability of the body does not cause you to lose your Peace and Joy. Remember Me often!
You have no control over the things that have to be resolved in the world. You are here to offer Love and Light so that those who have choices to make may more easily choose positive and constructive paths. It is not necessary that you always participate in activities. Your job more often than not is to embrace the soul of another or offer encouragement, appreciation, and respect, as this can have a deeper and more lasting effect. You need not be anxious or too eager. You do not have a daily production quota. Relax into My Love. I will come to you when I need you. Look for Me in the hearts of your brothers when you desire My companionship. You will surely find me there!
When I called you, it was not only for you to recognize and accept that you are My children but that you would act accordingly, and that entails accepting that everyone you encounter is My child as well. It also entails helping others to reach that same point of truth. I called you to live lives of purity and holiness in a world of degradation, a world that slumbers and accepts nightmarish images as reality. Take responsibility for the gravity of your calling, and the compassion and love that it calls forth from you. I send you out into the world as one who, in all reverence, in the consciousness of holiness, and being mindful of My desire to gather back home to Me My wayward children, will be single-minded and undeterred in fulfilling the mission of a representative of the Good Shepherd. Oh, do be mindful of the charge I have laid upon you and the consequences of your taking it seriously, or not taking it seriously. Strive to be as dedicated as I am to all My creation. When you offered yourselves, it was not a flighty thing but rather a total commitment: You offered everything with no turning back. Those who are called and who answer must do so with no conditions attached. Your lives are Mine; you are as prophets with one hundred percent dedication and no personal agendas. Remember this! Never forget it!
Just keep the vessel clean and empty so that when I pour in Love and Light, it is unobstructed and the full amount I pour in reaches those who need it. You realize you are Myself when the vessel is transparent and only I am seen and felt. You are then the access to Me that brings hope to My little ones. Release your preoccupations and interests so that you are ever available.
Every soul is worth your love and dedication. Every soul is worth your willingness to seek and discover My Spirit within. Every soul is worth the time and effort you offer, standing at the heart’s door knocking and serenading patiently as you wait for a response. You are Me on earth, the Good Shepherd seeking His lost sheep. I called you, I trained you, I molded you. Do accept that you go forth as My ambassadors, and with authority, as you, seeking only that My Will be done, wait for My promptings as I lead you to lost and suffering souls who are stranded in agony. They know not where to turn, but when they finally begin to trust you as you ever so gently caress them, you both are exalted and blessed with a holy embrace. And the joy is not only yours: All heaven rejoices. If you listen quietly, you will become aware of this. You are blessed in this effort. You are protected, and everything you need to play your role is provided. All assistance you receive from those who wish to support you is a gift from Me. Keep your priorities and you goal in mind as you set your intention each day. Many are called to this holy work. As of yet, few have chosen to accept, but those who have chosen are changing the world. I am not deceived in My faithful children.
When you boldly come before My Presence carrying your brothers and sisters in your arms and placing them on the altar, you need not fear that your boldness is showing lack of reverence. On the contrary, your love for those that you bring expresses reverence. It actually removes obstacles and opens doors that have held them in bondage for so long. Your love for them is an offering, and although you desire relief for them, you show respect by accepting that My Will is perfect and that you have no need to demonstrate anything. Healing outer symptoms may not heal the root causes, but the love you bring does begin healing at the deepest level of the soul. Love that is based on recognition and acknowledgment of My Spirit within those you bring to Me is perfect love, and it comes forth from My Spirit within you.
I never cease calling to you, day and night. I send you messages by various vessels in every way possible. I cannot, I will not cease. That is how My undying Love shows Its Love. I wish to awaken you, and some day, some way, I will. My Will to gather you back in cannot be thwarted. It can only be delayed by your lack of interest, but My Eternal Patience and Love will win in the end. Your false gods will sooner or later lose out because their appeal will disappear as a vapor. Divine Love is eternal and will eventually win you over. Seek Me in reverence, on your knees, in the heart of a brother or sister, and you will find Me. Do not lose faith. I can and will be found when your desire for Me rises above all other goals. I embrace you; I caress you. You will not be able to forever resist.
There is a glorious plan for every child of My Creation. When you actually recognize My Presence in them, when you know without a doubt that it is I, you contribute to the vanishing of the mask of nothingness that had obstructed your view of Me for so long. This is not a mere mental exercise, but rather you must desire with your heart that it happen. Ask for help that you may have this desire, and it will be given you. Then you will have total trust that it is so. That opens the gateway. Many await your participation in the plan for them. You will not be able to resist, for it is your natural inclination to do so.
When you seek My Presence in your brothers and sisters, do you truly come with the reverence and expectation that My Presence is due? If you have already experienced It, then you do know that It is so powerful and pure that you cannot bear to look upon it and must throw yourself upon your face and cover your eyes. If you have not experienced it, My Glory, that is, then you have yet to learn what the true meaning of awe is. Such Presence teaches you to ask to be made pure. You will understand why Isaiah said, “Woe is me! for I am undone; because I am a man of unclean lips, and I dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips: for mine eyes have seen the King, the Lord of hosts.” When you have known My Presence, you will come before Me in those you encounter with such reverence that the acknowledgment of the holiness there initiates a purification process that will transform both of you. This is how your world is redeemed, and your Master came to teach you this. He endured the rebellious and fallen spirit of human life to lay this precious gift at your feet. Learn to appreciate that! Learn to emulate Him! Learn to turn away from the distracting allurements of earthly life and take responsibility for the opportunities that have been given to you! Expecting to find Me in your brothers and sisters, and acknowledging Me there, loosens the grip of separation consciousness so that a healing process of the root of all your diseases and problems may begin. This is what you are here to do. It is a grave responsibility that causes all desires and ideas of earthly fulfillment to vanish into nothingness so that you, like Isaiah when he “heard the voice of the Lord say, Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?” then said, “Here am I; send me.” “Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature,” said the blessed Christ. Every thought you have and everything you do is preaching, teaching. Take this to heart. (Quotations from Isaiah 6:5, 8 and Mark 16:15)
Peace I bestow upon you. —— Rest in My Peace. —— From Peace and stillness you know Me and serve best. Be assured of My Presence, and you will rest in Peace. When you dwell in Peace, you bestow it upon others.
Watch and observe the world, but be not caught up in its struggles. You are here to help anchor the Father’s Light in the earth. Be ready to offer Love where it can be accepted. It is your presence that allows My Presence to manifest in the world. You and your brothers who offer clear vessels are vehicles of salvation. Darkness disappears in the presence of Light.
You have not totally forgotten the Father’s Love, and it is the memory of His Love that carries you forward. As you desire His Presence and the experience of His Love, you allow it to well up within you; and you, as the clear vessel, allow the Father to flow right through you and embrace your brothers. Then you know yourself as God expressed.
Allow Peace to pervade your mind and spirit. As Peace pervades your being, your consciousness expands, and you realize that you are a part of all that is. Then you realize that I am what your consciousness is. I am Being. I am Existence. I am the foundation and essence of all that is. I am all there is. I mold myself into forms and melt them away. You are in this moment at home with Me. In you I observe Myself in My creation.
Do not forget that you have asked Me to bless others through you, and I do that. You are not aware of it when I am doing this, but I inspire you to allow what is needed for each one. I bring to you those who are calling for help. I place thoughts of God in your mind. You really don’t need to worry or be concerned about anything. Wait patiently for the perfect timing for all things. I will not forget you or neglect to provide abundantly all that is needed.
Each time you encounter a brother or sister, you are given the opportunity to recognize My Presence there and be blessed by My Holiness and Love. Always give thanks for that. If you fail to do that, you may misjudge and attack the mask of personality and body, but be not dismayed, for when you realize your error, you have another opportunity. When you then acknowledge Me there, the past disappears into the nothingness whence it came, and you both are blessed. It is a blessing no earthly joy could ever give you. You will sense that I smile upon you and caress you.
When you are out and about and make contacts that seem to be coincidents, even when you make them with your computers, do observe that I have arranged them so that you come in contact with brothers and sisters who have interests and goals similar to yours. Yet, they are not accidents in the illusory world of earth. They are opportunities to join with My Spirit in them. As fascinated as you may be with the personalities you may encounter of people who have common interests with you, forget not to look beyond the veil of separateness to My Spirit within each one to acknowledge holiness, purity, and, yes, oneness there. It will bring you both further on your journey towards recognition that you are a part of My own Heart, merely extended so that I may see Myself there and have great joy in it. Just pause and give thanks for the beauty within that is offered to you to behold. I arrange each incident and situation. It is part of the plan to heal your split minds. Your part is to always look beyond the veil and acknowledge My Spirit there. Be not lax; be not nonchalant. Always with all seriousness, focus like a laser beam on the everlasting Truth of what is just beyond the veil of nothingness that tries to deceive you and lure you into the world of fear that the mask of separation presents to you. Each soul is precious. Each one is Myself come to you to offer an embrace. I am ever there to support you if you make a simple request to Me.
Persistence yields results. When you at first come to a brother’s heart, and he does not open it, come again later, many times if needed. Gentleness and love are hard to resist because that is really what everyone desires and longs for. Every time you come to a brother, you leave him a gift. As the gifts accumulate and lean against the door, he will notice, but it may take time for him to come to trust you. When he does open up, you will laugh with joy. Then with your arms around him, bring him to Me and ask that I bless, consecrate, and anoint you both as empty vessels through which I without hindrance can bless the world. (Of course brother can be changed to sister.)
A Prayer: I thank you blessed Father that You come to me as this dear brother so that I may have a glimpse of Purity, Your Holiness, and that we both may be enveloped in a wave of your unconditional and limitless Love. I thank You that you laid a part of Your own Heart in his, and that I may, with his permission, ever so gently part the veil across his heart and behold Your glorious Spirit there. If there is anything not in accordance with Your Will in or around this brother, I ask Christ to place His Hands in mine and remove it, to the extent he is willing to release it. Thank You for your gracious Love and abiding Presence. (Of course brother can be changed to sister in the prayer.)
When brothers and sisters contact you and, in utter desperation, ask for prayer, always remember to look upon them as Myself come to you for communion. Do not fall into the trap of accepting the illusion presented to you as real. Still, while you are communing with Me, you must accept them where they are and, with utmost gentleness, speak to their souls of the holiness deep within. Ask them to allow Christ through you to lift the veil of separation-identity, so that the process of healing their minds can begin. Come with great love before Me and ask for every blessing that is appropriate at the time. Look with great love upon them so that they know, that they feel, that they are not alone or abandoned but rest in My Arms. Then accept that a total and instant alleviation of their problems or symptoms might not be in their best interest because they may fall back into their old ways once the stress is gone. For some souls, living on the edge is what keeps them always looking towards Me. For others, a healing of disease brings forth such gratitude that they never stop returning to the altar of their hearts giving thanks. When your love and compassion is without bounds, then you have allowed Me, through you, to walk the earth and, with a physical or soul body, touch My lost and bewildered children who wander about as if in a daze, yes, touch them where they are in their state of hopelessness and confusion so that even their limited state of awareness can take note of it. The importance of this touching should not be belittled. Did not Jesus, the Christ, walk the dusty roads and touch the most simple and humble? He did not turn anyone away, whether rich or poor, educated or uneducated, and no soul touched by Him has ever forgotten it, no, not ever. He is the pattern for what you should be. Give thanks for His coming.
To be sure, it is of utmost importance that you reach a point where you seek, and definitely see and commune with, Me in your brothers all during the days of your busy lives, but this is not to minimize the quiet time you spend with Me away from the world of your daily activities, time when you can release all concerns and attachments. Do recognize the importance of coming before me without fear and, with your shoes removed and being prostrate before My Presence that you otherwise could not endure, surrendering yourself totally to Me, asking in total sincerity to be made pure, and offering yourself to be of service to your fellow humans. No such request has ever been rejected; on the contrary, I will with great joy accept it and begin the process of gently removing the layers of illusory separation-consciousness that has for so long warped your sense of being, as well as robbed you of peace and joy. You will return to a knowing of your true relationship with Me, and that will awaken in you a single-minded dedication to rescuing your brothers and sisters who no longer remember Me or who they are. When you offer yourself totally to Me, I will removed all obstacles: all residue of belief in separation, being lost, and being abandoned. I would awaken you now, in this moment, to your holy calling, your true fulfilment, and your reason for being on earth at this time. Listen quietly, and you will hear My call. Offer yourself, and you will be transformed. The time has come to return to the knowledge of who you really are and what your function and mission on earth is.
My Spirit in each one is waiting for your acknowledgment, waiting for you to beckon so that It can join with you in communion. Can you not see how It yearns to rush past the façade of separation? Can you not see what all It does to attract your attention: the sweet acts of love and the aggressive acting out? Sometimes you may even feel Its reaching out and touching your heart. Oh, do not dismiss these calls as your imagination responding to physical stimuli or psychic attacks. Holiness reaching out to you can always be identified as such. It is always gentle and loving, always sweet.
As you encounter the appearances of suffering, enticements to lure you into dangerous temptations, yes, even joyous pleasures of earth, try to remember to whisper to Me, “I thank You that it is You Who come to Me all through the day and night to beckon Me to a holy embrace.” Then imagine that I am there: look through the veil of physicality and EXPECT to find Me there. Ask, believing, and you shall receive; imagine, believing, and you shall find Me. If you persist in all earnestness in doing this, you shall stand in My very Presence and behold My Glory. You shall know what the mind cannot grasp, and you shall experience Divine Love, knowing that you rest ever in My Arms and have nothing to fear. This is My promise to those who persevere with unfailing faith, looking neither to the right nor to the left but single-mindedly toward Me. How I love you! How I adore you, child of My Heart! (This Visitation came in the stillness, the quiet, of the midnight hour beyond the distractions of the chattering mind.)
Be ever mindful of My Presence, and consciously place yourself at my disposal, over and over during the day, every day. Ask that I guide your thoughts and actions, that I lead you to whatever is my Will for you. Situations and conditions can change in a flash if you do this, and no other plans you may have are more important than this.
Look for the Heart of your Master, the Christ, in the bosom of your brothers, no matter how sick or how vile they may appear to your physical senses. By expecting to see His Holy Presence there, you allow yourself to see through the mask of personality and body and encounter My Spirit, and this makes it possible for you to touch their hearts. This will not fail to cause a stirring deep within them, although they, and you, may not notice it. This is the healing that you allow to be brought from Me to them through you. This is your mission, and I have ordained you to do it. September 12, 2016
It is difficult for you to have to watch someone who is ill or otherwise going through a difficult experience, particularly when you are doing all you know to do to alleviate conditions, and nothing seems to be helping. You must try to remember that sometimes such things are required as a part of the long-range development of many souls. What may appear to you as unacceptable circumstances may really be the blessing that will lead a wandering soul back home to Me. Your role, the help that you bring, is to stand by that soul focusing on My Spirit within it and offering thanks for the holiness of it. You certainly may ask for every blessing that is appropriate at that time and offer unconditional love. It is at such trying times that your brothers and sisters especially need your faithful support and never-ending love. You may well be the lifeline of hope that is needed. Keep in mind that you may not notice anything that will give any indication that what you are doing is helping, but accept My promise that no such offering of Love is ever lost. Such offerings are as garlands of roses surrounding the suffering soul, just waiting to be accepted. I send you forth as My emissary to seek out these souls and offer the comfort and healing power of a holy embrace. I am not deceived in My choice of you. You are perfectly prepared to accept this mission—as an honor and as a joy.
Watching others go through hardship and pain oppresses you because of your love for them, and you do whatever you can to help them. Yet, you must bring all things to Me and release them. I will make known to you all that you need to do. Be not dismayed if all I tell you to do is to hold them in an embrace in your heart, and do not belittle it. You have no idea what great value it has for them.
The word of the loving Father came to me in the middle of the night saying: Your prayers are powerful, My child. When you come before Me acknowledging My Holiness and the Holiness of My Spirit within you, that can literally change the course of your life and that of your brothers. It can change the path of your country. Though correction of the course may still be necessary, the manner of the unfolding of it depends on your willingness to earnestly come before Me with purity of heart, petitioning for your brothers and sisters, and seeking to commune with Me. Do not fail to do this! If you knew the difference it makes and the responsibility you have, it would dominate your thoughts and direct your attention all through the day and even the night. I wait for you. I expect you. My dear child, do not disappoint Me! The outcome of the world depends in part on you.
You must put your faith in Me and trust that when you do, I look after you according to My Will: what I deem to be the best for you and your development. What you consider to be best is based on your very limited knowledge and is brought about by your opinions and desires. I will lead you as gently as is at all possible out of the gutters of indulgence in things that cannot truly satisfy you. If you cultivate trust in Me, you will notice that in the insecurity of not knowing what is going on and what will happen, you begin to feel My Presence and to release your fear of the unknown. That will bring you comfort as nothing else can bring. You will then know what walking with Me means, and I will become your first love.
Pause and turn inward. Listen intently for My still, small voice. I never cease to call to you, and My voice is one of Love, imploring you to, for a moment, let your attention to the distractions of your soul give way to attraction to a holiness that is healing balm to your troubled spirit. I hold you in My arms and weep that you are not even aware that I hold you. You brought your suffering and despair upon yourself, and I would cleanse you and heal you. I knock continuously but quietly, nonintrusively. You must be attracted to Me and turn to Me of your own free will. I will not, I cannot, force it upon you. If you become quiet and lift up your heart to Me, you will surely feel a new hope and notice a joy deep within. You will be glad. I await your return with yearning.
I never stop calling to my children and waiting for their return from detours into dreams that melt at a touch. The call must be intensified if there is no response. Just a little willingness opens the door to possibilities you cannot imagine. It saddens Me to see that some will not turn and seek something else until their pain, the pain of separation, has become so great they can no longer can endure it. The distractions you worship, your idols, are often in your mind—are ideologies that change with every whim.
You may suddenly have a problem for which you don’t see a solution, and you pray to Me about it. Then when the problem seems to have vanished into thin air in what seems to have been a natural way, you forget to thank Me. Have you not realized that more often than not your prayers are answered in ways that appear to be a coincidence or a natural progression of events rather than as a sudden and spectacular miracle? I am ever there watching over you, and when you ask in love, especially when you ask in love for another person, you allow your heart to open up wide to receive. It is true that when you are asking for yourself, you often are begging with a closed heart, whereas when you are asking for someone else, you tend to open your heart and radiate love. This love for others is commendable, but you must also learn to love yourself and believe that you deserve My attention as much as anyone else. The best way to learn this is to seek Me in the heart of your brothers and sisters. When you truly expect to see me there, it causes your own heart to open up, and you experience Me there. Then you smile, and a gentleness comes over you—the gentleness of a child of God.
(The Master, Jesus Christ, gave this message.)
I came forth, born of the Father’s Heart, to bring healing, comfort, and hope to the suffering masses of earth. I came to show the Way of Truth, the Way of Oneness. I gave the example of looking only at the Spirit of God in each one and giving no acknowledgment of reality to identification with the mask of imperfection. I looked upon the most vicious ones as simply deluded brothers and sisters who just needed to have the veil, the mask, of error parted so that they could behold the brilliance of holiness indwelling all creation. I am Infinite Love, and I have infinite patience with the process of dissolving the errors of perception, the errors of thinking and believing that the images of separation and an inadequate state of being have any reality. When you are ready to rise up and be freed from the horrors of nothingness in which you think you live and are caught, you need only call out to Me. I stand ever there, anticipating your call, so that I may take you by the hand and lift you up.
When a brother or sister finally cries out for help, that is what opens the door for help to be received. Until that point is reached, help will not be accepted. This begins the process of turning back towards the Light that will lead to recognition of true reality. This is the point where the grip on meaningless things that rob the soul of joy begins to loosen. Be ever so patient with them, for so have I been with you. Just talk to their souls in spirit, and trust that their souls do hear. Your lack of insistence and your gentleness as you speak of and radiate love is the key that will get their attention. Never give up. You have no deadline to meet. Persisting with patience does not mean being insistent. It means offering undying love. I will support you in every endeavor.
Do you not hear them calling out, calling for love, calling for help? Or do you not know what that call sounds like? It sounds like frustration and anger, it sounds like pain and sickness, it sounds like depression, self-loathing, and hopelessness. The sound rises up to Me loud and clear, and I look to you to assist in answering it. Many of them need to hear My answer coming through you. Oh, do not fail them! They have become lost in the labyrinth of their minds. I come to them as you, just as I come to you as them, offering Love and Light, Peace and Joy, hope and a realization of true identity. You are one of my lifelines to them. Reach out to them. Lift them up. Show them how happy you are to embrace them.
Bring them before Me with great love and admiration in your heart. Ask Me to remove, at the time that best serves them and to the extent it is appropriate, any shackles that obstruct their experience and knowing of Me. They may well not grasp at first how you are being of service to them, but they will notice a positive change within. You are like a shepherd who goes out looking for lost sheep, one who gathers in unto the harvest. You know why you are here, and you look neither to the right nor to the left, but focus on the task that you have been given. Set your intention every day to always look to Me and to surrender yourself without reservation so that I may send you forth to serve your brothers and sisters. The detour into the perception of separation has resulted in a deep sleep of the soul, but now the time has come to set that aside and awaken into glorious reality. You help your brothers and sisters do this by refusing to accept any identity for them other than that of My Spirit within. Consider each one as Myself come to you to reach forth through the mask of perceived neediness and incompletion to embrace you. Be adamant in this, and you will bring many home to Me.
I bring them to you in the night and in the day, whether in their bodies or in spirit, whenever they are in need of, or are ready for, communion with you. What is asked of you is to always be willing and ready to drop all other things and respond as a true child of Mine, ordained to be a vessel, ever empty of worldly concerns and thankful for another opportunity. This is not to be a lean harvest but rather a rich one, for you and many others are prepared to wipe away the dross and clutter that block those in need from entering of their own accord. Think not that some do not deserve to be gathered in, for where life is, there My Spirit indwells, and where My Spirit is, it can come forth, shining away all darkness. Some only need just a little beckoning, and if they feel unconditional love coming from you, they will drop their guard and rush toward you in great joy. Then they will join with you in this holy work.
When you come to them, speak gently and say, “Come my love, let me, in the name of the Blessed Christ, remove all that is not in accordance with the Father’s Will for you at this time. Then you will feel relieved of the many burdens you have carried for so long, and you will be ready to go with me before Him and ask for every blessing you can accept. You will beam and have joy, and I will treasure you for your beauty forevermore.” Rescuing the lost and desperate ones is why you came to earth. You accepted this mission before you came. Do not get lost in all the activities and distractions, all the turmoil and strife. Keep a laser focus on your goal, your purpose in being here, and walk past all the other things as if they were flickering pictures on a movie screen. I will tell you which ones to pause and direct your attention to.
You always have access to Me when you come in love asking to be the empty vessel through which your brothers and sisters are blessed. Your love and intercession help remove blocks that make them feel abandoned and alone. Speak to them of My Spirit within them. Reach forth and touch their hearts as you ask them to open the doors thereof and allow you to behold Me there. Your unwavering confidence that I am there will move them deeply, for they are not used to having someone think so highly of them. You are an ambassador of My Love, and bringing My Love to them is your function. In order to do this you must have no doubts that I am always there and am ever ready to support you. This is a holy mission you have been given, and you will only be able to perform it if there is no unholiness in your approach or purpose. Your recognition of My Holiness——as you come before Me——along with and a love for your fellow humans that exceeds your love for anything else——including your love for yourself——and your total surrender to Me is what is required if you desire to be My emissary of healing and rescue during this time of harvest. Consider this: There is no higher purpose for your life on earth, and no other endeavor can bring you closer to Me. Only you can make the choice for yourself.
Ask that I remove the darkness that obscures your view of Me, and I will part the clouds of your illusory world that make you feel abandoned so that you, at first with faltering steps, venture forth, but then rush breathlessly into my arms with ecstatic joy to know that you do rest in My Arms and dwell eternally in my Heart. You will then decide to join My dedicated children in rescuing your brothers and sisters who flounder about in the ignorance of darkness and despair. I hold you ever close to Me.
Oh, precious child, if you only knew the joy I have when you turn towards Me and with childlike innocence ask of Me. My Joy could not but prepare the way for you, providing every possible opportunity and protecting you from all hindrances and delays. Yes, the long wait was tugging at My Heart, but My Joy is ineffable. I lovingly caress you all through the day and into the night.
(The following story showed me that no soul is ever truly lost no matter how evil it was on earth. In August 2013 I was sitting alone in the apartment of one of my friends in Germany and doing my praying and laying-on-of-hands in spirit. Suddenly I thought I was imagining that Adolf Hitler was standing at my left side. Then I realized that he really was there. I have never sought to become aware of the souls of deceased persons, although I might pray for them. I wasn’t afraid, but I certainly was wary. I asked, “What do you want?” He said, “Love.” Not trusting him, I said, “If you are really serious, I will take you to Christ and ask Him to take you to realms of Light and Love.” To my surprise he accepted, so I took him to Christ and left him there. Later I contemplated why he had come to me. It came to me that he trusted that I would be willing to help him and that it would not have happened if I had not been there with the loving group of spiritual people I had been associated with during that first week in August. Then I had a feeling of joy, great joy, that I could be a part in the redemption of a soul that had lost its way to such a great extent.
This experience made me think of Jesus’ statements in Matthew 18:11 and 14 that it was not God’s will that one soul should be lost and that He, Jesus, was come to save that which was lost. I always liked the statement that there was more joy in heaven over one sinner that repented than over ninety nine just persons that need no repentance. (See Luke 15:7.) Then I remembered Isaiah 1:18: “Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool.” Also, I can’t overlook the story of Saul, who persecuted the early Christians, but later, as Paul, was a great apostle of Christ.)
There is no evil that is beyond redemption, no sin that cannot be washed clean. Do not hesitate to approach Me and ask for help for even the most vile person imaginable. Always remember that your Master once said, “I am not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.) (See Matthew 9:13.) Go and do likewise. You are My laborers of the harvest.
(I was rereading the chapters “A Reluctant Soul Accepts to Come to Earth” and “Excerpts from a Talk with Jesus” in my book, Dwell in Love, and I felt the Presence of Jesus powerfully. His Love made me smile and laugh.)
You need only ask for My Presence and believe that I am there in order to feel My Love. When you feel It, you will desire to make a commitment to help anchor that Love in the earth. Just the memory of some past experience in your own life in which you felt abandoned and in despair is all it takes for you to feel such compassion for your fellow humans that you will want to surrender your whole being to Me so that I, as you, can bring about healing on earth in every way that is possible and appropriate. Allowing Me to be who you are means releasing all obstacles in your life to its coming about, thus making it possible for My Love to touch not only all whom you meet and think about but also all things and being on earth. Keep your focus ever on the holiness of My Presence in the heart of each one. At first you may need to do this deliberately so as not to yield to the temptation of accepting the forms and situations of earth as ultimately real. If you let your focus and attention stray, you will be like Peter walking on water when he noticed the boisterous wind and, as a consequence, began to sink. The physical senses will try to snatch you away from Me, but you must adamantly put them aside and look single-mindedly to Me. When you do that, you will feel My Embrace and know that you are safe. I urge you to make the total commitment to assisting your brothers and sisters by offering yourself unconditionally to Me. They are crying out for help, and that is why you are here.
I once said, “As you do it unto one of the least of these…you do it unto Me.” When there are those who offend you or attack you, pause and think of My spirit within them. As you focus on the beauty and love of My Spirit, you will feel less threatened, and you will feel the guardrail you have erected before your heart begin to release. Think of the offence as an error you can look past. Think of your hurt feelings as a result of your failure to recognize Me there. Then you will smile, and there will be a radiance about you as you feel My embrace.
I provide limitless opportunities to those who have the willingness to assist all souls who have any inclination at all to being harvested at this time. Just look to Me with love in your hearts for the lost souls of earth. Make room in your busy lives and accept to set other things aside when the call comes. Often only a couple of minutes is needed: time to acknowledge holiness in a brother or sister and ask that the heart’s door be opened so that I may bless you through him or her. It is your tenderness and gentleness in making your request, a nonthreatening demeanor combined with total love, that will melt any resistance to you. There is no soul that will not recognize love and be moved by it, at least to some extent. For some, it will take a while to overcome fear engendered by past experiences, but it is your continued offering of a love, which is not insistent and makes no demands, that will help them to eventually accept. This may be a new approach for you, but if you will let Me fill your heart with My Being, you will know the quiet joy that patience and serenity brings. And you will have a radiance about you that brings peace, My Peace.
I once said, “As you do it unto one of the least of these, you do it unto Me.” When there are those who offend you or attack you, pause and think of My spirit within them. As you focus on the beauty and love of My Spirit, you will feel less threatened, and you will feel the guardrail you have erected before your heart begin to release. Think of the offence as an error you can look past. Think of your hurt feelings as a result of your failure to recognize Me there. Then you will smile, and there will be a radiance about you as you feel My embrace.
In the shifting sands of earth life you find no stable ground, but when you seek the Eternal Reality behind the perceptions and apparent forms of physicality, you align yourself with Truth. You must first seek to look through the veil of appearances, imagining pure Holiness beyond, for only so do you loosen your grip on the deceptive realm of form and delusion, allowing it to drop away as you stand transfixed on Me. Then you know that you are communing with Me, that you are one with Me, and it frees you from all fear and despair. You are no longer OF the earth but rather an emissary TO the earth. Your focus in life changes drastically. Rather than being tossed about by the winds of change, you are stable and focused, with one goal. You cannot be moved by situations and apparent challenges. You look only to Me. The choice for Truth is one that only you can make for yourself. If you could see the consequences of making the choice or not making it, you would understand how important it is. There are many who look forward to the blessings your choice will bring to them. Will you make them wait?
When you turn everything over to me, I take care of all things, but you must trust Me and not lose hope because you do not understand or don’t think what is coming about is sent by me. I will teach you to trust by putting you in situations where you have to trust or give up. But don’t give up, because I will always give you indications that I am guiding you. I send you where there are those in need and who can accept help through you. I will put the appropriate words in your mouth, and if you have surrendered all to Me, you will say them without thinking about their effects. You may think that releasing all things to Me is difficult, but it really is easier than trying to figure out what to do and say on your own. You can rely on Me. Take My promises to heart. I have never failed to keep a promise.
Give attention and listen to the words of your Heavenly Father, out of Whose Heart you were born. Every thought, word, and deed has an effect. Because of this you will eventually reach a point where you turn back from your ghastly imaginations of reality. You need only offer a little willingness to turn away from the window of mirages and back towards the Light whence you came. If you offer this willingness, you will be supported from every side. If you do not, the pain of perceived separation from Me, and the accompanying loneliness, will grow stronger and get your attention. My Love for you would not be total if I did not allow this to happen. Those who would lure you away from Me will not be given unlimited power to entice and seduce you.
As you look, about you and you observe the expressions of those who have no inkling of purity, of My Spirit, be not dismayed, but rather let it be an impetus to reach out and align your consciousness and your heart with Me. Be assured that this aligning is the best thing you can do to recall your brothers from their illusions, to awaken them to the reality of divine Spirit and Love. This alignment with Me is your offering for your brothers, and the effects are far beyond what you can see. This is your mission. Do not fail to do it.
Going deep within and being anchored in My Spirit not only helps you to remain serene during periods of high activity, or even when there is danger, but also affects the situations you are involved in and all those around you. This is part of the reason you came to earth at this time. Agitated circumstances are a reflection of the decision that was made by souls a long time ago to attempt to be separate from Me. Serenity is a state of peace that comes upon a soul in response to a soft and low vibration emanating from Spirit. It calms troubled souls and earthly conditions where there is lack of it. You can help bring it about and commune with Me by softly humming or chanting a tone. Those who are conscious of their connection with me dwell in Peace.
You say you seek Me and do not find Me, but you have not learned how to quiet your galloping mind and enter into the quietness. Ask for help in doing this. But then you must also do your part and cease to jump from one thought or action to another. Once you do that, then allow yourself to believe that you will encounter Me there, but don’t form your own ideas of what that experience will be. And don’t expect high drama. Remember this: “The Lord was not in the wind…The Lord was not in the earthquake…The Lord was not in the fire; and after the fire a still small voice.” I am known in the stillness. Offer yourself to be My servant, and wait for My response. Yes, wait. Wait, content to enjoy the expectation of My coming, and to know My nearness as the doors of your heart swing wide open and love flows forth from you to Me. When this happens, you will feel yourself enveloped in My Love. You then have no expectations of tasks to be assigned by Me for you to perform, but still, you will have placed yourself totally at My disposal. In the meantime, you bask in My Love. (Truncated quotation from I Kings 19:11, 12)
(I had been thinking about the unbridled violence in the world today and Jesus’ words “Resist not evil,” as recorded in Mathew 5:39. I asked for a message from God to give us a deeper understanding of our role as children of God.)
Blessed are those who keep the faith and do not despair. Even in times of tribulation and turmoil, you must keep your eyes, your focus, on Holy Light and My Presence, for this lessens the degree of negativity and your experience of it. I prepare a way through every difficulty. Your concern for your brothers and sisters and the Love you radiate to them is of great significance. Every beneficial opportunity is offered to each one, and they must choose. Be not troubled; be not afraid (see John 14:27); but join in Love, confident that you are not abandoned. Those who turn away from Love are not given limitless license to create havoc and destroy.
Those in communion with Me and aligned with My Heart seek to do everything possible that is beneficial to the world. Compassion is a part of the expression of their hearts. In looking upon the world and all the goings-on in it, they are at times distressed by the lack of love, the violence even, that they see. They offer acknowledgement of My Spirit within to all their brothers and sisters and seek to also touch the personalities and bodies of those around them——the victims who are suffering, as well as those who are the perpetrators of violence——with My Love, and they wonder if there is more than acknowledgement of Holiness that they should offer. Although you recognize the lack of ultimate reality in egos and bodies, your compassion does not allow you to ignore them. And even though you see that doing things on the lower levels is only a temporary patch, you know deep within that this is often the right thing to do. When you are anchored in My Heart and you allow me to direct you, you will know that acts to restrain evil are not giving reality to it and establishing a battle between good and evil but rather a way of allowing My Spirit to touch and give evidence of My Existence on an outer level that will be more readily recognized by those who are deluded by a perception of separation. Resisting evil when you are not anchored in My Spirit, resisting or fighting with anger and revenge, is what you are admonished not to do. Allowing Me, through you, to act in ways to diminish suffering and express Love on all levels when you are anchored in My Spirit is a holy task, and you are asked to do it. Not all persons indulging in cruelty are blind. Their selfish acts are cries for Love, and often they are deeply moved by acts of restraint coming from those who are extending Love, and those who are not moved will recognize that they have not found an enemy to engage in battle with. Those who must learn their lessons by reaping the results of their hardheartedness on the earthly level are deserving of your constant prayers and embraces so that their minds will be healed and their hearts awakened to Love.
(I had been listening to Gregg Braden’s CDs “Speaking the Lost Language of God” in which he says that we should not pray for something; rather we should pray something, as Native Americans pray rain by experiencing the feeling of rain. Braden also emphasizes that when praying we should “feel the feelings of our hearts, genuine feelings of appreciation, gratitude, compassion, love, and understanding.” As I was thinking about this, I remembered some of the thoughts in my book, Dwell in Love, such as, “Your communion with Me is when you look upon your brothers as divine and allow Me to be in you…allow Me to be who you are…Father, help me to be empty so that You may extend your Love and your blessings to my brothers…allow Me to be you, and there is no Limit to what can be done.” In the middle of the night of the 2010 summer solstice—a time when it seemed heaven kissed earth for me——I got up to change my invalid sister’s diapers, and thoughts came to me of another way to express my experience of how prayer is best done.)

Become so empty of self that you identify with God, and His Light and Love, and allow Him to be what you are, coming to those in need of prayer——joyous prayer——cleansing them and burning the debris in Divine Love. Vacate your being of all sense of personal self and allow the Spirit of God within you to be all that you are. Allow yourself to be God embracing your brothers and sisters; in other words, become God with them, giving them the experience of a Love so total they are aware of nothing else.
Never forget that you are on earth to be a doorway through which My Light and Love can be made known to your fellowman, a doorway through which I can reach forth and touch those you come in contact with. It should be your main concern to keep the doorway open. Seek not to express your earthly consciousness to influence the activities of the world. Just remain serene in openness of mind and with an open heart. Many may come to you asking for various things, but your true gift is your openness and total surrender to Me and My Will. Your dedication to this purpose allows many blessings. Be mindful of this, My child.
When someone close to you has difficult experiences that are necessary to the soul’s development, you will desire to be of assistance, even though you know you cannot prevent what is happening. What you can do, however, is stand by and be supportive by whispering to the soul your acknowledgment of the purity and beauty of the spirit within. By refusing to acknowledge anything but holiness you begin to avert attention away from the self-image of inadequacy and neediness. This assists in healing the mind of the one under stress; that is, it begins the shift from identification with the body, the mind, and the emotions, which has brought about the perception that something needs to be fixed, to identification with Truth. As you do this more and more, you will sense that the current circumstances are only learning tools and are neither permanent nor a threat to existence. And as time goes on, you will yourself be less threatened by such things. You will feel that you are anchored in Me and have nothing to fear, as you go about extending your hand to strengthen and encourage all your brothers and sisters.
Every event or experience is an opportunity to choose Light and Love. Your choice determines what your future experiences will be. You do not know the Father’s Will; therefore, your choice should be that He guide you in the right way and help you to make the best choices. Rather than pray for specific things, pray that the Father’s Will be done. Seek to function as His emissary and allow Him to decide what is done through you. The soul of another can be blessed without the personality getting what it wants. If the Father prompts you to say “No,” ask for blessings for the soul as you speak to the outer person, the personality.
Seek always to be aligned with the Heart of God, but be aware that there are those among you who either do not seek this or whose ways of doing so do not come forth from God but rather the flawed imaginings of the deluded human mind. Be ever discerning and be not duped by those who would seduce you with clever reasonings designed to entrap you. Come ever before the Father in true humility giving heed only to Holiness. Few tread the strait and narrow path, but you will recognize them if you have a pure and clean heart. Ask always of the Father and Me. Ask for Our guidance and you will feel and know what is right.
(One of my closest friends, a highly spiritual lady who has helped many people by praying for them, sent me an email to tell me of the sudden passing of a brother whom she was especially close to. She was very saddened by the news. I first acknowledged the holiness of the Spirit of God in her and asked Christ to, through me and with her permission, lift the burden of sadness from her and turn it over to the Holy Spirit so that it might disappear into the nothingness whence it came. Then I turned to her brother. Oh my, what a joy-filled soul! He just can’t wait to share his joy with anyone who will accept it. He tickled my heart and made me laugh out loud. Afterward, every time I thought of him, I smiled and my heart opened. I was filled with thanksgiving for such a beautiful child of God. Then the following message was given to me for all those who may be in a state of sadness.)
When you open your heart, it is very easy for you to have the experience of joy, but you must truly expect it. If you say, “I am unable to feel joy right now because I’m sad,” then you have closed the door to its happening. Even the loss of a dear one can be the impetus for an experience of incredible joy. Rejoice in the beauty of the life of that one you have lost here on earth. Give thanks in the knowledge that you can commune with My Spirit in him or her at any time——and that in My Presence you stand on holy ground. You can now be closer than ever to that one you cherished so much. This experience will bless you both, and you will realize that human bodies are only temporary dwelling places for the purpose of sharing My Love, My Joy, and My Peace on earth, but My Spirit, which is the very essence of your being, is forever. Always remember that. Do not forget it amid the business of your daily lives. I stand ever there, caressing you with My Love and waiting for you to turn your attention to Me.
Due to the conditions of earth, you may often feel that I have abandoned you, but that is far from true. I hover over you like a mother over a sick child, patiently waiting for and anticipating your arousal from the deep sleep of your soul. When you ask me to, I will guide you and protect your from detrimental forces, even the weaknesses of your own mind and will. If you will release all things unto Me and stop trying to figure out and manipulate events and situations of which you have no understanding, things will open up for you much more smoothly. Interpreting what comes up or comes about in your life is not your job, and you do not have the wisdom to do it. What may seem to your ego consciousness to be unpleasant or even a curse, may well be the blessing that helps lift you up from the darkness that has brought you so much suffering. I am the Spirit that gives you life, and I am ever vigilant. Look to Me for all things.
Be not fainthearted or fearful. Trust in Me and Me alone. I provide all that is needed, when it is needed. I lovingly take care of you. Be not deceived by appearances, the illusions of earth. Dwell in Love and Peace and cast doubt aside. My promises are true. I am with you always.
When you are tempted to ask Me to remove a situation from your life, stop and consider that the situation may well be there so that you recognize a need to pause and pray, to extend love, to embrace someone who is struggling and knows no other way of calling for help than that which has caused you stress. Even a situation that does not involve another person is a reason to turn within and connect with Me. There is a door out of every situation that leads to blessings.
Thoughts are powerful things. Using them to acknowledge Truth is the great opportunity of your lifetime—it is your birthright. And, yes, it is your great mission. You have the power to open hearts simply by recognizing and acknowledging My Spirit there. To have such power and not use it would be very sad indeed! Be ever mindful of your power and the obligation you have to your fellow humans. Anytime you feel sorry for someone, pause and take a step beyond that. Be that child of Mine through whom the Holy Embrace that ensues when you see Me in another’s heart is given. Then you will no longer feel sorry for that one but rather feel your heart open as it overflows with joy at what you behold, joy over what you experience. And you will caress him, or her, in all gentleness, for you will know the great honor you have as you stand there on holy ground—as you stand there in My very Presence. The world is blessed through you as you accept your calling.
When you entered the realm of earth, a great sleep concerning things that were beforehand came upon you. This was necessary so that you might be free from all those things and so that you would have to make decisions anew. This sleep is different from the sleep of the soul concerning its true identity. It is essential to your happiness that you awaken from this state of slumber. In order to do this, you must discipline yourself a little and use your imagination in the most responsible way: Select your greatest idea of holiness, be it the Christ Child or the Resurrected Christ, and, while thinking and believing it is so, imagine that behind any perception that arises. This opens the door for Me to flow across the image and commune with you. Say to My Spirit there, “Come forth and make Your abode here in my heart, and in my mind. Be me, so that I may see you everywhere.”
You often judge events by the world’s standards, but you fail to see the whole picture. What might seem to you to be misfortune or a mishap may well be My way of nudging you to a blessing, or even away from danger. Always reach forth with your heart and connect with Me. Ask Me to guide you through everything that comes up in your life. And forget not to ask that I, though you, bless all those you encounter. Let no opportunity pass by to lovingly touch the heart of another. You cannot know how much depends on that touch.
(A dear friend decided he needed some time away from me after a disagreement we had over a project he was helping me with. I was a little hurt and saddened. I recognized that this was an opportunity for us both.)

You are sent forth into the world to be My vessels of Light and Love. In order to strengthen and purify you, I arrange for you to come in contact with others so that you both, through interaction, may bring to each other’s attention weaknesses that need to be overcome, as well as My Spirit within that needs to be recognized and acknowledged. Use each experience of tension as an opportunity to release personal opinions and perceptions and become ever more anchored in your awareness of My Spirit within. When you do this, occasions of stress will become humorous and appear as a movie with no true reality——just an appearance, an occasion to practice communing and seeing only what truly is.
(A close friend of mine was recently excluded from a group prayer for a friend of hers, apparently because the person being prayed for did not accept the religious and spiritual leanings of my friend. After praying for the one in need, I communed with my friend. Then I felt the Father’s message below coming to me.)
The pure in heart, those who love the Father, need no props, no ritual, no particular place, and no assistance from others in order to approach His Face for a fellow human. Exclusion on the human level has no relevance or consequence. Approach the Father in love, without hindrance, and ask for blessings for anyone you know of who has a perceived need. The Love you bring to the altar knows no barriers and you will feel the Joy of It. Forgive, excuse, forget all attempts by others to exclude you. You are my vessel of blessings to a limited world of sorrow and fear.
(I received news of a health crisis of an elderly lady I once met who, although very sincere, had a rather narrow view of spirituality. I paused to commune with the Spirit of God within her. I immediately went past all the restrictions of the lower self and had a glimpse of pure Light and an experience of pure Love.)
The lower mind is susceptible to all sorts of illusions——fanaticism, suspicion, fears generated by various religious viewpoints, and rationalizations made to justify its own views. Look not upon these, and identify the soul not with these. Look only for purity, holiness——My Spirit within. When you do that, you will feel your heart open and My Love and Joy welling up to embrace that person in acknowledgment of My Spirit that you see, you sense, there. This is your gift to that person and My gift to you.
(I asked God’s blessings on a young couple, both of whom I had heard were presently unemployed. I felt God’s nearness and His Love for them. Afterwards, this beautiful message was given to me.)
Be assured, dear ones, of My Lovingkindness. In adversity I always provide a way, provide for essentials. You may sometimes think I hold you constantly on the brink of disaster or collapse, but consider that there can be great advantage for you in that. If you felt there was no threat to your security, to your perception of well-being, you would be less inclined to seek My Presence or to give thanks for my unfailing care, but when you don’t know from one day to the next how you will be provided for, you seek Me more often, and We both can rejoice in the loving embrace. We enter into it over and over again. Just as there is strength in weakness, there are also blessings in adversity.
Do you not think that all that comes about, no matter what the motive of those on earth is, has a purpose in the overall development and evolution of all who are in the realm of physicality, even in matter itself? Be not distressed by this, but let it be a reminder of, rather than a distraction from, your most important task: acknowledging My Spirit there and participating in the awakening of all who have forgotten who they are. Let every occasion and circumstance be a beckon to you to see Me there. When you quietly and with determination look for Me, you will see something that lets you know that I am there.
(I was meditating on the plight of a dear couple, one I carry in my heart. I know of their desire to lead spiritual lives and to know the joy of it, and I know from my own experience the difficulty of recognizing the Presence of God amid the duties of mundane life. I embraced them with Love, then received the message below.)
Sometimes you may feel that you do not have the connection with Me that you would like to have. You may feel alienated. I ask you to offer yourselves, to dedicate your lives, to being vessels through which those in need or in sorrow may feel My Love touch their hearts so that they may have joy——true Joy. When you do this, you will recognize My Love, My Spirit, embracing you, as I, through you, touch others. You KNOW Love——you BECOME Love——by opening your hearts to EXPRESSING Love. And think not that a flower, a visit, or a monetary gift cannot be the means, the door, through which both receiver and giver experience My Love, My Embrace. I stand ever at the door of your heart waiting for you to open it, to invite Me.
The depressed person you see, the weeping person you see, the angry person, the one conniving to defraud you, all have one thing in common: They have My Spirit within them, and they are crying out to you for Love, for recognition of who they really are. You have many jobs to do on earth, but the most important one, the most precious one, is to acknowledge holiness behind every mask of form or personality. It is your fulfillment and your salvation to never miss an opportunity to do that, no, not one, for when you do, you prolong the agony of some soul that may have no idea of its true identity and, thus, feels lost and unappreciated. Those who are lost seek happiness and meaning for their lives in things that always leave them feeling empty. They depend on you, whether or not they know it. Give thanks for My Spirit in them. Give thanks that I have come to you as them so that you may have a joy that surpasses all other joys on earth. In that moment of recognition of Me there, you commune with Me, and that joy you have will be evident in your eyes, in your face, in your voice, for you will be radiant. Keep this holy mission of yours in mind. Never forget it. Your are My Love, and you are here to embrace My Love in every person and each thing you encounter. You rest in My Heart.
(I was extending Love to a beautiful soul who passed on a couple of days ago and whose funeral is to be tomorrow. All through his final illness I felt much Love coming from him, and I still feel it. I received the following message after this experience.)
When you open your heart and allow My Love there to flow to your brothers, you also make it possible to feel My Love coming to you from them. Be not alarmed if it comes through someone who has left the realm of earthly experience. If it is Love that you feel, then I am Its Source. When your heart is open, you may also know Me reaching out to you through nature——the birds, the trees. Actually, you may recognize that you walk in a world of Love. That is part of the comfort I bless you with.
Come before me and ask for My guidance and blessings. Then wait patiently. It may take longer than you expect, but I know the perfect time for you to receive what is needed. One day you may be amazed at what develops and how everything falls into place. You will not go lacking as long as you keep your heart open and your one goal is to be of service to Me and your fellow humans. Rest in Me, feeling content and trusting that I will provide the perfect gift.
You bring healing and protection to beings, whether they be in body or in spirit——even animals——as well as to places, by singing My Name into them. Imagine the Force, the Will Power, and the Love of Jesus Christ in your heart as you sing. When you do this with determination and love, you bring it about. Anytime you are in a place of darkness or feel threatened, by chanting Elohim, you purify it and allow Me, in you, to cleanse it—to reclaim it for Me. I send you forth, whether in body or in spirit, with the force of mind into places and unto people out of balance so that you may assist by enveloping them with the power of My Presence that the singing of My Name into them brings. Sing It within your heart, and, even better, sing It out loud, so that the vibration of holiness is brought there. Sound alters, it changes, even the most vile and corrupt heart or place. Sickness and evil cannot abide My Name, for It is, in and of itself, My Presence. It awakens the most placid soul from its listless slumber, quickening it to Life Eternal. Take responsibility for your own power to help, for if you don’t, you will have said in your heart, “They don’t matter.” Would you ever say that? I ask you: COULD you ever say that?
If there is someone who for some reason is irritated with you and has cut off communication, this is an invitation to you to take a few moments and look beyond the mask of personality and perceptions so that you may have an experience of True Joy in beholding My Purity——a sparkling Light——in the heart of this one. As you stand in awe of the beauty you see there, you may extend the invitation to this brother or sister to join with you in dwelling for a short while in the realm of True Reality and in releasing all judgments and irritation. When you look upon Holiness in the heart of another person, you make it very easy for that one to release all resistance and join with you——you become My instrument of healing in the world, the effect thereof you cannot imagine. Forget not your calling!
Those approaching the door you call death—the transition into a greater awareness of Truth, of My Light and My Love—may do so in a state of serenity and confidence by knowingly resting in My Love, in My Arms. You may support them by embracing My Spirit within them. Thus do you participate in that Joy and Peace that is their experience as they look forward to dwelling more fully in a higher reality without the limitations of the physical, material world. When you do this, you are more keenly aware of My Presence and That of your Master, Jesus. Do not miss this opportunity, for it is your blessing also.
Human problems and difficulties appear as a thin screen in front of pure Light and Love as you focus on My Being in the heart of each brother or sister and allow My Peace to wash over the appearances and obliterate them from your view. Their lack of true reality removes all sorrow and pain as you gaze in awe at My Holiness and experience and know your oneness with Me, My Spirit. Your willingness to do this is a gift to your brothers and sisters, the purest gift there is. Never let one opportunity pass you by, for the value of each one cannot be measured.
You go forth into the world anchored in My Spirit, and you gaze in wonder, sometimes in amusement, as events arrange themselves to open opportunities for you to embrace those you come in contact with. You sometimes sense that there are no chance encounters, and you begin to understand the importance of your presence on earth and of your functioning from the realm of My Spirit in your heart. Then you give thanks that I arrange all things and neglect none. A quiet Peace comes upon you, and it is fitting that this is so.
Send love to those who have passed on, as well as those who are still on the earth. Send love to Me and Jesus Christ. And, yes, send it to the stars and the whole cosmos. Love is the great healer. It is the gift of My Spirit. Open your heart so that My Love flows through and envelops all. Your mission is so easy, and yet so powerful. Let not the illusion of earth deceive you and make you believe that you cannot effect great change. Just open up and allow Me to be you, allow Me to rush past the personality and body, transforming them in the process. My reminders to you are subtle. Learn to recognize them. Be responsible for every thought that you have. I smile upon you. I have great joy in you.
When those who would abuse you keep coming back, do not become impatient, and do not give in to the temptation to strike back. These are souls who need a lot of care: your acknowledgment of, and communion with, My Spirit within them. Abide in My Presence and be as attentive as your Blessed Master was, while at the same time not giving in to schemes and tricks. If you could see the whole situation from above, you would realize that a perfect plan is working itself out, a plan to bring those who have lost their way back into the fold. Those who have accepted My call to service often find themselves in situations they would not have chosen, but when they remain anchored in Me, My Joy and Peace never leave them, and they know that, wherever they are, they stand on Holy Ground, for they stand in My Presence. Rather than be irritated at the situation, give thanks that you may be of service, and listen attentively to my guidanace.
When you stand before the heart of your brother and acknowledge My Presence there, your trust that it is so brings great waves of Love that wash over you. There is no ecstasy that can surpass this experience, and you know without a doubt that this is your true mission on earth. There are no requirements except your trust, your willingness, and the consuming desire within your heart to extend My Love, to embrace all whom you encounter. When you do this, you are My child fulfilling your true calling, My child in whom I am well pleased——one following in the footsteps of My Son Jesus.
Keep in mind that not only are those in pain calling to you to recognize My Presence in them as their true reality but also those who would deceive you and take advantage of your trust. Do not abuse them with unkind thoughts and words when you realize that you have been had. I send them to you for a blessing. When you acknowledge My Spirit in them, you bring about healing in a way and to an extent that nothing else can compare to. I take care of My children who accept the call to offer wholeness. Never fear. Always rejoice in My Love.
The fallen and needy state is not in the spirit but in the mind, but correction comes about when you realize that your true identity is Spirit. I send them to you not only in their physical bodies so that you can commune with My Spirit within them, I also bring them to your attention when they are at a distance——if is a need. I called you forth to go into the byways, slums of life on earth, to bring the needy to Me in your arms and lay them on the altar of Love. I gave you a holy mission. Are you committed with every ounce of your being and not distracted by mere illusions of reality? Forget not what really matters! The world cries out for Love. Be about the business of bringing salvation to all therein in the Name of Christ. When you do this, I will never leave you hanging without all the support you need. You abide ever in My Arms of Love. My Heart yearns for the return of My lost and suffering children. I awaken you in the middle of the night to remind you of this. Is this not all the sign you need of My Love and support?! Be not distracted, for if you are, you allow the suffering to continue. There is no greater love than that of one whose single-minded focus is to participate in the salvation of those who wander in darkness. Be committed to this every hour of the day and the night! Your brothers and sisters depend on you. I depend on you. There is an urgency.
When you pray for those who have troubled relationships, when you remove all that is not in accordance with My Will and ask for My Blessings, they are offered an alternative to their ego-driven perceptions. Deep within they become aware that they really do have a choice——that there really is another way than the path of strife and contention they have chosen. If they do not choose the way of Love and Light, they will know that their choice is deliberate. And they will sense, even if they are not conscious of it, that the choice will not bring Peace and that they have postponed Joy and Salvation. Yet, you must not give up on them but should continue to pray and to acknowledge My Spirit within them so as to encourage them, even entice them.
When your brother identifies with his body, which is maimed by disease, and is depressed and filled with self-loathing, you can be the means of his salvation if you acknowledge only my Pure Spirit as his true identity. You may wonder how that assists him. His salvation comes from My Spirit deep within, not through the personality. When you embrace My Spirit in his inner being, I then present ideas to him from within, and he will more readily accept them than any words you could speak. I know the perfect way to reach him. Trust Me totally. Just acknowledge holiness and offer unconditional Love.
No prayer is ever lost or in vain, no extension of Love is without result. Love fills the vacuum where there was none. It envelops the soul you are communing with and offers blessings, even encourages that soul to accept them. Your offering may save that soul millennia in its development. Never neglect to pause and embrace your brothers and sisters with Love when the opportunity arises. To neglect would be to withhold blessings. An empty vessel has great responsibility and no higher goal than to be My representative on earth.
Often when your life is full of turmoil, its purpose is to bring you to a point of total surrender to Me. Once you have reached a point where you can’t take it anymore, and are ready to make a decision, I may well have a fellow brother or sister speak to your soul to encourage you to release all to Me, asking that My Will be done. It all depends on what is needed to help you do that, what you would respond to. Every person at some point becomes weary of grasping at the gossamer-like enticements of the world for satisfaction as he or she runs from Me. When you finally surrender to me, a great sense of relief comes upon you, and you will desire to serve in any way that I ask you to. Give thanks for the events and situations that lead you back home and for those who love and assist you along the way.
When you accept to be a vessel through which I speak, My Words go forth into creation bringing blessings without end. My Vibration is upon them, and the words find their way into the hearts of those who seek My Presence, even in the most remote parts of your world. But It is not confined to the earth; It touches all of creation. You cannot know the extent of blessing once you open the door and allow My words to flow through. The importance of a decision to be a pure vessel is incomprehensible to you.
When you offer yourselves to be servants of the Most High, when you finally surrender by realizing that this is the best way, actually the only way forward for you and the most helpful way to serve your fellow humans, then you must expect that a cleansing, yes, even purging, of your lower nature is necessary. But my dear children, this is not something to fear. It is a blessing to be welcomed with all your heart! I will surely be by your side every step of the way, supporting and encouraging you in every way that will benefit you, and surely you expect that your blessed Master, Jesus, the Christ, will also be there. Cleansing and purification will lead you to a realization of your holy nature, and that of your brothers and sisters, for you were created out of Myself. You were created to coexist with Me. The fact that you were tempted and succumbed to an illusion of what you are does not change who you really are. It is your destiny to awaken. It is your obligation to yourselves and all those whom you can help. Look upward toward Me, and ask that this process begin now. Release all fear of the loss of who you think you are. The joy that you will know, and the joy you will bring to others, is something you cannot imagine. Come, My children. You have waited much too long, much too long! It is time to enter the joy of true being.
You may wonder how you keep from getting caught up in all the frustration and frantic activity caused by changes and occurrences in your mundane life. The answer is to constantly seek to remain anchored in My Spirit of Peace deep within you. When you do this, you are confident that I take charge of everything and you have nothing to fear. You share this Peace with others by acknowledging My Holiness within them and allowing your heart to open and embrace It. When you keep your anchor in Me, you have no doubts, but await the unfolding of My Plan with joy.
Holiness is behind the mask of manifestation, and It desires to spill over, to break through, the forms that would hide It. It is your desire to know It, and your awareness of It, that allows the breakthrough. When this happens, manifestation is transformed. You play your part in this process by acknowledging the Holiness, by offering total forgiveness, by embracing Truth——true reality, which is Spirit. When the veil is lifted from your eyes, the world is healed. The harvest is plentiful but the workers few. Work tirelessly, that nothing ripe to be harvested is left ungathered.
You sometimes call to Me, and then say, “If You came, I did not know it.” I am Spirit and am far beyond the senses with which you usually perceive things. In order to become aware of My Presence, you must sink down, deep into your consciousness. When you do this, the signals of your senses fade away, and you become conscious of an all-pervading Peace; and if you linger there, you will sense the aliveness of Spirit. You will be comforted and feel safe. As you feel enveloped in this, a quiet joy comes upon you, and you will begin to smile. After you have done this a number of times, you will realize that you can go to this place of Peace in a split second, even when you are not alone or in a quiet place. This, My child, is the gift of My Presence, the response to your call.
I call gently and quietly every day. Only those who listen and want to hear My Voice will hear. I am not intrusive. You must desire Me to know Me. My Love is like a magnet drawing My children to Me. You must be vigilant so that the enticements of the world not distract you. Speak to Me often. It brings Me great Joy when you do that. I am the faithful Lover waiting patiently for you to become weary of the empty charms of the world. The pure heart is cleansing to the world. Ask always, “Father, make me pure so that I may be Your representative on earth.” You ask not in vain. I stand ever by your side.
You may judge whether something is good or bad according to whether or not it brings earthly comfort or pleasure. You do not understand how My Holiness and perfection can be expressed through earthly weakness and imperfection. Making judgments and assumptions is not your role, and you are not qualified to do that. Come, trusting as a child, trusting that I arrange all things for the salvation of My children. Only I know the perfect process, and all events come forth from My Heart of Love. If you can trust Me totally and keep your heart open to express My Love, you are relieved of all your burdens, doubts, and concerns. Then you radiate Peace into the world.
Your job consists of several things. In addition to coaxing forth the Light in individuals, you still need to ask that I, through you, bless the earth. All things must be made holy again, and that includes the physical. Your presence on earth, and your efforts to bring more and more Light into it, assist in divinizing all that exists, even many things you never saw or heard of. You need not see the results of what you are doing, but you do need to trust that I take care of all things and that no positive thought or action you take is without value. Your assignment is to dwell in Love and in Light, and to extend them. Leave the rest to Me. You leave a mark on every thing and every being you touch in reverence and holiness. Yes, they are blessed by it. Keep this always in mind with every opportunity you have.
As you in great love, and with admiration and deep respect, come before your brothers and sisters, and beckon to and coax forth My Spirit within them, you will begin to notice that with the transformation of their being comes a healing from within. You will feel less and less the need to cleanse the outer being because the Holy Light, their true reality which was so long hidden away, does the work. Since darkness is the absence of light, the darkness there disappears when the Light becomes dominant. As you see that Light in each one growing stronger and stronger, you will also notice that darkness on earth begins to give way. Be diligent in working with your brothers and sisters on the deepest level. After all, this is why you are here. This is why you came to earth. Through you and many others I call back home My children who lost their way. Be ever mindful that it is The Great Physician who works through you. It is essential that you offer your whole being to His work.
When you are praying for your brothers and sisters and have, with their permission and to the extent they allow, gently removed all that is not in accordance with My Will, there are several other things that you can do. In addition to caressing them and surrounding them with Light from above, you can also beckon to My Holy Light there, which is the true reality within, coaxing it forth in the Name of Christ to wash over them and begin a transformation of the whole being. This includes the personality and the body, which are a part of their being as long as they remain on earth. The more you do this, the more My Light in them becomes the predominant energy they identify with and express. Caressing and surrounding with Light is more powerful than you can imagine, but beckoning forth the Essential Being transforms them from the very core. I depend on you to assist your brothers and sisters in this way, and they certainly do too. Don’t neglect them. Be mindful of the holiness of your mission.
The never ending radiation of Light and Love from My Heart is ever ready to flood every aspect of your being, cleansing it and making it whole again. It is only waiting for an invitation from you. It order to bring you to the point of making that decision I provide every enticement imaginable to you. Once you do this, you will realize that you are gifted with the ability to caress your brothers and sisters with gentle love and thus entice them to join you—as radiant and sparkling as the most brilliant stars in the night sky. They will join the chorus of My Children, laughing and singing songs, rejoicing in the eternal perfection of the essence of Being. Such joy and beauty await you, My child.
When you rest in the Eternal while you function on earth, you are truly Children of God. This is what you are called to do as emissaries of Truth, of Love, yes, of Reality. Only so can you be of maximum benefit to your fellow-humans. Only so can you be extensions of your Heavenly Father with no limitation. When your consciousness rests in the Eternal, the Father can always depend on you and not have to find another to carry out the tasks of rescuing those who will accept a helping hand. Resting in the Eternal gives you Peace and keeps you attuned so that you recognize when you are being called to a task, be it in the midst of your busy days or in the stillness of the night. Every call is a gift to you, as well as to those you may serve. Keep this ever in mind.
When you come to the end of your earthly life, you will find that many of the things you expended much time and energy on avail you little or nothing for what comes next. If you have spent time connecting with Me and dedicating yourself to establishing an anchor in Eternity, you will look forward to the next episode in your soul’s journey, rather than having fear of it. You will radiate a Peace that others will be in awe of. And all those whom I was able to draw to Me and bless through you will be grateful. Ask that you be helped to not miss a single opportunity to serve as the empty vessel for Me in saving lost souls. The vibration of the earth must be raised, along with the inhabitants thereof.
Eternal Joy is your gift from Me, and with that comes unlimited Love that is indescribable. These are your birthright when you set aside your identification with the false idea of a separate self that a willful and insane split mind tried, although unsuccessfully, to create. When you are willing to set aside your warped ideas of self and reality, and accept what I truly created, you realize who your really are; and your dedication to saving others from their nightmare of creation becomes your sole purpose in life, a dedication of undying Love that cringes at nothing to achieve its objective. No perceived suffering or limitation on the earthly level deters you, and you realize that you are forever My children. Nothing intimidates you from this purpose, and you have the full support of Heaven, of Me and your blessed Master, the Christ. What more could you ask for? What more? You have everything imaginable. Come, My dear children, rally around the task at hand. As Jesus Christ once said, “The harvest truly is great, but the labourers are few: pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth labourers into his harvest.” Will you join Us in this work that awaits your willingness to participate, the most holy mission you could ever have? I never abandon My creation, and I rely on you to do the part designed just for you. (Quotation from Luke 10:2)
Raising your consciousness above the level of your mundane lives——the physical, emotional and mental levels—and looking straight into the Light of Spirit releases you from all those things that would snag you and hold you back. Once you have given yourselves over to Spirit, you are totally accessible to your Heavenly Father for whatever purposes He has selected for you. You will then have accepted that your main reason for being on earth is to participate in the rescue of lost souls. There is no higher calling for those of you upon the earth at this time. Your life was no accident, and the role you have to play is not irrelevant. Arouse yourselves from the contagious slumber of the world. Awaken to the gravity of the current state of things. I rely upon you and so do the souls you are sent to, although their outer selves are oblivious to it. Most will not simply follow you: You must take them by the hand and lead them, ever so gently. How often have I sent my servants into the world, and they not only were not heeded but were even persecuted. I cannot but persist in trying to save those wandering in darkness. As true sons and daughters of Mine, you will also persist, for it is your very nature to do so. That is the nature of Love, My Love that was placed in your hearts.
When you come before your brothers and sisters and, in admiration, gently reach forth to touch that Spirit of Light deep within the heart, you initiate a quickening, the beginning of an awakening of the soul. Seldom is there a conscious awareness of what you have done, but a change begins to take place, a change that affects the mind and the heart. As you return, over and over again, you notice that the soul seems to look forward to your visits, and you are welcomed with love. You have participated in the beginning of a transformation of another soul, and you have created an unbreakable bond on the soul level, a bond that reflects the oneness of the Spirit within you both.
You can, specifically with intention, come before Me and, after asking to be made pure yourself, first ask that blessings of Light flow down from above through your head into your heart and up from the earth through your feet into your heart. Then ask that this Light flow anonymously from your heart out into the world, cleansing the earth itself and all upon it. It is a matter of your caring and taking the time to do it. If you knew how much on earth remains in a state of lack when you fail to do this, you would surely take responsibility for the gift you possess and the opportunities presented to you, and then do it. Do you really think you came to earth to dillydally around playing with insignificant things? Of course not! You came with a holy mission. You came as an instrument of Grace to help save the world from the unintended nightmare of experimentation with unholy thoughts. Arise! Turn your back on those things and accept to be the anointed servant who is truly his or her “brother’s keeper.” The suffering of the world and the reign of darkness have lasted far too long. Acknowledge and accept that you are part of its salvation. Give thanks that I have chosen you for this holy purpose. I will never fail to support you. (Quotation from Genesis 4:9)
When you approach Me and express your desire to be cleansed and made pure so that you may be a vessel with no hindrances, you make it possible for Me dwell in your heart and bless the world through you. Any personal desires or goals that you have are blockages that prevent Me from manifesting without obstruction as you in the world. In order to be a pure and empty vessel, you must desire nothing else. This is not impossible. It is a matter of how much you love Holiness and wish to be totally aligned with it. Be not dismayed if you are not yet ready for that. Life on earth is a process of becoming a child of God anchored in Divine Light, but you can hasten it if you ask Me for help. Being asleep or lacking desire is not nearly so hard to overcome as actively pursuing darkness and delighting in it. I have infinite patience, but there are times of harvest which, if missed, delay your homecoming for a long time. Ponder your options and the consequences of procrastinating. I look forward to your return unto Me.
The rulers of the nations connive, suppress, and intimidate, but I can certainly set their camps in array to bring about My Will at any time. You need to accept that your prayers for Light and Love on earth have tremendous power, and it is My Will that you participate. You need not concern yourselves with the details of the transformation process. Leave that to me. Your part is helping to anchor Light and Love in the earth. Let your consciousness rise to the level of Divine Light and Love. Then ask that this Divine Energy flow into your being, transforming it, and on through you and out onto the earth and into the earth, blessing all it encounters. Pause from your activities each time you think of this, and do it again, over and over. This is accepting responsibility for your role in coming to earth. It makes a difference when you do it, and it makes a difference when you neglect to do it. Think about it. Ponder it!
If you ever once have an experience of holiness, you will become addicted to it, but you must first truly desire it above all things, and ask for it. Once you do that, I will draw near to you. When you imagine holiness behind every appearance, or form, you hasten the experience. It is much easier for Me to flow across the forms you perceive when you expect to find Me there. Just one experience of My abiding Presence will be sufficient to begin the melting away of all fear and anxiety because you will have a knowing that cannot be doubted, and you will begin to speak to Me in loving terms of endearment. You will then feel that your personality and body are mere vehicles through which I gather My children back to Me. Ask that you be helped to desire this experience of holiness more than anything else, My child. Do it today. There is no reason for delay unless you fear that, if you abandon yourself to Me, you will lose all that you cherish. What you lose will cause the doors to open so that you gain Eternity in its place, and you will never regret it.
Those who surrender all to Me find that they may ever come before My Throne of Light and Glory with petitions for their brothers and sisters, for their choice has made them pure of heart, and, as you have been told, “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.” Search your hearts and see what your souls really desire. Make the choice of loving Me “with all your heart, soul, and mind,” then you may be “Children of God.” You cannot purify yourselves, but when you desire Me above all else, I will make you pure, and gently wash away the sense of identity with your consciousness of separation. Although you may be aware of your many shortcomings and impure nature, once you make the decision to surrender all to Me, you will fearlessly approach Me asking for help. Your sincere and contrite heart will be the key that opens the door. (Quotation from Matthew 5:8 and paraphrased quotation from Mark 12:30)
When you come before Me and, in all seriousness, offer yourself to be My servant, your will becomes that of doing My Will in all things. You release a perceived right to decide what you will do or to make your own choices, although there are many thing about which you will be given a choice. While on earth, you are accepting to be the vessel that assists in drawing unto Me all those who have not yet aligned their will with Mine. As My servant, you give up personal aspirations and undue concerns about your wellbeing. The servant needs only ask of Me what is required to exist on the earth and carry out My Will. My coffers are not empty, and I do not take naps; and I will supply every need at the perfect time and in the way that I have determined to be appropriate for you in every situation. Total trust in Me is required of you in order for you to be a perfect servant. Once you have cultivated that trust, you will never doubt Me, no, not ever, for you will know of your relationship with Me. You will give up worry and truly rejoice in all things. I have great joy in you, and your brothers and sisters will come to appreciate you too, for they will sense that you are anchored in the Eternal. Come unto Me! I await your total commitment.
When you offer yourselves to be My vessels, My helpers, in bringing back lost souls, I will provide everything that you need in order to accomplish that purpose. If you think you are forgotten or neglected, it is because you do not understand what is really happening and the course of events I that have chosen. It is important that you cultivate trust in Me and, once you have surrendered yourself totally to Me, that you leave everything to Me. You have concerns enough with being vigilant of your minds and being ever mindful of your purpose. You have no need to figure out the processes underway. I smile on every heart that has set itself totally at disposal, offered itself with no conditions.
When you dwell in the realms of Light, you make yourself available to be a conduit through which more Light is anchored into the earth, and this anchoring of Light begins a transformation of the world. Darkness disappears where there is Light. Instead of entertaining yourself by reading or watching TV while you are waiting to be served somewhere, just close your eyes and concentrate upon Light streaming into the top of your head and radiating out from you in all directions, including into the earth below you, and blessing everyone and everything. This will also begin the process of purifying you as a channel of blessings from the realm of Spirit, and it will prevent the unintended consequences of idle mind-wandering. You are not here to just idle away time but rather to participate in the harvest, the gathering back home of those who got lost in a fantasy of nothingness. You were not chosen for this assignment randomly but specifically and intentionally because you are capable of doing it and because the situation is dire. Not only do I depend upon you, but so do all those who wander aimlessly about with no sense of purpose.
Violent acts by extremist groups cause you to wonder about consequences, that is, what the violent acts are a consequence of. You sense that something is lacking in your world that brings these acts about. Getting lost in an ideology will not curb or stop the violence because it is an expression of an ignorance of true reality. The part you play in this scenario is one of bringing about a transformation of the negativity by so focusing on the Light of Pure Being that it literally melts away the projected images of hate and misjudgments. It is your mission to dwell in the realms of Light and Love while still functioning on earth and to acknowledge only holiness behind every perceived unholy act or person. This mission is neither easy nor impossible. It requires that you be vigilant of your thoughts and judgments and change every unholy perception to a holy one by looking through it to the purity of Spirit behind it. Much depends on your willingness to take responsibility and do this.
Oh, how blessed are those who crave and aspire to the holiness of My Face, for they shall become My servants and represent Me on earth. I shall dwell in them, and they shall be beacons of Light that attract unto them their brothers and sisters who cry out for help and grasp at any glimpse of Light and hope they may perceive. Every child of Mine who seeks to come before My Presence, carrying the broken and suffering souls of earth in their arms, shall surely know what it means for Me to “Lift up My Countenance upon them,” for I protect and prepare the way before them. (Paraphrased quotation from Numbers 6: 26)
I may bring to your attention brothers and sisters who are suffering from physical, emotional, or mental pain and anguish, but there are also those who appear to be well, happy, and successful that are in danger of being tempted to do things not beneficial to their spiritual welfare. As you are watching the world go by and I bring someone to your attention, do not question the need of your prayers and embraces simply because you do not see a reason for these from an earthly viewpoint. I bring people to mind for a reason. Extending Love and acknowledging My Holiness within is your job, your function——yes, your opportunity to give and receive blessings from Me.
The future of your world is greatly influenced by your prayers. Complacency on your part delays the coming of My Kingdom on earth. Keep this in mind and do not neglect. Your presence on earth is not an accident, and your participation in the harvest should be your main concern. Do not let the cares and enticements of the world lure you away. You were not casually chosen. Seek to know My Presence, to have My nearness, often. I will never forsake you.
It is from the realm of holiness that you receive guidance from Me. Only there have you laid aside your judgments, your biases, your opinions so that you are totally open. When you align yourself with holiness you are able to hear My Voice and receive ideas from Me. It is also from this realm that you allow Me to lead you about in the world so that you come in contact with those whom I wish, through you, to touch. You are a perfect vessel when you dwell in holiness.
You seek Me. You cry unto Me. You wonder where I am. Yet I am always there. But you must seek Me with your soul. I am Spirit, and you will not see Me with your physical eyes. I am the still, small voice that you intuitively hear when you turn away from the loud voices of the earthly world of the senses. Nevertheless, you will often find that I give you confirmation of my Presence on the physical level. I may send someone who offers you a very sweet and unexpected gesture of kindness and appreciation that makes you wonder, and then you will suspect that it came from Me. Actually, you will know that it is a message from Me to comfort you and reassure you of My abiding Presence. Never doubt it. I have many ways of making My Presence and never-ending concern for you known. I caress you and accept every effort you make to draw closer to Me. I smile upon you. That is the meaning of, “The Lord bless thee and keep thee: The make His Face to shine upon thee and be gracious unto thee: The Lord lift up His Countenance upon thee, and give thee Peace.” (Quotation from Numbers 6:24-46)
There are always ups and downs in your lives, and at times you may become depressed, even have suicidal thoughts. When that happens, call to Me, whisper to Me, and I will come to you. Your lives on earth are not meant to be all rosy, but rather you are supposed to have challenges so that you turn to Me, yes, habitually turn to Me. I will carry you through if you trust Me and allow Me to. It is imperative that you become so anchored in Me that nothing can throw you off rails. When you trust Me, you will sense, actually know, that all is under control, and there is a divine purpose for everything that occurs. I look forward to every call from you, for I wish to have you return to My Heart permanently.
Faith, or better said, trust in Me, is something that has to be cultivated. Faith on an intellectual level is often based on belief after careful study of what makes sense to you. However, you will only have complete trust in Me, that is, trust with no doubts of any kind, after you have an experience of My Presence; otherwise, it is only based on hope. The easiest way to have an experience of My Presence is to seek to discover My Holiness in another brother or sister, just beyond the mask of body and personality. I tell you this over and over. Please do set aside time every day to sit quietly and practice seeking Me in other people. This is your salvation from the world of appearances that has seduced you.
When you withdraw from worldly concerns, it is as if you have removed a coat you have been wearing, a coat that has been covering your inner sanctuary. Then you become absorbed in the holiness of My Spirit and realize that this is your true home. The stillness, the tranquility, the Peace, that you know, that you experience, radiates from you and blesses all you pray for, all you embrace and caress. Every true blessing and appropriate change comes to all you pray for from that sacred place within them that you have touched. This is a holy process in the realm of spirit that few will be aware of. Thus is the world blessed by those who offer to be my vessels, those who ask to be cleansed and purified. I bless you all.
If you do not spend some time each day releasing your earthly thoughts and concerns and dwelling in that sacred place of holiness deep within, you will lose your anchor, your sense of resting in My Arms. Then you will become fearful and frustrated, angry and depressed. As those around you scream and rage and perform their ungodly deeds, you must remain serene and confident, allowing My Peace to radiate from you as healing balm into the world. Never think lightly of your role, your function, your assignment, nor of its effectiveness.
Allow your brothers to choose, but support them in the process by accentuating the choice of Love and Light by your acknowledging only My Spirit within. That is true assistance. My vessels throughout the world form a network of Light and Love that makes it easier for all brothers to reach out and ask for help. It encourages them to desire to align themselves with holiness and to participate in the harvest at hand. Be ever mindful of the opportunities I place before you each day, and give thanks for each one.
Have you ever noticed that you sometimes give undue attention to certain things that are having no effect on your connection with Me? Being careful to abide by prescribed rules and take part in particular acts of worship, for example, may be attempts of the mind to be, or appear to be, spiritual, but in reality are a preoccupation with things that have not yet become consequential to you—perhaps as an unconscious way of avoiding taking serious steps to identify with My Spirit deep within. Once you dwell in Me, you can dispense with the exacting rules of religiosity, for I will direct every aspect of your lives. Abiding by rules of conduct does not make you spiritual; however, once you begin to see Me in everything that you encounter every day, a spiritual basis for your lives establishes itself, no matter what you are doing. Then everything becomes a blessing, both for you and those you interact with. And rituals and sacraments become what they were meant to be: not just symbols but reminders to look beyond them to My all-pervading Spirit, reminders see Me everywhere and to commune with Me in all things and all people.
Do you really take My messages to heart, or do you read, analyze, and evaluate them—perhaps even judge them to be good—and not diligently seek to apply them to the individual moments and situations of your life? To be sure, the circumstances of your life are so up-front and scream so loudly as to cause you to, at least temporarily, forget Me and what I impart to you, but whenever there is a lull in activity, it is essential that you reflect upon the events and how My messages can be applied to them. It is commendable that you read the messages, but unless you go a step further, you will continue to spin your wheels in the quagmire of a false identity. Just ask Me for help, and you will see how, in the midst of a flurry of activity, I will remind you to look deeper. I am the one thing in your undependable world that you can rely on. You must take responsibility for your lives. I offer help, but I do not force it upon you. If you do not ask and desire it, you will not treasure it and benefit from it.
Throughout the ages I watch as my children run to and fro trying to achieve an unachievable goal, a goal that would establish them as special, and as more worthy of happiness than others. Most seem incapable of learning from the past that this never works, even incapable of learning from their own personal experiences. I send My messengers to help guide them back to Me, but few listen to them. Many are so addicted to the pleasures and temptations of the ego that the only thing that will make them turn and ask for help is to reach a point where pain is no longer bearable. Thus, catastrophic conditions are what they attract to themselves. During these times, I stand, as always, there to welcome them home. Yes, I will wipe away their tears, but they must let go of the toys that have cut off their view of Me, deprived them of Love, and, by all appearances, strangled every hope. In the place of that shadow, that mask, that lure of false joy, they will receive true joy, My Joy. The process is actually quite easy, but they must have the will to proceed and not waiver, and that is what seems to be so difficult for many. I will gently lead them, but they must desire to follow. That is My Eternal Love and Grace expressed unceasingly and in all tenderness. “Come, come unto Me and I will give you rest,” rest such as you have never known. (Paraphrased quotation from Mathew 11:28)
Will I not be “a lamp unto your feet, and a light unto your path?” In order for that to become a reality to you, you must desire it and ask for it. You must desire it “with all your heart, mind, and soul.” If you realize that you do not desire it that much, you need only ask that I help you, and I will surely do it. Even a mere flicker of desire is a sign that you may be rousing from the deep sleep of your soul. It is reason for hope, because that flickering flame can be fanned into a blazing, totally-transforming fire that sweeps you into very My Arms. And be not dismayed at the ensuing process, for your perception of situations and circumstances is only an interpretation based upon a false reality. Look not upon challenges and difficulties as punishment from Me but rather as blessings that will steer you in the right direction and nudge you to make the right choices. Every pain is a blessing from My Love, a blessing carefully crafted by Me, specifically with your homecoming in mind. (Paraphrased quotations from Psalm 119:105 and Mark 12:30)
The cycles of history are but the ongoing process of leading humans to the realization that the attempt to leave their eternal home and create an alternate reality was nothing more than an idle dream, one that could never become real. The attempt to create a reality outside of My perfect creation only resulted in an imperfect perception that soon lost its appeal and ability to convince. Deep within, you sense that the purity and holiness of true reality is where you belong, and you crave it. Your disappointment with the falsehood of the world you see around you causes you to be depressed and sad, and you often react with rejection and condemnation, even violence. The more you experience the events of the cycles of history, the more you will be inclined to seek, and be able to accept, the return of your mind and heart to Me. I have patience with the process and always look upon you with tender Love, arranging events and situations that will bring you to the point of desiring Truth. You will eventually release the false images you now cling to and walk straight into My Heart. What a joyous experience that will be!
It must surely appear to you that the forces of darkness are launching a relentless attack on you, an attack from which you never get relief, but the vision of holiness parts the veil and gives you a glimpse of true reality. When you turn back from looking on the false images presented to you by the world of perception, and gaze directly into the Light whence you came, where you actually eternally reside, the sense of relief that you then experience will give you rest, yes, peace, and a knowing that this is where you belong. You will then trust Me completely, and all fear and apprehensiveness will disappear. You will recognize your role in bringing comfort and understanding to others as you commune with My Spirit in them, even those who appear to be attacking you. When you truly commune with Me in them, they will begin to take heart as they feel loved, and they will also begin to see that their aggressiveness was unnecessary. It was only a misdirected way of calling out for help. How great is your calling, your mission on earth! What a difference you can make! Oh, do not take it lightly, I implore you!
With every encounter of every day, you have the opportunity to see and acknowledge Me, to recognize that you stand on holy ground when you are in the presence of another brother or sister. You can choose whether to see holiness and be blessed by it; or you can choose to see a mask, whose purpose is to hide Me, and then either be burdened with the lure of a false reality that you may like, or experience the negativity that rejection of something you dislike brings. What you feel and experience is within your power because the choice is yours. Not making a choice often results in a default to your vacillating responses to various masks. You can be freed from hopelessness and fear by making the choice for what is true, for what is pure and holy. I keep urging you to shake loose the vestiges of a bad choice made a long time ago. All you need to do is reach out to Me and be one-minded in your pursuit of choosing to see holiness. When you do this, you will notice, after a while, that when you identify another person as the holiness of My Spirit within, you are shifting your own identity to that of My Spirit within you. It is then that hopelessness and fear begin to fade and disappear, for in Truth they have no reality.
You may think that you trust Me—until the magic of human ingenuity has failed to give you the relief you seek and you realize that, even though you may have doubts, you have nowhere else to turn but to Me. Often it is not until then that you will seek My help with all your heart. Keep in mind that the solutions you desire to your perceived problems may not be what is best for you, for it may be that the very situation you wish to have removed may be exactly what is needed to bring you forward on your journey back to Me out of the maze of mental constructs, the illusions, in which you are lost. Ask of Me and trust that I see the total picture and know the perfect way to release you from the bondage of your wayward detour into an imperfect way of creating that holds you so firmly in its grip. I see a way, the perfect way, where you see only impossibilities. I will never fail to lead you through the dangers of nothingness. You have nothing to fear if you keep your eyes on Me and glance neither to the right nor to the left. Give up trying to figure it out on your own, for you are incapable of doing that. I hold you in My Arms, and only your fear and your doubts can make you feel threatened.
The perfect way out of your dilemma was planned from the beginning of your decision to try to create something apart from Me, but you were not interested as long as the novelty of what you had made fascinated you. Then when the pain set in, you began to look for help. At first you wanted relief from the discomfort while you continued to cling to your illusions of reality. It took a while for you to begin to accept that it doesn’t work that way. Your progress will be limited as long as you look toward the Light while looking back with nostalgia at the travesty of creation that you made. Total release and dedication are required. You must first begin to delight in the mere idea of Holiness, and then, once you experience it, you will delight in the actual reality of it. It is all around you and in you, but in order to know this, you must desire it. I wait patiently for you to come to the point of decision. It can’t be rushed; otherwise, it wouldn’t be genuine. Lift up your hands and hearts and walk forwards without regrets.
I call repeatedly. I never stop calling. It is because of my undying Love for My children that I never stop calling. Do you not understand? I am ever there with you, and I feel it when you suffer, whether you call out or not. No one desires the end of your nightmare more than I. I call to you, I serenade you, I whisper to you. Your Father’s Love could not do otherwise. It is your salvation. Oh, do turn aside from your fascination with fantasy, and turn back towards Me, prodigal sons and daughters. Do you not realize that your Father’s suffering is greater than yours, and no matter what the transgression is, it is Love that awaits your return? All will then be forgotten, for the illusion is nothing but a mirage.
I have prepared you for the task that lies before you. You have everything that you need. All awaits your willingness, your dedication, your desire to be My servant and to truly be a brother or sister to your fellow humans. Each child is precious to Me, and it is fitting that every one be precious to you. May there be no limit to what you are willing to do, and let the beauty of My Spirit in each one be the Light that draws you to them. Remember, you can never feel complete as long as one is left behind.
Asking to be made pure, asking to be of service to your fellow humans, saying, “Here am I, Lord, send me,” is removing all obstacles to My Will in your life. It is placing yourself totally within My Will and accepting to go anywhere, do anything, and be all things that I desire. It is taking on your part in the big puzzle of unfolding events. The dedicated and willing heart is what you offer. All the rest is taken care of by Me. Sometimes the events may take place faster than you can apprehend, and at other times you may need to wait so long that you think I have forgotten you. Those who resist will encounter difficulties, sometimes unimaginable hindrances, in their lives. Those resting in Me will find that things in their lives fit together in ways that only a mastermind could have planned. I ask everything of you, and the purification process will leave you free as you have never been before. This is a time of harvest, and the possibilities are beyond your comprehension. Seek My Face, and you will be blessed in the most exalted way. I await your petition.
Consider that your whole life is a prayer of one sort or another. Your thoughts reflect your deepest desires and, in addition, your relationship not only with Me but also with your fellow humans. Take notice of your thoughts. Be vigilant. Be not dismayed when you recognize what they reveal, but rather ask of Me that you be helped to turn them in the direction of Light. Of course something more is also required of you. You may not be able to control your thoughts, but when you recognize where they dwell, you can then consciously turn them in the direction of holiness and purity. And do not belittle the idea of holy imagination, which means imagining your brothers and sisters standing before you and the mask of body and personality becoming so thin and transparent that you see My Light behind them shining through, causing all else to melt away into nothingness in that moment. When you do this, you are anchoring yourself in Reality, in Me, and that begins the transformation of your mind. The situations and circumstances that your thoughts draw to you will change, and you will smile and be thankful for the beauty of them, as well as the opportunities they bring for you to be a vessel of Mine, through which I bless the world. When you smile from the heart, you open the door for Me to make My Abode there, and My Spirit in you will cause you to be radiant.
When My servants, those who choose to serve their brothers and sisters, are more concerned about their fellow humans who wander listlessly upon the earth than about themselves, they have reached a point where they, by their very dedication, can effect change——real and meaningful change. In My Plan, such servants are absolutely essential, for you only return to Me leaning on each other. There is no salvation separate or apart from others because such specialness does not exist in Me. Is my Spirit not as pure and holy in the most vile person as in the most righteous? The fallen and needy state of humanity is not of the Spirit but in the mind, where the choice to attempt being separate from Me arose. You cannot conceive of the blessings you yourselves reap from thinking first about how you can serve others, rather than about how you can serve yourselves. Just offer yourselves to Me and do not interfere in the process that ensues. My Wisdom is perfect.
When you express your desire to become totally aligned with My Will, and to be made pure, and when you say, “Here am I, Lord, send me,” that is when you begin to take on your role as caretaker and helper of your brothers and sisters who may be stumbling, or just oblivious to the deeper meaning of life on earth. Taking this big step makes it possible for Me to arrange events and situations that hasten your development and preparation. The souls of your brothers and sisters are crying out for help, even though their conscious minds may be unaware of it. Those who volunteer for such service are certainly taken care of by Me. There is no weakness, lack, or flaw in you that I will not use in strength and perfection to bring about My Will. And you, as well as your brothers and sisters, will be brought forwards by leaps and bounds. The consciousness of the world is suspended as if in a daze. It is ripe for a healing touch, and you can help make this possible by becoming My empty vessel. You don’t need talents or strategies. You just need to present yourself as a willing servant with no stipulations. I smile upon you when you do this, and I take you under My Wing of protection. Look about you; “The fields are white unto the harvest.” Will you be a laborer in fields with such potential for blessings? (Paraphrased quotations from Isaiah 6:8 and John 4:35)
You may wonder why you must endure so many difficulties in life. Lessons learned under challenging circumstances are lessons you won’t easily forget, but also, you must come to understand that the choice to be separate from Me has consequences: consequences of pain, of feeling lost and abandoned, and of feeling separate from Divine Love. If there were no discomfort, you would be lulled into a state of sleep with no desire or impetus to awaken to Life and Love. The perfection of My Plan to bring you back to a conscious knowing that you abide in Me consists not only of stimulating your desire to return to that knowing, but also drawing you back: you along with your brothers and sisters that you bring along with you. When you come before Me and intercede for them, it parts the clouds of ignorance, pain, and doubt, and it removes obstacles for both you and them. I am not deceived in My plan, for it is perfect. You will often ask for others when you would not ask for yourself. The compassion you have for them comes from that Spirit of Mine in your heart. Consider any inconvenience or unpleasantness you may have to be nothing. As My Love within you transforms your whole being, you will focus only on the joy of the redeeming process and the inevitable outcome. Give thanks for all things, because of the opportunities that come with them. Each situation is lovingly crafted by Me with maximum blessings in mind.
If you ever feel overpowered by the presence of someone and feel a need to put up barriers, just step back and become conscious that you are held in My Embrace. As you do that, and feel your heart open up, rather than close down, you will intuitively know that you are protected by Me, and nothing that is not in harmony with My Will for you will happen. Being anchored in Me assures that. That which is My Will has a holy purpose, no matter how it may seem at the moment. If you are constant in your trust of Me, you will see the blessings that result from not wavering. You may even see lives change in ways that otherwise could not have happened. This is your role, and you are capable of such trust if you put your heart into it, if you accept that your brothers and sisters are worth your putting forth the effort. I beckon to you from the heart of every overpowering and demanding person you meet. Desire and ask that you not fail to recognize Me, so that you both may be blessed.
Eternity is My abode, and it is beyond any realm you could ever conceive of. It is your everlasting home, should you choose to abide there. I await your choice to dwell there with Me, to be there forever. Once you choose that and ask for help to make it be so, the process is set in motion to assist you in every way imaginable. Bear in mind that the process involves your desiring to help your brothers and sisters in any way that may be needed—any possible way! Some might consider this sacrifice, but once you make the choice, you will realize that is it not sacrifice at all but rather love and compassion, for you will then know without a doubt that you are at one with all of My children, and you could not leave a single one behind. Many would think this involves hardship, even suffering, yes, uncalled for suffering as you encounter confrontation from the forces of darkness, but these are not concepts that will have any meaning to you. Once you dwell in Me, and I in you, the healing of the world becomes your top priority. Nothing is then a cost but rather an opportunity. What for others is sacrifice and suffering becomes for you expression of Divine Love. You are then My Son or My Daughter, My Being, on earth. Come, dear child, make the choice that gives you a true sense of purpose and fulfillment, one that lets you be who you really are. That choice opens the door for Me to enter and transform your life, bringing everlasting Joy and Peace as you know yourself resting in My Heart and bringing your brothers and sisters with you.
If someone, upon taking leave of you, says to you, “Pray for me,” don’t take it as another way of saying, “Goodbye.” Take it very seriously as the inner being of that person asking you to commune with him or her, and don’t forget it. This will be a two-way blessing. The blessing you receive will be no less than that you offer. A recognition of holiness wipes away mountains of feelings of neglect, loneliness, and hopelessness. It revives the soul as nothing else you could ever do——because it begins the reestablishment of a relationship with your Heavenly Father that has long been neglected. The joy it brings to you will change your life forever, even if you postpone it. But don’t delay——for the sake of that one who asked you for prayer, as well as for yourself.
Be comforted when the world around you seems under the spell of forces not aligned with Me and intent on pulling everyone along with it. You can be the ray of hope that changes the course of lives and events. You do that by offering yourself as an empty vessel and continuing to pray that your brothers and sisters will turn within and seek My Presence. There is no situation that is totally hopeless. The Love and Light that you offer the world brings healing to it. I depend on you to do your part.
What I ask of you is emptiness so that I can go forth into the world as you, as well as your acknowledgment of My Spirit in your brothers. It is so simple and so easy! You need no training for this, only willingness at all times to serve and to set aside all other desires. You cannot doubt that you are serving when you feel My embrace.
When someone is really irritating you, whether by slight, by being demanding, or by being inconsiderate, it is an experience brought to you to joggle your memory of My Spirit in that person, as well as in you. If you allow the situation to cause you to indulge in negative feelings, you have missed an opportunity to commune with Me. The call to Love that the situation brought to you was an offering of a blessing. As soon as you recognize this, do not tarry in resentment or indulge in pointing out faults of the other, but let your guard down, the barrier you have erected between you and that person, and let My Spirit in him or her bless you to the fullest. There was a call for Love, and I placed you there to answer it with Love. Do not mistake the honor and opportunity for something less than that. I rely on you. Do not disappoint Me. Do not leave that brother or sister feeling empty, looking about for comfort and hope, and finding no one willing to help. It is so easy to provide true solace. It flows from your heart to that of the other: a joining in Love, in communion.
Be not dismayed when you take stock of your lives—your past actions, thoughts, and attitudes. It is your intent in this moment, the direction of your gaze, your heart’s desire, that matters. As you turn from the past and desire communion with Me, I see you without the past that would haunt you. I see you in the reality of eternity where you were created. In your recognition of that oneness that always was, you release all concepts and perceptions of anything else. This experience of oneness begins the healing of your mind and soul, for in experiencing it, the lack of reality in separation becomes knowledge, knowledge that cannot be taken from you. I stand always at the door of your heart. I’m ever there.
Sometimes those who suffer are serving as an example of how those who have placed their trust in the Eternal rather than in earthly things respond to adversity. On other occasions they may be learning through suffering to place their trust in Me rather than the body, with which they are currently identifying themselves. Your extension of Love is never lost. It brings much comfort on some level and helps the suffering ones to more easily reach out to Me. Do not neglect this duty. It is an honor.
Not to pray for your country and its leaders is to allow things to continue on an unguided path at a momentum set in motion by forces seeking a limited goal. You must pray in a spirit of Light and Love——seeking your Father’s Will only——in order to break the cycle and set in motion a new one that is dedicated to holiness. You must set aside personal goals and desires anchored in ignorance and uninformed opinions. Seek only to be your Father’s vessel, aligned with Him and resting in His Heart.
When you accept to ask for an embrace from My Spirit within a brother, you have in that moment released all judgments. The Love you feel enveloping you is your own blessing and a sign to you that the door to your heart is wide open. You will release your brother into My care and release your concerns about him. My Peace will come upon you, and My Joy will be yours. It will remind you of Mary pondering the shepherds’ story of angels singing praises to God at the birth of Jesus.
The masses are held in the clutches of darkness because they are captivated by the lure of violence, wealth, and sexuality. In ancient times the same scenario resulted in the Assyrian and Babylonian captivities of the Hebrew people. Those who turn away from the emptiness of these temptations are ready to begin an ascent into the realms of Light. Concern for others and extending a helping hand to them accelerate the ascent. Light bearers, by their very presence on earth, help provide an alternative to those who are just beginning to be disillusioned by the deceptive images of the realm of darkness. Once you’ve turned to the Light, never look back towards the world you are leaving. Looking back makes it easier to be caught in the destructive web of illusion again, and it won’t be so easy to extricate yourself from it. If that happens, you may need the help of someone who has traveled further away from the deceptive world that held you in its grips for so long. There will be many things to shed, to release, but you don’t have to do it all alone. You just need to desire it, ask for it, and be willing to allow the process to develop in the perfect way I have determined for you. I am ever there for you. Never doubt it.
The slumber of forgetfulness has such a hold on the world that most people are totally oblivious to it. Some, however, have begun to wonder whether there might be, yea, must be, another reality, or a way to something else. Still others have begun to seek that reality. Darkness exerts a strong power to inhibit the awakening to Truth, but the power of Truth to help those who are ready to wake up is stronger and is able to open up a pathway to realization of Its reality. What you bring to the altar is your desire for Truth and your intention to awaken to it. Once you do that, you will be met more than half way by Me. Be not dismayed when the response you get is not what you expected or maybe hoped for. My Wisdom provides what is perfect for you at the time.
The slumber of forgetfulness has such a hold on the world that most people are totally oblivious to it. Some, however, have begun to wonder whether there might be, yea, must be, another reality, or a way to something else. Still others have begun to seek that reality. Darkness exerts a strong power to inhibit the awakening to Truth, but the power of Truth to help those who are ready to wake up is stronger and is able to open up a pathway to realization of Its reality. What you bring to the altar is your desire for Truth and your intention to awaken to it. Once you do that, you will be met more than half way by Me. Be not dismayed when the response you get is not what you expected or maybe hoped for. My Wisdom provides what is perfect for you at the time.
There are patterns in the events of history that tend to repeat themselves. Your faith is tried by being in the midst of these events, and you are strengthened by your response to what happens to you and in the world around you. You should never give up or give in to these circumstances and just say, “Oh, what’s the use? I can’t do anything about it.” There is much that you can do about it! These events are continued opportunities for you to have an effect on not only the opening up of your awareness of the connection you have with Me, but also the ever ongoing development of the earth. Repeatedly, My children are given these opportunities to choose again and again until the right choice is made, namely, the conscious and intentional choice to turn back towards Me and to dwell in Me—in full awareness. You hear news of insane acts of violence and lovelessness and ask, “What is the world coming to?” What you see and hear about is the result of the choice to try to create a world of separateness from Me, a world devoid of Holiness and Divine Love. You, my precious child, are a major part of the answer to the healing of this sick and insane world you live in. Do you not realize that this is the reason for your life, this is the meaning of your presence here, this is what you should be focusing your attention on? You do this by asking: “Create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit within me,” by asking Me to cleanse and heal your own mind and to make you pure. Do understand that making the choice to ask these blessings of Me will have an enormous effect on your life—without a doubt! Pause and be aware of My Presence, My Lovingkindness. (Quotation from Psalm 51:10)
There are laws of cause and effect that are in force on earth. These you, of yourself, cannot circumvent. Not only each thought and each act sets in force an effect, but apathy and avoidance of choice also have results. However, My precious child, there is something called grace. My Grace elevates your life to a level where the laws of the natural world are rendered of no effect. In order to bring about the entry of My Grace into your life, you must turn away from the darkness of your perceived separation from Me that, at least initially, seemed so attractive to you. You must turn back towards the Light, towards Me. Turn your gaze away from the tempting mirage of nothingness that entices you; turn it back, with an intense desire, to the knowledge that you abide in Me. When you, in all earnestness, desire this, desire to enter into an embrace of the Holiness of My Being, you open the door for My Grace to convert the laws of the earthly level into laws that make them of no effect, for they are laws of nothingness. The Light of My Being causes darkness to disappear. Dear child, My Love, the Love of My Heart, it is My desire that you make the crucial decision to walk away from the catastrophic fantasy that irresponsible use of freewill led you to conjure up in your mind. I stand with open Arms ready to welcome you back into communion with Me, ready to set My Grace into effect. The decision is yours to make. Freewill requires that it be so—just as freewill allowed you to stray from the perfect laws of creation that I established in order to keep you in the ways of holiness. It is My Joy to come to you in the midnight hour to extend a helping hand to lift you from your lost state that has caused you so much suffering.
Forget not that the way events in the world unfold is determined in part by you. You are on earth at this time to be constantly in communion with me, to pray without ceasing, so that you do your part in elevating the vibration of the earth. This is a great responsibility, one to be taken seriously. In so doing you not only affect events around you, you also affect each person you encounter. Much depends on you to bring about the awakening of slumbering souls and those who are enticed by and thoughtlessly flirt with darkness. Keep in mind that this is a time of harvest. There are many who are teetering and can fall in either direction. If you nonchalantly drift through life and never consider that every thought you have has an effect on the world, you will not realize of how much assistance you could be to those aimlessly tripping along on the tightropes of their lives. Oh, do not let them down! Do not let yourself down! In great Love I implore you.
The message I last gave you was not just interesting ideas I gave you about which you say, “Oh, that’s nice. So what’s next?” Read it again and contemplate what was said. Seek to realize the meaning and apply it to your life. You definitely can become aware of My Presence, and you can without a doubt dwell in It! Dwelling in Me brings serenity that blesses the world around you. Take not the unique opportunity you have in being on earth at this time lightly. If you really knew and understood the responsibility you have and the effect of missed opportunities, you would in all seriousness say, “Oh, my blessed Father, awaken me to my mission, my purpose in life! Remind me every day, all through the day, to seek your Presence and to seek it not just for myself but to seek it in my brothers and sisters so that they, as well as I, may be blessed.” This is a time of harvest! Much depends on you! You were not allowed to be on earth just to play but also to touch the lives of your brothers and sisters and effect change in them, as well as in yourself. When you play, play in Me! When you are joyous, be joyous in Me! Be My empty vessels! Play your role in saving the world from its disastrous and irresponsible detour into a willful idea of separation from Me that has brought about untold and unneeded suffering. Awaken to the reality of Spirit! My coming to you in the middle of the night to remind you isn’t a game. The time to put away childish things and take on your responsibility as a child of God is now—not tomorrow but today.
When you constantly dwell in Me, when you consciously know you are resting in Me, you will also know that nothing happens to you that does not have a holy purpose. Then let not events or even illnesses disturb you or cause you to have fear. These things not only draw you even closer to Me, they allow Me to touch and bless others in ways that otherwise would not happen. Remember, touching your brothers and sisters and effecting change in them is part of the reason you are here. And constantly resting in Me causes your heart to remain open——wide open. You will feel it, even in the heart area of your physical body. Release the constant chatter of your mind so that this can be. An open heart does not know stress and fear. The serenity you experience will bring serenity to those around you. The open heart is in communion with Me, and you are in contact with Me wherever you are and whatever happens to you. The open heart also feels itself surrounded with My Love, and you will be constantly talking to Me, yes, constantly saying, “I love You, Blessed Father; I adore You; I thank You that I can know Your abiding Presence and trust that You are constantly aware of my every need and will always provide for me. I ask that you bring about events and situations that keep me in a state of thanksgiving, events that constantly cause me to reach out to you.” I never cease speaking to your heart and caressing you. You are irresistible to Me, and I want to be irresistible to you.
When difficulties arise in your life, speak to your Heavenly Father and say, “Blessed Father, grant that this situation will serve a holy purpose, bringing about the result that You ordained for it from the beginning. Help me to be accepting of Your Will in all things, and help me to always desire to serve my fellowman in whatever way is beneficial to them, even when the situations are unpleasant to me.” Of course, you think that it would be easier for you if you knew the reasons behind what is happening, but you must learn to trust Me totally after you have offered up such a prayer. I will not abandon you.
If you could be convinced that a great fear of a big nothing is what is blocking your joy in being, you would be well on your way to abiding in peace, My Peace, the reality of Eternal Love. Since it is your mind that holds you back, I approach you with ideas and concepts. If you would, or could, release those thoughts of yours, you would stand in naked innocence before Me. Do consider that what is hindering you is the part of your mind that split away from the part that forever dwells in Me. It is not some difficult task that is required of you but rather a releasing of an outlook that you tenaciously cling to. Stop looking for a way of doing something and just let Truth dawn upon you. You will then understand that that which appeared to be a formidable task is just a matter of releasing an illusion conceived in the mind. Stop thinking so much and focus on whatever idea of Holiness, Purity, and non-threatening Being that you can conceive of. Just let go and be what you always have been and always will be. I trust that you will at some point do this—I have no doubts—and I stand ever ready to welcome you with open Arms. I am your Love, and you are Mine. My Love for you is so great that I awaken you in the middle of the night to tell you of it, for it is then that your distracted mind can best be reached. There is no greater Love than this.
You contemplate the nature of things and what My Being is. It is when your many thoughts slow down and cease that revelation can come, but just bringing thoughts to a standstill is not enough. It is when your mind is focused on Me that communion takes place. The endless flutter of thoughts diverts your attention and promotes the feeling of exile, of being abandoned. You must take responsibility for this. Single-mindedly seeking My Presence is loving Me with all your heart, mind, and soul.
You have heard people say that when things aren’t going your way, you should find something to give thanks for, and you may have shrugged your shoulders and said, “I don’t feel like giving thanks right now. Just leave me alone.” But I tell you that giving thanks opens your heart so that you can receive My blessings. It may change the course of events you are experiencing at the time, but of more importance is the fact that it diverts your attention from dwelling on unpleasant things and drawing more of the same to you. When you are giving thanks, you are resting in My Heart, and although it may seem like a leap of faith to you, releasing attention given to things you don’t want, opens doors to your receiving what I will for you, and it helps you to accept that My Will for you is perfect. My Will for you accelerates your return to your true home. To say it more accurately, it helps you come to the realization that you never truly left, and the perception of being lost was nothing more than just that, a mere perception. So, pause a moment and say, with meaning and with feeling, “Thank you blessed Father that I rest in You—ALWAYS—and that I may more than just believe, that I may actually know your Holy Presence in my life and all the world around me. Thank you for Your unlimited loving care. Help me to accept that all that comes about in my life was lovingly prepared for me by You. And help me to have such compassion for all my brothers and sisters that I desire to be of assistance to them in every way possible.”
Many of you have become masters at distracting yourselves. You don’t want to be alone with Me. You even fear it. You have so forgotten your home that you don’t yearn to return, or so it seems, but in reality, the urge to distract yourselves is a desire to make the feeling of being lost acceptable, tolerable. If you would think about your situation, you would see the wisdom of pursuing a return of your split mind to My Heart. I do everything possible to lure you. I patiently wait for you. Be mindful that every day is another opportunity to choose a different pathway. The choice is yours. Yes, it must be yours. I will not pressure you. I just lean heavily in order to attract your attention. It begins for you when you cast a glance back towards the loving home you were so eager to leave. Yes, the prodigal son is destined to one day desire to return and be welcomed with open arms and a feast. Oh, how I love you! I could never be complete without you.
I send them to you, one by one, by way of hearsay, casual encounter, even embedded in news about other things. I will nudge you to attract your attention. Many need hope, something to cling to and believe in. You slip communion in on the side, and they don’t realize what has happened. Yet change is initiated in their lives, and they begin on a new path never before trodden, even if perhaps stumbling. And for that reason you need to visit them in spirit again and again. You realize your mission, your reason for being here. You begin to see meaning in everything that happens. You begin to see that your salvation lies in the care you take of your brothers and sisters, the responsibility you take upon yourself for them, your identifying with them, the knowledge of oneness with them that begins to dawn upon you. And you realize that you are My child.
As wandering souls get further and further from the Light, they begin to feel an ache, a yearning for their true home, although they usually don’t understand what they are feeling. The further they wander from a consciousness of their connection to Me, the more painful their situation becomes for them. You feel compassion for them and wish to alleviate their suffering. For some, alleviation will be beneficial because they will see it as something to rejoice in, and they will want to reconnect with Me. For others, alleviation will not bring about a turning back towards the Light, and therefore it will not be beneficial. Only I see the whole picture and can correctly determine what is best. For that reason, you should leave it up to Me. You just pray for the awakening of your brothers and sisters and offer to be of assistance in any way that is needed. Caress them in Love, for Love opens doors and turns souls to other directions.
Oh, precious child, if you only knew the joy I have when you turn towards Me and with childlike innocence ask of Me. My Joy could not but prepare the way for you, providing every possible opportunity and protecting you from all hindrances and delays. Yes, the long wait was tugging at My Heart, but My Joy is ineffable. I lovingly caress you all through the day and into the night.
There is no chance encounter. Be not so caught up in your personal activities that you miss an opportunity. Often I can radiate Love through you without your being aware of it, but there are times when conscious and intentional effort on your part is needed. If you miss an opportunity, often I will bring it to mind for you at a later time. It is never too late to be of assistance to another soul, even after it has left the earth. Let your priority ever be to be my empty vessel, always willing and ready. Your brothers and sisters will be grateful to you on some level. I call to you from every heart.
When you come before your brother’s or sister’s heart, and ask that it be opened, and you are met with reluctance, ask for patience and endurance so that not one is neglected. Someone who does not know you well, or someone who is upset with you, may resist for a few days, maybe weeks or even months. When you are totally non-threatening and quietly radiating love, that resistance to you will likely eventually melt. Persist. Don’t give up. There is no soul that is not worthy of your every effort. And I support you. That you can rely on. Not only does “a soft answer turn away wrath” but gentle love melts resistance. It is I who await you there. Reach out and lovingly touch that one, especially that one who has attempted suicide, for it was not just a call for Love. It was a scream for Love. You are that vessel though whom I answer.
Dwelling in My Peace does not mean that you withdraw from the world and think you are not to be involved in its struggles and actions, but rather you allow Me in you to be the One who engages with the forces of darkness. Be careful that you allow Me and not assume that you know how and what to do. Also, do not limit Me by holding back. Your role can seem challenging to the rules society has set up for your attitude, but when you are anchored in Me, you will not give them a second thought. You will see the wisdom of what I through you bring about. My calling requires your whole being. Any difficulty or struggle you may perceive is due to your not releasing all to Me. Do not hold back. It is your salvation to rest totally in Me. Give it some thought. Then give Me your all, and do not judge My undertakings.
You think you desire My Peace, but such Peace you do not comprehend unless you commune with Me, unless you are anchored in My Love. When that occurs, the Peace you will know cannot be disturbed by anything that happens to you or around you. My peace allows you to be totally empty so that I, through you, can bless all you encounter, yea, even those you do not know exist. Seek Me so that I may have you as an avenue to bring about My Will on earth. And forget not your brothers and sisters who are waiting and pleading for help. Do not leave them waiting. My blessings are piling up and await the open door through which they may flow. I in you; you in Me. You become Me on earth by allowing your personality to step aside for Me. What greater purpose or meaning could your life have? Think about it, ponder it, and as you do, I flow right through. When that happens, you smile and are radiant.
Many of those who dwell on earth are quick to blame someone else for everything that happens to them that they perceive to be unpleasant, without considering that they attracted these happenings to themselves. But beyond the cause of undesirable effects there is a reality that eclipses all unpleasantness. When you choose to dwell in Me——and it definitely is a choice, a choice to dwell in Love——your attention is diverted from the blame game to a sense of responsibility to not only dwell in Love, but to draw all your brothers and sisters with you. It is a matter of where you choose to be in your consciousness. It is up to you. You must make the choice, and bear in mind that bumbling through life without choosing is itself a choice. If you had an inkling of the implications of choosing or trying to avoid it, you would take stock of the seriousness of the situation and abandon your nonchalant attitude. Come, dear child, the fate of the world depends in part on you. Seek to commune with Me in all events, in all beings, so that I am come on earth. Offer Love rather than giving blame. I bid you, I encourage you, My Love, with an irresistible and an eternal countenance of Holiness.
(Oh, the sweetness of the midnight hour when the Father’s Presence is known, when He visits to speak and caress!)
When you are tossed to and fro by the vicissitudes of life on earth without an anchor in Me, that is when you feel anxious, insecure, and abandoned. When you have found your anchor in Me, the turmoil of life is just a noisome surface wind that does not shake you at all. You walk steadily and never lose your smile, and you are not hindered or forgetful of your mission to always be the vessel through which I reach out to and rescue your brothers and sisters who have lost their way. If you have not found your anchor in Me, it is your duty, as well as your salvation, to actively pursue it by practicing communion with My Spirit in them. Be about your goal, your “Father’s business,” as the blessed Christ Child told Mary and Joseph. My precious child, I am talking to you, calling to you! There is a pathway forward—right through your brother’s heart. Do you not see the beauty of My Plan for you? Such loveliness! Such loveliness!
“Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love Him.” (Quotation from I Corinthians 2:9)
If you sit quietly and with love desire to commune with Me, you will surely feel the Love of My Heart envelop you. If you have difficulty at first, it is likely because you are hesitant to open your heart fully, perhaps in fear. Do not despair but try over and over again. I am not to be feared but rather to be approached with tenderness. When you come to Me and lovingly ask for My blessings on a brother or sister for whom you care deeply, you may in so doing find it easier to let your guard down. Come boldly before Me interceding for them, not begging but in the sense of, “Oh, Holy Father, I bring this precious one to you, carrying him in my arms, and I lift him up into Your very Arms, desiring from the depths of my heart that You bless him and that he may feel your loving embrace.” The heart that so cares for another is fearless and dares to venture where one who cares less might hesitate to go. This, My child, is true intercession. It is the path that leads you directly into My Heart, for such a one always gains access to Me.
As an earthly parent never stops praying for a wayward child who wants to try out every imaginable thing earth can offer to lead him or her astray, I, your Heavenly Father, will never stop scheming to lure you, gently arouse you, yes, even jolt you awake. Your apathy and intentional defiance will never bring you Peace and Joy, and these are what I desire for you. Could your Father desire less for you? You may resent My insistent attentiveness now, but one day you will appreciate it and give thanks for My, what you may call, tough Love. I lovingly touch My Cheek against yours as I caress your shoulder. Yes, I am your Father, and it is natural for Me that I would do so.
The world is calling out to you, hoping to be recognized by you for what it really is. Do you not hear your brothers and sisters? Do you not understand what they are really saying, or are you misinterpreting their calls because you have taken the mask seriously? Every malicious deed, every act of hate is a call for your love. Every mishap in your daily life is arranged to attract your attention to some soul clamoring for help, crying out for an embrace. Ask Me to remind you every day of the true nature of the events of your life, to help you recognize the calls for help, to remind you of why you are here. Will I not honor such a sacred request? Try Me, I implore you. Yes, I dare you, for it will open the door for Me. I am Love. Dwell in Love and you dwell in Me. Let not the most horrid mask terrorize you or the most enticing mask tempt you, but rather see both as My limitless Love reaching out to you, calling to you from beyond the mask. I in you am the Light of the world and the Hope of the world. Allowing Me to be you is a sacred trust. Oh, do not pass Me by. So much depends on you, on your willingness to participate. Love Me as I Love you. Love your brothers and sisters as I love you. I am the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow, ever Holy, ever the Hope of the world. (See I John 4:16)
No matter what someone has done to you or what may have happened that causes pain, you will never be able to get past it or release it until you forgive. True forgiveness comes when you identify the person or circumstance with Me; that is, when you accept to see the person or incident as only a mask that just appears to have reality. In other words, you allow the mask to melt away into nothingness as you focus on and commune with Me as all that is there. Accept to believe that I am all that is there, and you open the door for Me to reveal it to you. That is loving Me with all your heart, soul, and mind. It may seem challenging to you at first, but once you do it, you will see it really is very simple. I prepared a way for you a long time ago——all because of My Love for you.
There is no soul so vile it can’t be rescued. There is no soul not worthy of your total honor and love. Your most important job in fulfilling your two purposes of remembering Me and learning to experience Me in your brothers and sisters is to gently reach out in spirit and lovingly touch the hearts of them. When you do that with honor and respect, there will be a profound effect. Yes, some souls will need you to do that over and over before they begin to release their obsession with the body and the feelings of separateness. But what greater function could you have? Think about it! Am I not on earth as you if you allow it? Absolutely! Absolutely!! If you neglect to let Me be you, some souls will have to wait in darkness and hopelessness. That would be ever so sad. I have given you a great responsibility. I did not choose you lightly. Consider the consequences of choosing or not choosing to allow Me full sway, of turning your whole being over to Me.
You have two purposes in being on earth. The first is to remember Me. One way of doing that is to imagine pure holiness. You might even imagine that you were one of the shepherds who visited the Christ Child, and you stand in the presence of perfect innocence, beauty, and holiness. Your second purpose in being on earth is to learn to experience Me in your brothers and sisters. Imagine that I have come to you with each person you encounter. Be not deceived by the mask of body and personality. Give thanks for the two purposes ordained by Me, for they are your salvation. They bring you Peace and Joy, for they bring the experience of Divine Love. And you will bless the world with your heavenly smile.
My dear child, I stand beside you, as if kneeling before you, declaring My Love to you. What more can I do? I desire a response from you. I desire that you also desire Me. I desire that you return to Me and enter My Heart, whence you were created. I desire a oneness in which no perceived separation can enter your mind. You have no conception of My Love for you. Come, My beloved, accept the lover of your soul. I serenade you, and I will not cease to approach your lost and wandering soul with undying Love. So great is My Love for you. I come ever in the still of the night because that is when you are most likely to pay attention to Me. I bid you. I plead with you. Do listen to Me! Accept My declarations of Love to you! I remain your most ardent suitor. Only one who madly desires you comes in the middle of the night. Think about it! Ponder it as Mary did! It will make your heart glow.
(Again in the wee hours of the morning, about 2 a.m., I started receiving this message.)
Once you set aside the false image of your brother or sister and experience the true being there, your fears will begin to melt away into the nothingness whence they came. Just try it; just ask for it. I am trying to coax you, entice you. I am pleading with you because I miss you. You have wandered too long. We are both homesick for each other. Oh, do listen to Me and return to My Heart. If you knew how My Heart aches for you, you would do it just for My sake alone. My precious child, I gently kiss you with the Love of a Heavenly Father——your own Heavenly Father. Come!
Come, let us consider the matter together. You feel alone and abandoned because your gaze and attention have been diverted away from Me to the tinkling and glittering images of nothing more than a mirage. I call to you unceasingly, but you are so fascinated with the masks of nothingness that you do not hear Me unless you begin to have difficulties and pain. Then you cry out. I never left you: you tried to leave Me. Now, relax and turn your attention to the subtle, still, small voice deep within. Open your heart. Then you will discover a fathomless depth of Love and Peace you never could have imagined. You must learn to seek this haven of Peace all through the day and night——not just when you feel threatened. I’m waiting, My love. A banquet is prepared for you. You are the one who decides when to arrive.
(At 2 a.m. I received the message below. This seems to be the hour of visitation. Perhaps you too should listen for it at that time.)
I parade back and forth before you as your brothers and sisters every day. How can you not notice? You will notice if you desire it .Pause a moment and whisper to Me. Ask that I reveal Myself to you in them. If you truly desire it, it cannot help but happen. You will feel Me reach out to you through them. It will bring a smile to your face as you feel your heart open and experience Love, My Love, welling up within it. I in you; you in Me. That part of My Heart in them embraces that part of My Heart in you by passing through the personalities of both of you. We join Me: that part of My Heart which is in your brothers and sisters. What Joy! What Peace! What Love! The Second Coming! Salvation! The end of separation, abandonment, and yes, strife! I laugh! And so do you!
As you linger, lost in your earth consciousness, your chosen consciousness, you have no idea of My Love for you. “Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love Him.” Yet you must make the decision to know it. I cannot, will not, invade upon your free will, but once you decide that you want to know Me, the doors open for Me to prepare a way for you, for Me to make known my limitless Love for you. Then you will reach beyond the earth consciousness and allow Me to touch your heart, enliven it with more than hope: with experience, with knowing of indescribable Love. Oh, my child, how I desire and yearn for your return to My Heart. I stroke you; I caress you. I adore you; I bless you. Allow Me to embrace you, I implore you. I wait in Love and infinite patience. I smile on you. You are My Love, the desire of My Heart. (Quotation from I Corinthians 2:9)
You were created out of My own Heart. I adored you and caressed you. Somewhere along the way things went awry. You wanted to imagine what it would be like to be separate from Me, but you got lost in the imagination. That was the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. At first it was one, then another, and soon a whole group. The situation got extremely out of hand, and I sent My Son to prepare the way back and lovingly point the way to you, but those deeply entrenched in the darkness of separation rebelled against Him and abused Him to the extreme. Now you must use your imagination appropriately and responsibly to return to the knowing of who you really are. You must first imagine holiness in order to open the door to seeing and experiencing reality. Holiness, a part of My very Heart, lies there in your brother’s heart, waiting for you to recognize It. Do not delay. Do not procrastinate.
When you approach another brother in spirit and have great desire to be of assistance to him in his suffering, remember, your task is to offer total Love and acknowledgment of My Spirit within him. Do not try to force something upon him. It is your total Love that opens the door to allowing what I deem appropriate——total Love makes all things within My Will possible. In offering this, you fulfill your desire to be My servant, My child. It is a moment of holiness. Rejoice in it.
The peoples of the world have been given many opportunities to turn back from their failed experiment with the false perception of who they really are and what their true function is. Those of you who have made the right choice have, as part of your function, to pray for those who have not yet done so. Not only should you pray but you should also take a stand to protect those who are vulnerable to the temptations of darkness and to, through example, have a positive influence on those who have wandered astray, as well as those who have made a deliberate choice to follow darkness. You can be firm with love. If you do not stand up to darkness, you have yourself made a choice. As you Master said, “He that is not with Me is against Me; and he that gathereth not with me scattereth abroad.” (Quotation from Matthew 12:30)
When you focus intensely enough on My Spirit in your brothers and sisters that you block out all other perceptions, the experience of holiness will make you laugh, and you will rejoice. Those about you will marvel at the radiance of your countenance, and the light shining forth from your eyes will draw them to you as a candle draws a moth. It is incumbent upon you to also speak of these things to those you meet so that they may desire to themselves have the experience, but the communing with My Spirit within them has an even deeper effect than any words could ever have. It will, albeit perhaps slowly, awaken them to the knowledge deep within that a communion with Me is possible and desirable. They may not be able to articulate what they are feeling, but they will be open and accepting in a way as never before. When you have plans to meet someone, commune with My Spirit within that one ahead of time, and you will prepare the way for a deeper encounter. Then as you converse with him or her, you will think of My Spirit there, and you will smile.
Look often upon My Spirit in the hearts of your brothers and sisters. Look through the mask of personality and body. The more you do this the more anchored you will be in Me. Anytime you feel distressed or under pressure, you need to pause and connect with Me. The more often you do this, the less likely you will be to feel lost or abandoned, and the closer you will come to praying without ceasing. Fear will melt away into nothingness.
Visitation of Spirit comes to those with open minds and spirit and who desire it. The easiest way for many is through the heart. You will feel it when your heart is open, and if you are paying attention, you will feel it when it is closed. You can open your heart by desiring to recognize and acknowledge Holiness. You can be My vessels by being open, by asking, and by being willing to be led. That also means accepting situations that will lead you to places you had not planned to go and quietly waiting for words or instruction. You must be willing to stop other activities and set them aside when visitation comes, or it will pass you by. Praying for another person and communing with My Spirit within his heart is visitation, as is receiving and delivering My Word.
(At 2 a.m. this message started coming to me.) Your detour into doing it your own way, your detour into denying where you came from and who you really are, has not turned out well. At first it was conscious defiance. You knowingly desired to identify with something not real, but then the great sleep of ignorance took hold and you could no longer turn back on a whim. Deliberate abandonment of Me became a trap you could no longer extricate yourself from without help. That was when my precious Son came to recall you. At first He was rejected, but then the pain and suffering of your predicament began to dawn upon you. You need only take His Hand and desire to enter into that liberating embrace that will save you from the torture of hopelessness. Today is the day. Take time to do it now. I meet you with outstretched Arms, My love.
You are surely your “brother’s keeper,” and all in their own way can be as a shepherd to those around them. That means taking responsibility for others. Loving your neighbor as yourself means doing all that you can in a responsible way to help them. If you truly love them, you will not begrudge letting some pleasurable event pass you by as you lend someone a helping hand. Be aware that how and what you do is setting an example that others will see. Praying with love for other people is part of being your “brother’s keeper.” Each thought and each deed has effects far beyond what you can imagine. Lifting a brother or sister up blesses the world. Give thanks for every opportunity. You will surely know My Presence as you consciously, with intent, allow Me to be in you and participate in the lives of those touched by you. (The term “brother’s keeper” from Genesis 4:9 in KJV)
Turn and seek to learn of Me, to know again that Love that nourishes and comforts you. Begin by just pausing a moment and speaking trustingly and tenderly from the heart to Me. Ask with love and compassion for blessings for your brothers and sisters on earth, in particular those who are going through difficult times in what may seem to be unendurable circumstances. Think of them; caress them in your thoughts; and ask that I provide a way for them that leads to a knowing of My nearness and Love. My Heart is not complete as long as you feel separated from Me, as long as you feel incomplete and abandoned. But that feeling was your choice, whether or not you realized what it would lead to, and you must be the one who makes that choice to choose again. I look lovingly upon you and wait patiently for the time in which you turn and rush into My Arms.
Prosperity and many other rewards of the physical world bring with them the temptation towards self-glorification, self-reliance, and self-indulgence. With these come forgetfulness of My Divine Spirit within you and a feeling that you have no need of Me. Pride and a sense of invulnerability are accompanied by lack of love for your brothers and sisters, and these traits bring about experiences that are destructive to you. You cannot forever deny the Divine Spark within you. My calls to you will get louder and louder, and the amount of pain you can endure that is caused by the feeling of separation from Me has its limits. Yet My tender loving kindness awaits your fearful call, so often filled with doubt.
Connection with Me cannot be totally lost because My Spirit within you is your being, but when you desire to be conscious of this connection, you will know the experience of being a part of the whole. The comfort you feel will sustain you, and you will feel complete. You will be content to just be, wherever I may send you, so that you participate in the healing of that part of the minds of your brothers and sisters that is split away from the part that still remembers its connection with Me. This contentment is the Peace that the rational mind does not understand. You then know that you are at home with Me and all that exists. The Peace is sweet, and the Joy is elevated and quiet.
The time is rapidly approaching when your country will be cleansed of ungodly forces, but I will preserve a remnant as I preserved a number of Israelites in ancient times. Be not distraught when tribulation comes, for that is a sign that something is amiss and a turning back is needed. Children of Light are placed on earth at this time to help anchor Light there. Keep your heart close to Mine so that you remain one of them and remain resting in My Will.
When you turn to Me often, giving thanks to Me as the source of all things, you will have less need for stressful experiences to remind you of Me. But make it more than just words of thanksgiving. Allow your heart to open and feel the love that truly giving thanks causes. That is not so say that experiences that require more from you won’t come your way, but when they do, you will be so used to turning to Me that you will be less inclined to having a negative feeling and more inclined to seeing the possibility for greater blessings beyond the experiences. It is My desire that you come closer and closer to praying without ceasing, that is, knowing that you rest in My Heart and are safe. That is your salvation.
You have forgotten Me. Your memory fails you. You can’t remember where you came from and don’t understand why you are lost in the vain imaginings of your mind. You grope in darkness and can no longer hear my voice calling to you, the voice of Love. You are so lost that you don’t even desire to be saved from your predicament. Yet, to find your way back, you must call for help in some way. Acknowledging your helpless state and calling out to Me, even when not consciously, opens the door to me. I am always there, always there. When you reach out to Me, it gives me great joy. And when you are ready, I will make you to know how great My love for you is.
About 12:30 a.m., as I was thinking about the devastation of Hurricane Harvey, the thought came to me to take the hurricane into my heart and envelop it with the Love that Christ inspires us to offer, and it seemed I was hearing a voice say, “You have no idea how many people I have placed this idea into at this time. As you in oneness surround this hurricane with love, the Love of Christ in you, miracles of Love come about. You are asked to also take the turmoil and strife in the world, such as the war in the Middle East, into your hearts, for the heart is where I abide. This is My inspiration to you. Hold it close to you, deep within. So are you Me on earth.”
You are so caught up in your many tasks and chores that you seldom direct your attention to the limitless Spirit within, seldom take time to commune with Me. It is essential that you connect with Me more often so that when turmoil strikes, you have an anchor that will stabilize you and prevent you from being tossed around and feeling frantic. The subtle efforts of My Spirit to attract your attention are overpowered in your consciousness by your endless activities. You need to set aside time to read My Word and, by reflecting upon it, allow yourself to be drawn towards Me. I never stop reaching out to you.
In the midst of turmoil, strife, disaster, and even death, whether caused by man or nature, always keep your mind stayed on Me. That will bring you peace, calm, and comfort. It will nourish your soul. Bear in mind that I may have placed you, wherever you find yourself, so that you can be the vessel through which I extend hope and healing to others. This is a holy trust. It is your life’s mission and should not be brushed aside by self-centered interests and distractions. I depend on you and support you in all ways. Remember that. Remember it. Your Master’s hand is ever upon your shoulders. Pause a moment. Acknowledge Him. Embrace Him.
The word of the loving Father came to me in the middle of the night saying: Your prayers are powerful, My child. When you come before Me acknowledging My Holiness and the Holiness of My Spirit within you, that can literally change the course of your life and that of your brothers and sisters. It can change the path of your country. And though some further change in the course may still be necessary, the manner of the unfolding of it depends on your willingness to earnestly come before Me with purity of heart, petitioning for all My children and seeking to commune with Me. Do not fail to do this! If you knew the difference it makes and the responsibility you have, it would dominate your thoughts and direct your attention all through the day and even the night. I wait for you. I expect you. My dear child, do not disappoint Me! You have an effect on the outcome of the world.
You must put your faith in Me and trust that when you do, I look after you according to My Will: what I deem to be the best for you and your development. What you consider to be best is based on your very limited knowledge and is brought about by your opinions and desires. I will lead you as gently as is at all possible out of the gutters of indulgence in things that cannot truly satisfy you. If you cultivate trust in Me, you will notice that in the insecurity of not knowing what is going on and what will happen, you begin to feel My Presence and to release your fear of the unknown. That will bring you comfort as nothing else can bring. You will then know what walking with Me means, and I will become your first love.
Pause and turn inward. Listen intently for My still, small voice. I never cease to call to you, and My voice is one of Love, imploring you to, for a moment, let your attention to the distractions of your soul give way to attraction to a holiness that is healing balm to your troubled spirit. I hold you in My Arms and weep that you are not even aware that I hold you. You brought your suffering and despair upon yourself, and I would cleanse you and heal you. I knock continuously but quietly, nonintrusively. You must be attracted to Me and turn to Me of your own free will. I will not, I cannot, force it upon you. If you become quiet and lift up your heart to Me, you will surely feel a new hope and notice a joy deep within. You will be glad. I await your return with yearning.
I stand there every hour of every day relentlessly knocking, trying to get your attention. I cannot be intrusive because the choice must be one that you make out of a desire to return to eternal Joy and Love. I must entice you, not force you, but you may only harken to the gentle knock when your pain and disappointment have become so great that you can no longer tolerate it. Regardless of why you ultimately make the decision, the comfort and embrace you receive will be the same. Call to Me. I wait patiently and eagerly.
And yet I knew when I created you and gave you free will that you would become so fascinated with the appearances of creation that you would turn away from Me and pursue these phantoms. I knew that I would have to wait for you to learn through experience that they offered you nothing before you would truly treasure your relationship with Me. The latter relationship will be deeper as a result of the painful experiences of having been deceived. I do not doubt the outcome. My attentiveness to you is as constant as ever as I observe the pain the process causes you.
I wait for you night and day. I call to you, but you do not respond. You blindly walk towards destructive repercussions of the path you are on as though in a stupor. I am the still, small voice, but you must become still in order to hear My voice. You are My love, and My Heart aches for you. Do you not realize that the unfulfilled feelings you have and the unhappiness that drives you to grasp at more and more distractions is really your yearning for Me? It saddens Me that often only drastic and painful experiences attract your attention to Me and awaken you, but I look beyond that towards the Joy that eventually will come. I wait. I await your return.
I am not only comfort for the weak but also for the strong who understand the source of their strength and then wish to extend a helping hand to the needy. Be not deceived by your apparent strength and invulnerability. Consider what happened to King Saul. And forget not the doors a penitent heart opened for King David. My Son Jesus is always ready to accompany you and lead you back to Me. You need only ask.
I purposed to raise up a second nation dedicated to Me and My statutes. The intentions of your founders cannot be thwarted. Those of you unworthy of the precious gift laid at your feet will not be allowed to obstruct and will forfeit the gift. I took your ancestors by the hand and led them into freedom. Their uprightness was as sweet smelling incense rising up to Me. Turn back from your waywardness and accept what I require, and the blessings of Love, Peace, Joy, and Purity will then be your reward.
My Heart is sorrowful as I consider what will be necessary to return you from your rejection of Me. Your lack of regard for the holiness of My Spirit, which is the life of your unborn children, your senseless indulgence in sensual pleasures that knows no boundaries, your lack of compassion for those who are needy and suffering, your unwillingness to put the joy of someone else before self-centered desires: all these are evidence of how lost you are in the darkness of a perceived and illusory sense of existence. Willfully casting your gaze away from Me has led you to forgetfulness of who you really are, and you must be jolted awake. The suffering of your disconnectedness and your crying out at the pain of the results of your choices pull at My Heart, but they are necessary to convince you that turning back to Me is what you truly want.
I never stop calling to my children and waiting for their return from detours into dreams that melt at a touch. The call must be intensified if there is no response. Just a little willingness opens the door to possibilities you cannot imagine. It saddens Me to see that some will not turn and seek something else until their pain, the pain of separation, has become so great they can no longer endure it. The distractions you worship, your idols, are often in your mind——are ideologies that change with every whim.
(While contemplating the life-changing experiences of Hurricane Irma on so many people, I received this message, based on the idea that all things work together for good.)
The scripture verse that says, “In everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you” may seem a very difficult challenge in extreme circumstances, but what it means is, you can see all things that happen to you as opportunities used by My Love——specifically to get your attention and bring you forward, yes, by leaps and bounds towards a closer relationship with Me. Often you feel closer to Me when you are in danger or have suffered devastating events. Never forget: Your relationship with Me is the most important thing in your life. I caress you with My Love through it all, and I am not punishing you but rather Loving you. The time will come when you understand and say, “Thank you, Father, for such Love! Thank You for Divine Love!” (Quotation from I Thessalonians 5:18)
Ask that I remove the darkness that obscures your view of Me, and I will part the clouds of your illusory world that make you feel abandoned, so that you, at first with faltering steps, venture forth, but then rush breathlessly into My Arms with ecstatic joy to know that you do rest in My Arms and dwell eternally in My Heart. You will then decide to join My dedicated children in rescuing your brothers and sisters who flounder about in the ignorance of darkness and despair. I hold you ever close to Me.
Oh, precious child, if you only knew the joy I have when you turn towards Me and with childlike innocence ask of Me. My Joy could not but prepare the way for you, providing every possible opportunity and protecting you from all hindrances and delays. Yes, the long wait was tugging at My Heart, but My Joy is ineffable. I lovingly caress you all through the day and into the night.
I once said, “As you do it unto one of the least of these, you do it unto Me.” When there are those who offend you or attack you, pause and think of My Spirit within them. As you focus on the beauty and love of My Spirit, you will feel less threatened, and you will feel the guardrail you have erected before your heart begin to release. Think of the offence as an error you can look past. Think of your hurt feelings as a result of your failure to recognize Me there. Then you will smile, and there will be a radiance about you as you feel My embrace.
I am ever with you, wherever you are, whatever you may do, and will guide you. I care for all your concerns, and My Loving Kindness extends to all. I am mindful of your every move and every thought. I nudge you when you are going astray and give you a quiet joy when you remain in the right way—aligned with holiness. Be still and recognize this. Be still and know My Presence, the Still Small Voice. I envelop you with My Love.
Give attention and listen to the words of your Heavenly Father, out of Whose Heart you were born. There must be repercussions for every thought, word, and deed, for only thus are you prodded to turn back from your ghastly imaginations of reality. You need only offer a little willingness to turn away from the window of mirages and back towards the Light whence you came. If you offer this willingness, you will be supported from every side. If you do not, the events resulting from the path you have chosen will become so painful that they get your attention. My Love for you would not be total if I did not allow this. Those who would lure you away from Me will not be given unlimited power to entice and seduce you.
When you pray for the nations of the world and remove the darkness within them, the effect is greater than that of those with mighty weapons and their power of coercion. Your duty to the world is great and should not be neglected, but you must have a pure heart, for only from a pure heart can such effect come. In a pure heart I dwell and from there I bless the world.
When you ask another brother to allow Me through him to bless you, you are encouraging him to open his heart, and this very act allows him to release his burdens and misperceptions. It also allows you to see him in his pure and natural state, and that brings heavenly Joy to you. When you feel his embrace, you know he is now open to receiving blessings of release and healing and may now accept his role as a child of God come to earth to bless it. Holy is that day, for My Kingdom is come on earth.
(May the reader understand that the word “sister” may be substituted for “brother.”)
Never doubt that you may commune with My Spirit in those who have left the realm of earthly experience. Often these souls need the Love you allow to flow from Me through you, and it is your offering that moves them to open up and accept It. Be attentive to them.
When you have joy in Me, it transforms your life, for you become oblivious to those things in your surroundings that distress and depress you. In like manner, when you focus on My Spirit in your brothers and sisters, you release your condemnations of their character flaws, even their ungodliness, that you object to, yes, even despise. And the miracle of it is that not only are you released, but they are also. You may even observe a difference in them at times. This I how you function as My child on earth.
Forget not your calling. You are called to pray, to pray every day, to pray without ceasing. Pray that your Father purify your leaders. Pray that only those who can abide your Father’s Light and Love may be in positions of leadership. Pray that the efforts of those not aligned with your Father’s Will be turned into results pleasing to Him. Continue to cleanse the darkness from the halls of leadership. Sing tones of holiness into those areas. So do you function as the Light of the world. Do not waver or desist.